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Scott Kluth Net Worth | Ex-Fiancée

Scott Kluth Net Worth – $10 million

What is Scott Kluth’s net worth? Is Scott Kluth married?


Scott Kluth is an entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois.

Although his business has allowed him to make millions of dollars, he is best known for his on-again-off-again relationship with Tinsley Mortimer on The Real Housewives of New York.

The Origin Story

Scott Kluth was born on August 13, 1979, in Colorado.

His dad was a businessman, and his mom a homemaker.

Most of his childhood was spent in Ohio.

After graduating from high school, Kluth attended Northern Illinois University in Chicago.

He worked for Sears after college. However, he was dissatisfied with his 9-to-5 corporate job.

With a loan from his parents, he began his own business in his mid-twenties.

In 2009, he started The Kluth Family Foundation.

This foundation aims to improve the lives of Chicago residents.


After working for Sears, Kluth left his corporate job to start a business of his own.

In 2003, he began an online business, CouponCabin.

He borrowed $5,000 from his parents, although those funds quickly dwindled.

When he ran out of funds, he took another loan from his parents.

He also sold his car in order to finance his business.

The $30,000 he invested in his business eventually paid off. However, he struggled financially for a long time as he got his business off the ground.

CouponCabin provides coupon codes for individuals to use at businesses like Target, Home Depot, Amazon, Old Navy, and other retail giants.

At one point, CouponCabin was ranked as one of the top ten coupon sites.

Kluth’s business has been featured on Good Morning American and in Good Housekeeping magazine.

In 2011, the company was featured in the MSN Money Smart Consumer guide.

The business grew even larger in 2014 when CouponCabin began providing promotional codes with purchases on Amazon and Flipkart.

When a customer made a purchase on these sites, they received a CouponCabin coupon to use on their next purchase.

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Romantic Relationships

Scott Kluth with girlfriend Tinsley Mortimer


Despite the success of CouponCabin, Scott Kluth is best known for his relationship with Tinsley Mortimer.

They began dating in 2017 after being introduced by friend and Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radziwill.

Their relationship was captured by film crews, starting in season 9 of Real Housewives of New York.

The strain of a long-distance relationship led to their multiple breakups.

Despite the difficulties in the relationship, they frequently reunited and reignited their passion for each other.

A source close to Mortimer reported that Kluth gave Tinsley an ultimatum: leave the show and move to Chicago or say “goodbye” forever.

Despite the fact Real Housewives was Mortimer’s only source of income, she packed her bags and moved in with Kluth in Chicago. 

Shortly after Mortimer moved to Chicago, the duo got engaged. ”I love our place in Chicago so much,” she said in an interview.

Kluth proposed to her in late November 2019 as carolers sang in downtown Chicago.

The happily engaged couple eagerly planned a wedding, telling friends about their plans for a destination wedding somewhere in Asia.

After their wedding plans were delayed, the couple eventually called it quits forever.

In March 2021, Kluth called off the engagement.

Although Mortimer told the media that she was blindsided, sources close to the couple shared that they had been living apart for over a month.

Tinsley Mortimer engaged with Scott Kluth


The troubled couple didn’t even spend Valentine’s Day together the month before.

Frustrated, Mortimer says she feels like she wasted four years of her life with Kluth.

Even though their relationship has been on-again-off-again, she says the relationship is 100% over.

There may be no reconciliation in the future for this hot-and-cold couple. 

In May 2021, Leah McSweeney said that Mortimer ”dodged a bullet.”

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Scott Kluth – Net Worth

So, how much is Scott Kluth worth? The bulk of Kluths’s income has come from CouponCabin. In 2011, he secured a $54 million investment from JMI Equity, a growth equity firm. Therefore, Scott Kluth has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

A portion of his income between 2017 and 2020 came from his appearances on Real Housewives of New York.

In addition to running a successful online business, Kluth also started a foundation in 2009.

His foundation seeks to improve the lives of Chicago residents by offering financial assistance and neighborhood improvement projects.

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