Ramón Ayala – Net Worth, Wife (Linda), Songs, Biography

Ramón Ayala, known as the “King of the Accordion,” is a Mexican songwriter and accordionist who is one of the most recognized and best-selling artists of this genre of Mexican music.

Ayala recorded more than 112 albums, for which he has received 4 Grammy Awards.


He was born December 8th, 1945, in Monterrey, Mexico, and began playing the accordion when he was 6 years old.

Ramón’s first band experience was a group called Los Jilgueros de Marin.

In the early 1960s, Ayala collaborated with Cornelio Reyna (acclaimed singer and guitarist) to form Los Relámpagos del Norte (“The Lightning from the North”).

They released over 20 albums in the 1960s and were vital in the birth of norteño music.

In 1971, Cornelio Reyna decided to leave Los Relampagos del Norte and switch to the mariachi genre. In late 1971, Ramón set out to prove that he could make it on his own and formed his popular band Ramón Ayala y sus Bravos Del Norte.

Moreover, in 1974, for the song “Chaparra de Mi Amor,” Los Bravos del Norte received their first gold record. In the same year, singer Eliseo Robles debuted as the band’s vocalist.

In 1992, Mario Marichalar would join Los Bravos del Norte and would become the current vocalist.

Also, in 2001, Ayala was awarded an American Grammy award for the album ”En Vivo… El Hombre Y Su Música.”

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The Arrest

In December of 2009, Ramón and his band Los Bravos del Norte were performing at a party in Tepoztlán, when Mexican soldiers raided the party, killing 3 alleged Beltrán-Leyva Cartel members and detaining 11. Ramón was also detained and held pending charges for crimes related to narco-trafficking.

Additionally, the military seized 16 automatic rifles and $280,000 in cash during the raid that was part of the Mexican government’s ongoing campaign to crack down on drug gangs.

After 2 weeks, he was released from jail for health reasons; however, authorities said that Ramón remains under investigation for alleged ties to a drug cartel.

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Ramón Ayala’s songs include:

  • Aferrado Por Ti;
  • Agonia;
  • Alma De Lapacho;
  • Amanecer;
  • Amigos Del Alma;
  • Amor Eterno;
  • Amor Que Me Faltaba;
  • Aprendi a Reir;
  • Arrancame el Corazon;
  • Bailando El Gualambao;
  • Baraja de Oro;
  • Benito Dios;
  • Buscando un Amor;
  • Caminos del Olvido;
  • Canción Del Iguazú;
  • Canto Al Río Uruguay;
  • Cariño Mio (2);
  • Casas de Madera;
  • Casi un Año;
  • Como un Fantasma;
  • Como Una Flecha;
  • Coplas Sureñas;
  • Corazón Malo;
  • Corazon Herido;
  • Corrido de Chito Cano;
  • Corrido de los Hermanos Bedolla;
  • Corrido de Macario Leyva;
  • Corrido del Daniel del Fiero;
  • Corrido del Quemador;
  • Cuatro Carreras;
  • Damelo;
  • Danza Del Mainumby (Danza Del Picaflor);
  • Debajo de Aquel Arbol;
  • Del Otro Lado del Porton;
  • Dime Cuando Volveras;
  • Dulce Amor;
  • El Cordero;
  • El Cosechero;
  • El Gualambao (2);
  • El Guero Macias;
  • El Hielo de Tu Amor;
  • El Jangadero;
  • El Mensú;
  • El Oso Negro;
  • Lamento Vallenato;
  • Las Apariencias Engañan;
  • Mírame Otra Vez;
  • Mi Piquito de Oro;
  • No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti;
  • Posadeña Linda;
  • Quieren Separararnos;
  • Rama del Mezquite;
  • Señor Dios;
  • Suavecito Amor;
  • Tragos Amargos;
  • Vas a Ver;
  • Ya No Soy el Mismo.


Ramón Ayala is married to Linda Ayala.


The couple has four children.

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Ayala is known for his annual Christmas party for children at his main residence near his ranch home.

Ramón Ayala – Net Worth

Ayala earned most of his wealth from selling his 112 albums. Therefore, Mexican singer Ramón Ayala has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

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