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Stewie2k Net Worth & Earnings | Girlfriend

Stewie2k Net Worth – $2 million

What is Stewie2k’s net worth? Is Stewie2k dating anyone now?


Stewie2k (real name Jacky Yip) is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who was part of Team Liquid.

The Origin Story

Yip was born on January 7th of 1998.

While he was raised in San Francisco, California, with his older brother and sister, his parents were often gone on different business trips in China.

It was through his older brother, Jason, that Yip first found out and picked up Counter-Strike 1.6.

When describing his childhood, Yip has often mentioned that his parents were not fans of video games and wanted their children to have typical careers such as being a lawyer or a doctor.

In Yip’s words, they were “stereotypical Asian parents.”

This caused a rift in the family as Yip continued to game, which brought on his parents’ disapproval.

In fact, Yip can recall his mother telling him that he was going to be a failure.

This rift was heightened even further as Yip decided to fly to LA at the age of 17 in order to pursue his gaming career.


What is the net worth of Stewie2k


For a time, Yip started playing many games other than Counter-Strike 1.6, dipping his toes into the world of RuneScape, MapleStory, League of Legends, and even Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

His distance from Counter-Strike 1.6 did not last long, and he eventually went back to playing surf maps and mods.

Still, he was not trying to pursue playing the game professionally.

That all changed when, in the summer of 2014, a friend of his gifted him a copy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Yup started playing the game, and inspired by videos of Cloud9, he would often spend many hours playing the game.

All the hours of playing training that he was putting in, paid off as several other players accused him of cheating.

This made him all the more focused on making a career out of playing the game.

Having the knowledge that he was playing at a level where many people considered what he was doing cheating inspired him even further to kick off his competitive career as “Stewie2K”.


stewie2k earnings


After 5 months of playing the game, he switched to ESEA (E-Sports Entertainment Association League).

His competitive performances during this time had helped him garner attention to himself, and he was hopeful that as other players would exit their professional careers, his chance to enter the spotlight would come.

Specifically, at the time, there was a rumor going around at the time, there would be one very famous professional player exiting his team and leaving a spot empty for a newcomer.

And so, Yip waited.

The announcement came soon after when Sean Gares announced that he would be leaving Cloud9.

Not only that, but Gares personally recommended Yip as his replacement.

This was a recommendation that Cloud9 listened to, and soon Yip was the newest member to join the Cloud9 team.


He officially joined the team on January 11, 2016, as an In-Game Leader.

The signing of his contract came only a few hours after Yip had turned 18, and it was a momentous time for him.

Still, his addition to the team did come with certain criticisms.

Veteran players, such as Esports journalist, Duncan “Thorin” Shields, were one of those who criticized the decision.

In fact, he questioned whether Yip was a good addition to the Cloud9 roster.

He always criticized Yip’s abilities to be a part of this team.

Still, these criticisms did not stop Yip from bringing his best self forward for the time that he was signed with Cloud9.

Yip did not stay with Cloud9 for long, in fact, his time with them was only 2 years.

Still, during that time, he established his name as a player, and he even won several tournaments with the team.

These included the ESL Pro League Season 4, the Dreamhack Open Denver 2017, and the iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 competition.

With Cloud9, Yip also won the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2019 after facing and defeating the FaZe clan in double overtime on map 3 of the Grand Final.

This was a significant win as it is not only the first but also, to this day, the only major win for a North American Roster.

Yip was an essential part of this success, and his name in the gaming world was rapidly growing.

SK Gaming

It was in March of 2018 that Yip left the Cloud9 team in favor of SK Gaming.

In SK Gaming, he replaced Epitacio “TACO” de Melo and became a part of SK Gaming’s active line-up. 

After three months, Yip made another move as he was signed on by Made in Brazil (MIBR).

Team Liquid

MIBR would later trade Yip to Team Liquid.

”I learned a lot from MIBR, and I felt like I grew a lot as a person there,” Jacky said during an interview. He added: ”They [told] me my mistakes and helped me to be more mature.”

With Team Liquid, Yip would once again make history.

At the end of 2019, Stewie2k became the first North American CS: GO player to earn over $1 million in tournament prize money.

This was after he finished in second place (runner-up to Astralis) in the ECS Season 8 Finals.

In 2019, he would continue on and win a total of 7 tournaments with Team Liquid, making the earning of Team Liquid’s CS:GO approximately $2.31 million in 2019.

Yip is a fundamental part of Team Liquids’ success, and he has continued playing with them since then.

Evil Geniuses

He inked with Evil Geniuses in January 2022.


There is no information about Stewie2k’s girlfriend.


Stewie2k Net Worth

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”My favorite teammate of all time has to be FalleN.”

”For all the people who are an aspiring pro player, you don’t have to take the route I took.”

”I feel like people know what they need to do when chaotic situations happen.” (HLTV)

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Stewie2k – Net Worth & Earnings

So, how much is Stewie2k worth?

Yip earned most of his wealth from participating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. Up until September 2021, Jacky has won over $1.15 million.

In addition, Yip makes money from streaming on Twitch, sponsors, and ads on YouTube.

Stewie2K’s annual salary at Team Liquid was not disclosed to the public, but it is thought to be around 200k per year.

Jacky also posts occasional paid posts on Instagram, where he has over 338,000 followers.

Therefore, professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Stewie2k has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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