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Victoria Prince Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Victoria Prince’s Net Worth?

Victoria Prince has been married to Kevin Federline since 2013 and has a net worth of $1 million. Kevin Federline, also known as K-Fed, hit the tabloids with his surprise wedding to Britney Spears in October 2004.

The wedding attracted a lot of controversy for many reasons.

Still, the biggest of them was that Kevin had left his fiancée, Sharisse Jackson, the actress that played Niecy Jackson on the sitcom Moesha for Britney Spears. Sharisse was pregnant for K-Fed when that happened.

Kevin Federline did not have any positive publicity at that time, and it looked like he was making the most of it.

He went on a few shows like One Tree Hill, American Pie, and even WWE: Raw.

That’s right. Kevin Federline was seen in WWE: Raw picking a fight with John Cena and making him lose some matches. He seemed to want to make sure nobody liked him.

The controversial couple split up in 2007, and now K-Fed has married again. This time, to a former professional volleyball player and teacher named Victoria Prince.

They got married in 2013, and this article will give you all you need to know about Kevin Federline’s wife. Everything from Victoria Prince’s net worth to her education and career.

The Origin Story

what is the net worth of Victoria Prince


Victoria Prince had a really quiet childhood, so there’s not much info on her early life, but here’s what we do know.

She was born on the 2nd of December, 1982, in Richland, Washington State, USA.

Her parents were quite normal.

Her father’s name is Mike Prince, and her mother is Brenda Prince. She has three siblings, Michael, Jason, and Tabitha.

Her father is an electrician, and her mother is a national sales manager. From all indications, Victoria Prince was a typical small-town girl.

Her Education

Victoria went to Kamiakin High School in Kennewick, Washington, and graduated without much fuss.

Though, she is reported to have gotten into some trouble for launching a “terror campaign” in high school.

She studied at Washington State University, then transferred to the University of Hawaii, Manoa, to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech.

In college, she was said to have been a real beach enthusiast, having a fondness for boating and jet skiing in addition to her love for volleyball.

Her Volleyball Career

Victoria started playing volleyball in Kamiakin High School.

She played varsity volleyball for three years before moving off to college.

Her college career was a star-studded one. She started all her matches in the University of Hawaii volleyball team in 2004 and made the first-team all-Western Athletic Conference for women’s volleyball in 2005.

She didn’t stop playing volleyball after college; Victoria even went on to play it professionally.

Her career peaked when she played against two Olympic volleyball players, Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor.

These women are both three-time Olympic gold medalists and two of the best volleyball players in the US.

Unfortunately, she left professional volleyball and became a special education teacher. She still teaches volleyball, though.

Her Relationship With Kevin Federline

Victoria Prince and husband Kevin Federline


Victoria and Kevin Federline started dating in 2008. “You are the glue that holds us together,” Kevin said in 2017.

They had met in a friendly bowling league of which they were both members. It was called ‘Party Animals.’

Victoria and Kevin had hit it off during one of the games and dated for three years before they had their first child, their daughter, Jordan Kay. At least, she was Victoria’s first child — Jordan was Kevin’s fifth.

Two years later, Kevin Federline shocked Victoria with a surprise wedding in Las Vegas.

He had claimed they were going on a business trip, but he proposed when they arrived.

He had asked her, “Victoria Prince, will you marry me in two days, in front of 30 of our closest family and friends?” Victoria gave a positive reply, and they quickly got hitched on the 10th of August, 2013, at the Hard Rock Hotel.

In April 2014, Victoria Prince gave birth to her second child, Peyton Marie.

Much isn’t known about Victoria Prince’s relationships before Kevin Federline, but that can’t be said about her husband.

Kevin’s rise to fame came on the heels of his hurried marriage to Britney Spears.

The publicity on their relationship was so negative that they even had a reality show, “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic,” where they tried to explain how it all happened and how their marriage was at that time.

Kevin Federline currently has six children, two from each of the three women he has been engaged with.

Victoria Prince has shown that she isn’t really bothered by that, and she has embraced K-Fed’s other kids with open arms.

While she isn’t very active on social media, she has posted several happy photos with Kevin’s other children.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Victoria Prince worth? Prince is doing well financially. Thanks to her professional volleyball career, she does have a substantial amount of money with her name on it. Victoria Prince’s net worth is valued at $1 million.

That’s quite a tidy sum for a special education teacher.

And with Kevin Federline’s net worth of about $6 million, not to mention the court-ordered child support of over $20,000 that Britney Spears pays Kevin monthly, the couple should be comfortable.

Key facts

Kevin Federline may have had a series of bad relationships, but his marriage with Victoria Prince is currently going smoothly.

It may be due to Victoria’s influence, but their family keeps quite a low profile, except for the occasional post on Instagram.

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