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Wavy Navy Pooh Net Worth | Real Name

Wavy Navy Pooh Net Worth – $300,000

What was Wavy Navy Pooh’s net worth at the time of his death? What is Wavy Navy Pooh’s real name?


Wavy Navy Pooh—whose real name is Shandler Beaubien—was an up-and-coming rapper with the potential to change the game.

Most famous for his hit single, M.I.A.M.I. (Murder is a Major Issue), he was signed to Quality Control Music.

Always looking for a way to chronicle the harsher side of his upbringing, but eager to inspire the youth to become more than the neighborhoods that raised them, Wavy Navy Pooh—also known as Pooh—had a lot to say.

Sadly, he never got a chance to reach his potential—he was gunned down while driving home with his young family at the start of 2022.

Here’s what we know about the Miami rapper cut down in his prime.

The Origin Story

Wavy Navy Pooh—who was born Shandler Antoine Beaubien on December 14, 1994—was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

He spent a little bit of time in Brownsville, Texas, but it was Miami—and more specifically, the rougher neighborhoods of Miami—that Wavy Navy Pooh called home.


Growing up in the Allapattah and Model City areas of Miami, where the crime rates were high and future prospects were low, Wavy Navy Pooh learned a lot about the streets.

He also attended high school at Miami Jackson Senior High School, in Allapattah, before enrolling at the biggest university in the US: Miami Dade College.

At this point, Beaubien had already developed a love of music and music production, along with a natural finesse with lyrics and rap.

He explored music in depth while he was studying, but also used his classes at college to fine tune his understanding of business. It is unclear whether or not Shandler graduated from college.

Throughout his time at Miami Jackson Senior High School—and even on through his college years at Miami Dade—Beaubien was an avid sportsman. He played football right through his education, and was known to be successful as a defensive tackle.

Wavy Navy Pooh and his girlfriend, Yvette N’Bushe Ward-Brown, welcomed their first child—a son—in 2017. Their second baby—another boy—was born in January of 2021.

On The Way To The Top


When he broke onto the music scene in 2017, Wavy Navy Pooh began earning a reputation for his hard hitting, explicit storytelling of life in Miami.

But even more than that, fans loved his passion for his neighborhood—and for what Miami stood for.

Growing up in one of Florida’s toughest districts came with one perk—it gave Wavy Navy Pooh plenty of content to talk about.

Luckily for Wavy Navy Pooh, people wanted to hear what he had to say.

He was discovered when Pierre P Thomas found him on Instagram and reached out.

That Big Break

P, who is the CEO of American hip hop record label Quality Control Music, liked what he heard from the brash young rapper.

He sent Beaubien a direct message suggesting a meet up and requesting to hear more of his music.

Beaubien obliged, sending the savvy music mogul some samples—and he was signed almost on the spot.

Quality Control—QC—is known for snapping up new talent as they find it, and the QC executives wasted no time in snapping up this up and coming star.

Pooh was eager to get started—he’d hit the ground running with his debut album within 8 months.

The album—Murder Is A Major Issue—highlights the vicious cycle of violence that plagues those in the rougher areas of the city.

Pooh quickly gained fame for tracks like Party, Gang Bangin, Word on the Street, and Money on my Head.

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A Legacy Cut Short


On January 14, 2022, while driving home from celebrating his son’s first birthday, Beaubien was killed when a Lexus approached the driver’s side of his Toyota and one of the occupants shot him.

He was at the intersection of SW 152nd  Street and SW127th Avenue when the shots were fired.

His wife, Yvette, and older son were in the back seat, and his one year old was in the passenger seat.

The Lexus fled the scene, and Wavy Navy Pooh was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

While police were initially hesitant to announce the victim’s name, Quality Control Music went Instagram-public with the announcement several days later.

While paying respects to their fallen friend and “beloved” artist, they sent thoughts and prayers to his family.

Virgin Records, the parent of QC, shared that the deceased rapper believed in sharing his hardship through his music and giving back to his community.

The statement also stated that the QC family would forever miss him.

Miami-Dade police were preparing for possible retaliation, and said that Beaubien was connected to multiple shootings in the area in the “past year.”

Wavy Navy Pooh – Net Worth

So, how much was Wavy Navy Pooh worth? Beaubien earned most of his wealth from his music. Beaubien has released two albums – Murder Is A Major Issue and Endangered. Therefore, at the time of his death, Wavy Navy Pooh had an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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