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Pastor Mike Todd Net Worth $3 Million

What is Pastor Mike Todd’s net worth?

Pastor Mike Todd is an influential American religious leader who has a net worth of $3 million. He has been the head pastor of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, OK, United States, since February 2015.

He is a motivational speaker with the goal of guiding people on how to find purpose and meaning in their life.

Adding to his cocktail of experience, he is an author with three published books under his belt, including “Relationship Goals,” “Crazy Faith Workbook,” “Own Your Life,” and “The King Jesus Gospel.” 

Michael Todd was born in the  United States, but the date and location are unknown.

He is one of three siblings whom he grew up close with. Together, he and his family devoted much of their time to Church which was a significant influence in their lives.      



Pastor Mike Todd is married to his long-term girlfriend, Natalie Todd, who is also a Lead pastor at the Transformation Church.

Together the couple shares three children, Isabella, Ava Rae, and Michael Jr., who are all a significant part of the family church.

Transformation Church

how much is Pastor Mike Todd worth


Pastor Todd has had an interesting journey that started with him being a small-time influencer, leading his church of a few dozen, to being a motivational speaker and religious influencer to millions.

He was 25 years old when he took over the Transformational Church.

At the time of the leadership change, the organization had been operating for nearly 16 years, so it had an established following by the time he became the new Pastor.

This posed challenges for a few reasons, which he went into detail about during an interview:

The leader of the organization was an older white gentleman. There were so many stark differences between our leadership styles. He was established, older, and he had built something. I was younger, more enthusiastic.”

He added, “What I found out is that people don’t really care about how the leader is if they can trust the leader. Some of the things that I really had to do was ki## my preferences and look at the people.”

The moment he began leading the church, he shut down all the internal cliques and groups filled with younger church members as a way of creating one large family-like environment.

mike todd wife

Natalie Todd and Pastor Mike Todd attend the 54th Annual GMA Dove Awards at Lipscomb Allen Arena on October 17, 2023 in Nashville – @Getty

Doing this was his first step to overcoming the challenge of creating a cohesive environment for the church, which was necessary for him to be successful in the role.

Todd recalls being worried that some of the senior members of the church would not accept him, and he was right.

He was approached by a few who dispensed their worry about him being too young to lead.

One conversation he had, in particular, struck him so deeply that he never forgot it:

“The guy that is actually my security assistant now. He had been at our organization for 15 almost 15 years when I took over. He took me to Cracker Barrel, and he told me, ‘I don’t know if you could lead me.’ Just straight up. He’s an old school and used to be a police officer.”

Pastor Mike took this man’s concern and acted on it.

He promised him and the rest of the church members that he would be consistent, stable, and communicative.

He not only delivered, but he also converted his unruly and skeptical church member into one of his employees, who now travels across the nation with him.

Went Viral

michael todd pastor net worth

Pastor Mike Todd and Natalie Todd attend the CryOut Conference 2023 day 1 at George R. Brown Convention Center – @Getty

He took his new position by storm, and his following continued to grow. But things didn’t truly begin to pick up for him until 2017, when he preached a sermon series called “Relationship Goals.”

He ended up posting the recorded sermon to YouTube, which began to receive 50-100 views each week, helping to build his reputation. But the changing point was on December 22nd or 23rd; a Twitter user tweeted a 10-minute clip that went viral, and over 2 million people watched it in 48 hours.

After this, his YouTube video received millions of views, creating a name for himself and his church. Additionally, his Instagram following grew daily by 10,000 followers.

He was invited to prominent leadership speaking conferences, which cemented his brand as someone worth listening to among the community. 

In August 2020, he joined Pastor Craig Groeschel to teach at The Global Leadership Summit, which was led by former United States President George W. Bush.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Pastor Mike Todd worth? Todd earned most of his wealth from serving as the lead pastor of Transformation Church in Tulsa. Therefore, Pastor Mike Todd has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

In September 2021, Transformation Church bought a six-story office tower for $35 million.

In addition to this, Pastor Mike Todd is also an accomplished author. “Relationship Goals Challenge” was published and released on December 29, 2020, and received a 5-star review on Amazon.

This book was followed by “Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex,” which was released in April 2020. The book was another 5-star hit with his readers.

His third book, “Crazy Faith: It’s Only Crazy Until It Happens,” was released in September 2021 with ratings that hovered between 4.9 and 5.

On Amazon, Todd’s books have over 36,000 ratings — meaning about 1,800,000 to 3,600,000 sold copies.

Following the success of his YouTube videos, books, and the growing fame of his church, he inadvertently became a social media influencer. His Instagram grew from a few hundred followers in 2019 to over 2 million at the time of writing.

His account is centered around his church sermons, leadership conferences that he speaks at, and book promotions. Since his wife is a co-leader of their church, he also includes her and their three children in his content.

Pastor Michael and his wife host the podcast – “Transformation Church.”

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