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Tyrone Gilliams Net Worth $1 Million

What is Tyrone Gilliams’ net worth?

Tyrone Gilliams has a net worth of $1 million. You may know Tyrone Gilliams best for being a US basketball player and ex-date of Real Housewives of Atlanta celebrity Sheree Whitfield.

After making a promising mark on the basketball court for Pennsylvania in college, this star’s future spiraled in an entirely different direction.

Gilliams became entangled in turbulent romances and, regarding criminal activity, darker chapters too.

Tyrone Gilliams was welcomed into the world in the United States of America, although he remained an incredibly private individual concerning his personal daily life.

Whilst his specific birthdate has yet to be disclosed, this former basketball player falls between forty-five and fifty years old.

His education took place at Penn State, where he developed the basketball skills he would go on to use to mould his future career.

Claim to fame

What is Tyrone Gilliams' net worth


Gilliams thrived when playing for Pennsylvania University.

As a notorious ball player at Penn, Gilliams was said to have captained his team in several games in the late 1980s and stood out for his remarkable talent.

To display his commitment to the game, this player even stuck to the team after his academics had terminated.

Putting this man’s love of sport aside, Gilliams also touched upon business by founding TLG, TL Gillams, LLC, a commodity trading company. Moreover, the player also operated to support musical artists, including rappers and those in the hip-hop genre.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Despite Gilliams’ career contributions, he is most well-known due to his ex-lover Sheree Whitfield, a Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

sheree whitfield and tyrone gilliams


In the show’s oldest seasons, Sheree and Bob Whitfield, her ex-husband, were involved in a child support conflict.

Following this, Sheree braved the show as a singleton until season five.

She made an appearance in season eight and even played a full-time housewife in the ninth and tenth seasons.

During these later seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree mentioned her connection to Tyrone Gilliams, who she was engaging in a long-distance relationship with.

Talk of wedding bells was even on this woman’s lips during this time, with declarations that the man in question cherished and respected her without question.

Delving deeper into his life

2013 offered a darker time for Gilliams.

Guilty of wire fraud, this man was given a decade-long prison sentence for his activity.

Whilst Sheree visited him when he was jailed in Kentucky, the ex-basketball player was suffering through one of the darkest and most disturbing periods of his life so far.

Indeed, Gilliams and his lawyer were declared guilty of robbing over a whopping $5 million from investors.

It was claimed that the criminal staged himself as a hip-hop promoter and commodities dealer to obtain cash illegally.

Gilliams was released early from prison due to 2020 events.

Despite gaining some sense of freedom, the ex-basketball player was forced to wear an ankle monitor and engage in home arrest.

Additionally, the Real Housewives of Atlanta team requested Gilliams to meet Sheree for the show, although he went on to file a lawsuit in 2021 against Bravo due to the usage of his previous participation in this reality TV show.

Charity event

Gilliams did attempt to rebuild his tarnished reputation by overseeing a charity event that featured Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

As a famous artist, Combs’ appearance was able to attract a lot of attention to the grandness of the event and Gilliams’ contribution to it.

It was claimed that Sheree tried to catch Gilliams’ efforts on camera with an exclusive camera crew in order to film a clip for the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Despite this, Gilliams was unhappy with Sheree’s decision, triggering a nasty row between the pair.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Tyrone Gilliams worth? Tyrone Gilliams has an estimated net worth of $1 million. This figure takes into account his post-prison ventures and efforts to recover financially.

Key Facts

So, there you have it.

No one can deny that Tyrone Gilliams’ life has been full of eye-widening twists and turns, brimming with both successes and failures.

Gilliams is most well-known for his involvement with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitman, although this isn’t to say that his life has not been eventful without this turbulent romance.

Sheree arguably pulled Gilliams into the public eye, but he certainly knew how to make his mark and stay in it.

After all, whilst Gilliams’ talent on the basketball court in Pennsylvania pointed him in the right direction towards a bright future, the man’s wire fraud criminal activity tarnished his reputation in a way that the public would not forget.

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