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The reason why Wendy Rieger wore red glasses?

Why did Wendy Rieger use to wear red glasses?

Short summaryWendy Rieger wore red glasses due to her battle with brain cancer, either because of the illness itself or as a side effect of treatment. The lenses offer protection from blue light emitted by electronic devices, which can cause vision problems, and reduce eye strain and improve visibility when driving at night.


Back in April 2022, the world lost a US national treasure when American actress and journalist Wendy Rieger sadly lost her battle with cancer.

In the months leading up to her death, there were questions raised about her health when she was spotted wearing unusually colored sunglasses.

This prompted people to ask why is Wendy Rieger wearing red glasses.

The long-time Washington DC anchor was adored by fans across the nation, and globally too, for that matter, and it’s safe to say she is very sadly missed.

Fans left some truly heart-warming messages and paid tribute to her in a variety of wonderful ways.

Wendy had a very storied career, yet she also sadly had her health problems.

During her illustrious career, she received numerous awards and award nominations, yet sadly it was her choice of eyewear that turned heads for the final year of her life.

So, if you ever asked why Wendy Rieger is wearing red glasses while also wishing to learn more about her amazing career, the following should prove very useful indeed.

Who was Wendy Rieger?

Why did Wendy Rieger use to wear red glasses


Wendy Rieger was an extremely talented Washington D.C. actress and journalist.

Wendy was perhaps best known for her work as a news anchor for WRC-TV, a role in which she was extremely popular and well-liked amongst regular viewers and new ones alike.

Viewers liked her no-nonsense approach to journalism and reporting while also finding her a calming presence.

She would go on to co-anchor the 5 pm NBC4 News Broadcast in the nation’s capital Washington D.C. for more than two decades.

Even before then, she was an NBC veteran as she had been with the station for 15 years.

Rieger received numerous accolades over her illustrious career, including an Emmy nomination for a special report she did on the Vietnam conflict, along with an award from the prestigious Washingtonian Magazine.

In 2008, she received the Washingtonian Green Award for her work in preservation and environmental safety.

She sadly passed away in April 2022 due to an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Early life as a journalist

Who was Wendy Rieger


Wendy was born on the 18th of April, 1956, in Virginia.

She would go on to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the American University.

Before she got into journalism, she did a spot of acting in the 1970s. She landed her first role as a journalist by working as a newsreader for a radio station in the late 70s.

By the 1980s, she had worked for numerous media outlets before getting her big break in 1988, when she landed a job as a night-time report for WRC-TV.

‘Why is Wendy Rieger wearing red glasses’?

Sadly, in 2021 people became worried about Wendy and would often ask about her eyewear.

She was spotted wearing glasses with red/orange lenses, which led many people to speculate about her health.

Towards the end of her life, Wendy suffered from poor health.

In 2020, she was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to undergo emergency open-heart surgery to replace a faulty mitral valve on her heart.

A few months later, Wendy began to feel unwell and started experiencing crippling migraines.

In May 2021, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma.

Glioblastoma is an aggressive brain cancer that has no cure, though it can be treated and managed with limited success.

Treatment options include radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Each year, the disease kills 10,000 Americans on average.

Wendy underwent surgery and retired in December of 2021 with a new outlook on life, hoping to savor what time she had left.

Why is Wendy Rieger wearing red glasses


Sadly, her cancer came back more aggressively than before, and she passed away on April 16th, 2022, just two weeks away from her 66th birthday.

She died with her husband, Dan, by her side, whom she had married less than a year prior.

Fans and viewers alike were concerned about Wendy’s health in 2021 when she was seen presenting the news wearing a pair of glasses with red lenses.

This was very out of the blue and caught viewers off guard, with many jumping online to ask why is Wendy Rieger wearing red glasses.

When Wendy was spotted on the TV presenting the news wearing red lensed glasses, it was clear that something wasn’t right.

She seemed subdued and distant, and her appearance also looked unusual, as she was seen wearing ripped clothing.

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What do red lenses in glasses help with?

When Wendy was seen wearing glasses with red lenses, it was likely due to complications from her brain cancer or the treatment administered to battle her brain cancer.

Glasses with red lenses or orange lenses are often worn by people to block out blue light.

Blue light is emitted by electronic devices such as TVs, phones, computers, and tablets and can cause vision problems.

It is likely that the red glasses were being worn to help her to read the autocue on the screen clearly, without straining her eyes or getting a headache or a migraine.

Red lenses in glasses can also help to reduce eye strain and improve visibility when driving.

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