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Who is Michael Dorn’s wife?

Who is Michael Dorn’s wife? Is Michael Dorn married?


Over the last decade or so, it’s safe to say that, save for a handful of classics, TV has been largely disappointing and pretty forgettable if we’re being completely honest.

Of course, we’ve seen classics such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones (excluding the final season!), True Detective season one, and HBO’s The Last of Us in early 2023, but for the most part, TV has sucked.

2023, however, saw season three of Star Trek: Picard air, and to everybody’s surprise, it was a critical success.

We say that because season one was met with average reviews, and season two was panned by critics and audiences alike.

Season three, however, was a critical success with critics and audiences alike, showing that Star Trek still has a place in our hearts.

One of the biggest highlights of season three of Star Trek: Picard, however, was the return of actor Michael Dorn, reprising his role as the Klingon character Worf.

Michael Dorn is a hugely popular actor, though it is Star Trek that he is remembered for.

With millions of fans, however, people have started to speculate about his personal life and whether he is married. Here’s a better look at Michael Dorn’s wife and their relationship.

Who is Michael Dorn?

michael dorn partner

Michael Dorn attends the Star Trek Mission: New York at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on September 3, 2016 in New York City – @Getty

Before we can look at Michael Dorn’s wife and how they met, we’re first going to take a look at Michael Dorn in general and find out exactly what this hugely talented actor is all about.

For fans of Star Trek, or ‘Trekkies’ as they are affectionately known, Michael Dorn is an actor who needs no introduction.

For the few people who don’t know of Star Trek or who *gasp* don’t like Star Trek, let’s take a look at who Michael Dorn is.

Michael Dorn is a US actor who has been active for more than 6 different decades, having gotten his break in the 1970s.

Despite enjoying great success as a voice actor in various animated projects, he is, of course, best known for his role as Klingon Commander Worf in the Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) saga.

He has also reprised the role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Picard.

In fact, he has appeared more times as a regular character than any other cast member in the show.

He has appeared in 5 Star Trek movies and 284 TV episodes.

As well as Star Trek, he has also appeared in several animated projects, such as Gargoyles and I am Weasel.

Interestingly, his first acting role was uncredited when he appeared as a bodyguard for Apollo Creed in 1976’s Rocky.

Star Trek

Michael Dorn biography

Michael Dorn (as Lieutenant Worf) in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ California, 1987 – @Getty

Dorn has enjoyed, and is still enjoying, a very successful acting career, but when we talk about his many roles, it is always the Klingon character of Worf that people focus on.

Star Trek is a US sci-fi mega-franchise that was created by Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s.

It initially began with the Star Trek: The Original Series in the 1960s and featured William Shatner as Captain Kirk. 

The show followed the exploits of the crew of the USS Starship Enterprise, which featured Kirk at the helm.

The Enterprise is an exploration vessel for space travel that was constructed in the 23rd century by the United Federation of Planets.

The show was a huge success and spawned 11 spin-off series, along with countless movies.

One hugely popular spin-off, and one which many consider to be the best, in fact, is Star Trek: The Next Generation.

TNG featured a new captain of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard, played by British actor Patrick Steward, along with a new crew.

One crew member whom fans instantly took to was Worf, played by Michael Dorn.

michael dorn wife

Michael Dorn (as Lieutenant Worf) in a scene from an episode of the television series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ entitled ‘Rightful Heir’ – @Getty

Worf was the first main Klingon character to feature in the franchise, as typically, the Klingons were viewed as antagonists.

Worf was not supposed to be a primary character, as Gene Roddenberry wanted to create new characters and new races that were different from the 60s series. Worf became so popular thanks to Dorn’s portrayal of him, however, that he became a regular on TNG, as well as Deep Space Nine.

The character of Worf is known for his no-nonsense approach, his dry humor, and his hard exterior.

Strip away some layers, however, and he is a very complex character, as we have found for close to 300 episodes and 5 blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Worf first appeared in 1987 and was last seen in 2023’s Star Trek: Picard, season three.

Michael Dorn and wife

Michael Dorn and his wife Kelly arrive for the premiere screening of “Pretty When You Cry” May 1, 2001 in Los Angeles – @Getty

So, who is Michael Dorn’s wife?

Needless to say, because Michael Dorn is such a talented actor, and because the character of Worf is so popular, more and more people want to know about Michael Dorn and his personal life.

So, who is Michael Dorn’s wife, is he married at all, does he have any past relationships, and how long has he been with his current partner?

Well, in his personal life, Dorn is a very talented pilot and has owned numerous aircraft over the years. He was also diagnosed with a mild form of prostate cancer extremely early on, which resulted in him making healthy lifestyle choices.

Dorn is a private man and keeps his personal life as personal as he can. As such, not much is known about his marriage or his past relationships. What we do know, however, is that Michael Dorn is indeed married. Michael Dorn’s wife is Kelly Dorn, and the two have been together for some time.

Before he got with Kelly, Michael Dorn was romantically linked with a woman named Terry Farrell, who was a fellow cast member on Deep Space Nine.

Michael Dorn and girlfriend Terry Farrell

Michael Dorn and Terry Farrell during “Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond – A Live Tribute” at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles – 1996 – @Getty


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