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Who Pays For The Renovations On Holmes Family Rescue?

Does Holmes Family Rescue pay for repairs?

Short answeron the reality show Holmes Family Rescue, Mike Holmes and The Holmes Foundation pay for most of the renovations. Homeowners can expect to pay up to 20% of the total costs, with Mike donating his funds to cover the rest. Contractors and other suppliers also donate their labor, materials, and consultation fees out of respect for the philanthropy work that Mike is doing.


It’s a fact of life—we are obsessed with home improvement shows.

It all started with Trading Spaces way back in the days, and the likes of a beloved—but incredibly troubled—Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

We’ve got a whole host of home makeover shows that stand testament to our fascination with creating a happy little nest for a family in need.

From the extravagant end of the spectrum—with shows like Celebrity IOU, The Home Edit, Homestead Rescue, and Interior Design Masters—to more down-to-earth shows that cater to people just like us, there’s something to appeal to everyone.

One of the most popular home renovation and repair shows is arguable the HGTV network’s Holmes Family Rescue.

Folks love to watch Mike Holmes take on a new project—from its sad beginnings to its awe inspiring turnaround and that big reveal (because everybody loves the big reveal, right?)

Mike Holmes Net Worth

Tim Tebow and Mike Holmes – © Guliver / Getty Images

As much as we obsess over Holmes Family Rescue and celebrate the happy ending every single time we tune in, fans still have a lot of questions about how this show actually comes together.

How did Mike Holmes get this show going in the first place?

And who pays for the renovations on Holmes Family Rescue?

We’ve lined up the questions fans want answered about Holmes Family Rescue.

How did Holmes Family Rescue start?

holmes on homes who pays

Mike Holmes and Tim Tebow in the all-new Tebow Time season premiere episode of HOME FREE – @Getty

It all started with Michael James Holmes—that’s Mike Holmes, builder extraordinaire.

Mike Holmes is a Canadian builder and businessman turned television host, who rose to prominence when he started saving homeowners from dodgy renovations on the show Holmes on Homes.

When homeowners fall prey to unscrupulous—or just plain criminal—builders and contractors, Mike Holmes wants to be there to help them pick up the pieces.

who pays for holmes makes it right

Mike Holmes, Morgan Brock and Tim Tebow – @Getty

Like that time in season 7 of Holmes on Homes where he was called into Jeremy’s kitchen.

Jeremy had paid for a state-of-the-art kitchen makeover—shiny new counter tops and cabinets, beautiful new floor, the works.

What he got was a thin layer of newness covering up a festering, rotting foundation.

It was Mike Holmes to the rescue, as usual.

When Holmes on Homes was winding down, fans weren’t ready to say goodbye—and Mike wasn’t ready to give up on righting the wrongs of his industry.

The only difference was that if he was going to do it again—he wanted his family by his side.

That’s how Holmes Family Rescue was born.

Who are the Holmes family on Holmes Family Rescue?

Does 'Holmes Family Rescue' Pay For Repairs


Mike may be a bit of a perfectionist, which is great when you’re looking for someone to renovate your home.

But he’s also a family man, and in Holmes Family Rescue, he’s bringing his family along on the experience of a lifetime.

It’s no vacation for Mike’s two children, though—they’ll be working right alongside him, every step of the way.

Mike Holmes Jr comes into the fold as a building contractor.

Mike Jr has definitely followed in the footsteps of his philanthropist father, and works tirelessly to make sure everything is up to scratch.

Mike and his dad have a shared pet peeve, too—and it’s the way some contractors meet the lowest possible standard when completing work on somebody’s home. Frustrated, Mike Sr. says that the idea of “minimum code” practice means that irresponsible contractors are inflicting long-term damage on families’ homes.

“We’re building to minimal codes,” says Mike. “The floors [seem to] get weaker and weaker every year.”

Mike and his son are both working to get builders beyond this minimum code practice—and promoting those who already aim for a higher standard.

Joining the father / son duo is Mike’s daughter Sherry.

A fellow contractor, she also works as an educator to help move young people into professional trades.

Who pays for the renovations on television shows?

who pays for work done on holmes makes it right

Mike Holmes, “Hero” Brian, contestant Maggie and co-host Tim Tebow in the all-new two-hour Overnight Success/Dream Come True season finale episode of HOME FREE – @Getty

There are typically two ways the budget is structured when it comes to home renovation shows on television.

The first is that the network pays for the majority of work carried out, with an understanding that there will be some expenses incurred by the homeowner—as is the case with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

In that situation, the network covered all the home renovation costs, and the homeowner is expected to pay the increased rates and ongoing maintenance and utilities costs.

The second is that the network casts families who have a specific budget pre-determined, with the understanding that the show will use that money to the best advantage of the homeowners.

An example of this structure would be Love It or List It—with a minimum available budget of $75,000—or Nate and Jeremiah By Design—which will set you back at least $45,000.

While the figures may seem high, for your renovating dollars, you’re getting the ultimate in expertise, and potential savings in materials thanks to sponsorships and advertising deals.

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Who pays for the renovations on Holmes Family Rescue?

Who Pays For All The Work On Holmes Family Rescue


Things work a little differently on Holmes Family Rescue—thanks mostly to Mike Holmes, himself.

Homeowners who are selected for the show can expect to pay up to 20% of the total renovation cost—and that’s it.

Holmes donates from his own fund to cover the rest of the costs for each family on the show.

The generous philanthropist sees it as his way of making it right—after all, making it right is what The Holmes Foundation does.

To make things even better for the families in need, many of the contractors Mike ropes into helping out on the show donate their labor, materials, or consultation fees out of respect for what Holmes does.

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Pamela Jones

Tuesday 23rd of April 2024

I think Mike Holmes does a spectacular job. My Dad was a home builder for 55 years before he got Mesothelioma. He had this disease for 4 years before he passed away. He would have so enjoyed your show. Thanks for all you do.

Yvonne Elliott

Tuesday 10th of October 2023

I think you are a blessing. I wish I could get you to Louisiana to my mothers home that my son lives in. After hurricane ida. The insurance really did my family terrible. We are not rich. Now my son is living in a mold infested house.