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Shea McGee Net Worth | Husband

Shea McGee Net Worth – $6 million

What is Shea McGee’s net worth? Who is Shea McGee’s husband?


Shea McGee, best known for her appearances alongside her husband Syd on their Netflix show Dream Home Makeover, is an interior designer, TV personality, and social media influencer in the United States.

Alongside her husband, Shea has been growing her personal brand over the years and building many successful businesses and brands.

Their Netflix show debuted in early 2020 and was a huge hit, and since then, Shea McGee has become a household name.

Known for her charming personality and her dream marriage, Shea McGee has gained a huge following over the years and has continued to amaze her clients and followers with her incredible interior design work.

The Origin Story

shea mcgee net worth


A native of Texas, she was born on July 5, 1985. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Brigham Young University in her youth, with a focus on Public Relations.

She signed up for one class of interior design per week, to begin with, as she quickly realized she wasn’t enjoying her Public Relations course.

Her one lesson of interior design per week was the highlight of her week, she said.

She then realized that what she truly wanted was to pursue a career in design.

After graduating, Shea took classes in interior design at a junior college, which eventually led to her taking on a remodeling career in the mid to late 2000s.

In 2010, Shea began sharing some of the homes remodels she was doing on Instagram and gaining traction as an online personality.

In 2014, she founded Studio McGee with her husband, an interior design studio.

Shortly after, she designed a line of home products sold through Target.

Their one directive for Studio McGee was ‘make life beautiful,’ and they certainly did do that.

Together, Shea and her husband co-founded Studio McGee and McGee & Co.

This line of furniture and home products made a fantastic addition to their business ventures.

In 2021, they launched the McGee & Co. Kids Collection, which ”spoke to the playfulness of a kid’s space.”

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shea and syd mcgee net worth


She currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and two children.

Shea and Syd have been married since 2008, and their two daughters are called Wren and Ivy.

When the couple was first married, they lived in a “crappy apartment” in southern California.

She had wanted to move to Utah because her parents live there, so she and her husband moved to Utah in order to be closer to her family and be able to get family help.

She and Syd have been happily married and living in domestic bliss ever since their rise to fame.

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Shea McGee – Net Worth

Her primary stream of income has been her interior design business, Studio McGee, since it was established in 2014.

At its height, Studio McGee’s estimated annual revenue is $12.6 million.

In 2016, her line of products, McGee and Co., became an extra source of income.

The online furniture and home store sells a wide range of luxury products, from sofas to rugs, to doormats.

Her TV appearances have also been very lucrative for her, especially her Netflix Original Show.

It debuted in October 2020, and season 2 premiered the following January.

But her TV career was not an instant success.

In 2015, Shea revealed that she was approached by HGTV for their own show. According to the studio, however, the couple was “not dramatic enough,” and the plans were canceled.

Shortly after, she and her husband launched a web series on YouTube which they called House to Home.

Her YouTube channel has been active for many years now and does provide income for her.

She and her husband have also written an interior design book published in 2020, which has sold well.

Her companies have over 100 employees combined and have been continuing to grow in recent years.

Shea and her family live in a gorgeous, $2 million dream home in Utah, which is the only real estate she owns that she has disclosed to the public, giving long tours on her Instagram.

McGee is a very savvy and successful businesswoman who knows how to market herself, her services, and her products, so we can only expect a great deal more success in the future. ”No one should think that running your own business means you have more time on your hands,” Shea told Domino.

Therefore, interior designer Shea McGee has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

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