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Seth MacFarlane Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is Seth MacFarlane’s net worth? Who is Seth MacFarlane dating?


Kids across the country sit in awe as the cast of their favorite television act out their comical antics.

While countless people appreciate the art of animation, few have the opportunity to pursue a career in it. Some dare to chase their dreams despite the associated risks.

While cartoons have typically held a childish association, Seth MacFarlane saw through their adolescent visage into something more.

With one work, he transformed the animation industry to include adults like him.

But for a long while, his dream was nothing but imagination. He began like everyone else – a kid with a colorful imagination of what could one day be.

The Origin Story

Ronald Milton MacFarlane and Ann Perry brought home Seth Woodbury MacFarlane on October 26, 1973.

The MacFarlanes made the most of their home in Kent, Connecticut, and provided Seth with every form of entertainment possible.

One medium, in particular, caught his eye, even at the age of two: animation.

MacFarlane would replicate the designs of classic cartoon characters whenever and wherever he could. Spotting his talent, his parents bought him flipbooks that he filled up as early as five years old.

Seth MacFarlane


Those flipbooks didn’t just sit on the shelves – they were shipped off to the local newspaper.

The Kent Good Times Dispatch accepted the work of their nine-year-old neighbor and his cartoon: Walter Crouton.

That earned Seth a solid $5 per week.

Beyond his adolescent occupation, MacFarlane continued his education until he graduated from Kent High School in 1991.

Leaving Connecticut behind him, MacFarlane relocated to the Rhode Island School of Design to study film, video, and animation. Four years later and he emerged with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in hand.

Unlike other hopeful graduates, MacFarlane didn’t need to hunt for a job in the industry of his dreams.

His professor submitted MacFarlane’s thesis film – The Life of Larry – to famed cartoon company Hanna-Barbera.

Upon graduation, MacFarlane found a job offer from that same corporation awaiting him: one he eagerly accepted.

Career: An Animated Occupation

seth macfarlane gf

Seth MacFarlane attends the “Family Guy Something, Something, Something, Dark Side” DVD release party – @Getty

MacFarlane set to work fleshing out the established series of Cartoon Network.

With his handiwork, he brought shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog and Johnny Bravo to life.

Not only would he work on shows for the network, but on his own shorts.

Hanna-Barbera hired MacFarlane to refine his thesis film into a condensed form that they could then broadcast.

The Life of Larry became Larry & Steve, MacFarlane’s first short featured on Cartoon Network.

Larry & Steve caught the eye of executives at Cartoon Network’s competition: Nickelodeon Studios.

While MacFarlane’s typical work remained cruder than desired, Nickelodeon asked him to make a family-friendly piece for them as well.

MacFarlane went on to release Zoomates for Nickelodeon thereafter.

The name “Seth MacFarlane” started to fill the mouths of cartoonists around the country.

what is the net worth of Seth MacFarlane


Soon enough, it wound up being presented to the heads of Fox Broadcasting Company.

Before he knew it, Seth MacFarlane found himself in the offices of Fox with an offer to create his own series.

For six months thereafter, Seth MacFarlane worked tirelessly to create a series from the ground up.

His pilot had only $500,000 to work with, half the budget of other aspiring shows.

Half a year later, MacFarlane presented his concept to rave reviews, and Family Guy was greenlit in January 1999.

Fox promoted MacFarlane to be the executive producer of Family Guy, making him the youngest one in all of television. But MacFarlane refused to stop at this show alone, even when it garnered video game and movie spin-offs.

seth macfarlane net worth wife

Seth MacFarlane at Jimmy Kimmel Live! – @Getty

Throughout the years that followed, he created American Dad and The Cleveland Show to present similar but distinct experiences.

Beyond animation, MacFarlane regularly appears as a host on shows like Comedy Central Roasts and even hosted the Academy Awards.

MacFarlane withdrew his pen from the animation world long enough to set to work in the film industry, too.

His directorial debut with Ted – an adult comedy about a talking teddy bear – earned him critical acclaim.

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Relationship: Dating Daenerys

who is seth macfarlane dating

Emilia Clarke and Seth McFarlane attend HBO’s Official Golden Globe Awards After Party – @Getty

At the time of writing, Seth MacFarlane remains unattached to any permanent romantic partner.

He claims to date no more than any other man in Hollywood, though his parameters for that statement remain unknown.

Despite his current bachelor status, one woman had tamed him in years past: Emilia Clarke.

Clarke made a name for herself when she won the starring role as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Paparazzi spotted the two snuggling together at a party in Los Angeles, leading to endless speculation as to their relationship.

In 2012, they confirmed that they had started dating upon Clarke’s return from her shoots abroad months prior.

However, only one year later, the two went their separate ways.

Both parties claim to have remained amicable even after the split.

They claim that the long-distance nature of their relationship due to their work made for incurable complications.

In 2021, it was reported that MacFarlane was dating Anne Winters.

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Seth MacFarlane net worth


Seth MacFarlane – Net Worth

So, how much is Seth MacFarlane worth? His skills as a cartoonist alone don’t act as the only contributors to his vast fortune. Fox offers MacFarlane a flat $2 million for every year he keeps Family Guy running. With twenty-one seasons in production as of 2022, that’s $42 million solely for airing the show. Therefore, American actor Seth MacFarlane has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

That does not include the money made for each individual episode.

As the voice of Peter, Stewie, and Brian Griffin, MacFarlane makes $50,000 per episode for his expansive acting prowess.

MacFarlane refused to stop at Family Guy.

Instead, he lends his acting talent to characters on his other shows – American Dad and the Cleveland Show.

While his salaries for those shows remain undisclosed, neither show hurts finances either.

Even beyond television, MacFarlane makes money from his ventures into the film industry.

His first movie – Ted – made half a billion dollars, while its sequel made $210 million. Along with his other big-screen works, like Tooth Fairy and Sing, MacFarlane makes a fortune with each hit.

Real Estate: Moving Into Malibu

Given that the majority of his work takes place in California, MacFarlane chose to reside in the star-studded Beverly Hills.

His 11,000 square foot mansion takes inspiration from the Mediterranean architecture that mesmerizes MacFarlane.

His dream home drained $13.5 million from his bank account back in 2018.

However, MacFarlane decided to purchase a separate residence for whenever life in America became too cumbersome to bear.

He set his sights on a house owned by Cindy Landon, widow of famed actor Michael Landon. MacFarlane shelled out $15 million to shack up on the shoreline of Malibu.

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