Stokley Williams – Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Quotes

Stokley Williams is an American musician, singer, and percussionist who is best known as the studio drummer and lead singer of the band ”Mint Condition.”


He was born in Saint Paul on Saturday, July 15, 1967.

In 1991, ”Mint Condition” made their debut with the album ”Meant to Be Mint.”

The members of ”Mint Condition” include:

  • Ricky Kinchen on bass;
  • Larry Waddell on keyboards;
  • Kerri Lewis on keyboards;
  • Homer O’Dell on guitar;
  • Jeff Allen on keyboards and saxophone;
  • Stokley Williams on drums and lead vocals.

The band fuses diverse genres such as hip hop, jazz, dance, and funk into its music.

”Mint Condition” was featured in the 1986 Minnesota Black Musician Awards program. Also, the famous band built a strong core following for itself in a multiple-state area such as Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In 1999, ”Mint Condition” released ”Life’s Aquarium,” which was led by the Top Five Billboard R&B single “If You Love Me.”

In 2011, Stokley Williams earned a GRAMMY nomination for a play with Kelly Price, called “Not My Daddy.”

Stokley Williams Net Worth
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In 2017, he joined ”The Revolution” (an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota) on tour, to pay tribute to Prince.

In the same year, he released his Concord Records solo debut ”Introducing Stokley.”

“Level” is among the 15 tracks featured on ”Introducing Stokely.” This excellent album has a progressive take on R&B/soul and is aided by special guests:

  • Omi (“Wheels Up”);
  • Wale (“Way Up”);
  • Estelle (“U & I”);
  • Robert Glasper (“Art in Motion”).

In 2019, he signed with Jam & Lewis’ reactivated Perspective Records.


Stokley Williams is married to Sylvia Williams. The happy couple has a daughter named Aaliyah Kellogg Williams.

Stokley Williams with his wife Sylvia Williams
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He said that the members of ”Mint Condition” were quite pissed because of the marriage of Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis.


”Everybody measures “success” in different ways. You don’t always have to look at that in terms of money. I look at the camaraderie we shared.”

”I mean, the voice is familiar still but there’s also a freshness about it that you haven’t heard or at least you haven’t heard in a while.”

”Life is meant to be experienced. I’m still relatively young and people seem to have a little bit of interest in what I’m doing.”

”Drums are very physical, depending on what kind of music you’re playing. Speed metal for sure. Jazz, same thing, a lot of technique.”

”I have always believed that my role in Mint Condition was to ensure that we represented something that was needed.”

Stokley Williams – Net Worth

He earns most of his wealth from selling his albums and the tickets to his concerts. Therefore, Stokley Williams has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

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  1. My name is Pamela Moore I love your voice your music dancing singing performing The whole nine yards since pretty brown eyes now before songs in albums that were done keep it moving

  2. I absolutely love this man, in my opinion he’s on Prince’s level. I’ve been a fan since the very beginning of Mint Condition on up till now. Keep doing your thing Stokley. I love you.

    • I love his gifted self. His body of work is huge. He has worked with some of everybody. I am happy about his success b/c he deserves it. He is the real deal.

  3. Brotha Got Skillzzzzz — Straight Up Sangin’ Swangin’ and Slayin’ Them Vocals! My prayers for Stokley, Sylvia and their children: Stay Healthy, Stay Strong and Stay Still — we cannot afford to lose not nary one more of God’s Truly Gifted, Black & Talented! Sing Brotha Sing —

  4. OMGGGGG- been following this man since the group started and after the 2019 Soul Train Performance- HE STILL HAS THAT VIBE- he has lost none of his flavor — seem like he got better with age…. I had to sit and watch all the bands videos and his live performances all over again, this man is truly an ICON – legend- along with the band and should be honored.

  5. I think you’re a great talent Stokley. also on Prince’s level and better singer than most singers out there, amazing your voice power and voice control and holds such long notes. 🎶 just amazing singer. I wish more people would recognize the talent you poses. I think you’re on Stevie Wonder’s level too if you get to sing with him people will be like dam he sounds just like him. Love you Stokley. I bought all of your albums with mint condition and the Stokley albums too

  6. I absolutely love Mint Condition,Oh My!! “They Send Me Swingin” especial Jeffrey somethin about that man honey!! Whooo chaaa
    I love You baby and always will…


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