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Who Pays For The Renovations On Celebrity IOU?

Who pays for the renovations on celebrity IOU on HGTV?


Season 7 of Celebrity IOU launched on January 1, 2024, and it was the emotional roller coaster fans across the US didn’t realize they needed.

The reality television renovation show has so far delivered all the feels, and some breathtaking reveals that left audiences in awe—and the celebrity taskmasters who asked for them totally speechless.

We’re talking about actual celebrities, too.

Celebrity IOU doesn’t skimp when it comes to its offering of famous faces—faces like Halle Berry, Snoop Dogg, Lisa Kudrow, and Tiffany Haddish.

You thought you were spoiled when Brad Pitt showed up to surprise his long-term makeup artist, but season 3 has taken things to a whole new level.

While hosts and design gurus Drew and Jonathan Scott like to shine the spotlight on stars giving back, some fans have questions.

And the biggest question they have is: who pays for the renovations on Celebrity IOU?

It’s a good question.

All these stars have the kind of heavy-duty credit card artillery to pay for the renovations in full, don’t they?

When you’ve got an A-list veteran like Brad Pitt, who has been running at the top of his game for 30-plus years, does anyone else really need to pay for anything?

So we set about finding out—who really pays for the renovations on Celebrity IOU? 

Here’s what you need to know.

Short answer – the network + sponsors + the celebrity. Scroll down for more info.

#1. Celebrity IOU isn’t set up like other home renovation shows.

To state the obvious: the premise is different.

In HGTV’s Celebrity IOU, the network is working with top Hollywood stars to grant the wishes of those nearest and dearest to them.

There is the potential for a large amount of money to be invested in these projects—and they need to be done to a high standard.

The kind of standard celebrities would expect.

Plus, naturally, they need to bring in the emotional factor that viewers expect.

Enter the Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan, to help A-listers repay their favorite people with the renovation of a lifetime.

do the celebrities pay for celebrity iou

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers attend Canada’s Walk of Fame’s 25th Anniversary Celebration – @Getty

#2. Celebrity IOU doesn’t follow the standard home renovation show structure for the budget.

Almost every home renovation television show airing in the past decade has followed one of these blueprints when it comes to who pays what:

Either the network pays for most of the work to be carried out in the renovation, and the homeowner accepts that they will carry the cost of ongoing maintenance, utility bills, rates increases, and taxes, or…

The network will specifically cast homeowners who meet a minimum budget requirement, with the understanding that the show will use its considerable leverage to secure expert workmanship, materials, and potential savings.

The latter is the case for the dynamic Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV—which requires a minimum budget of $150,000.

The only exceptions so far are Holmes Family Rescue—where Mike Holmes pays pretty much all the bills except for a 20% contribution from the homeowners—and Celebrity IOU.

#3. Jonathan and Drew Scott paid for the renovations on Property Brothers.

Back in 2017, Jonathan Scott took to Facebook to explain that he and his twin brother were the ones out of pocket on their home renovation show, Property Brothers.

In the Facebook Live video, he explained that this was “Drew and my actual money.”

do the celebrities pay for the renovations on celebrity iou

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott pose for a portrait in Los Angeles – @Getty

According to Jonathan, the pair bought the houses, put up the money for the renovations, and covered the projects.

He also noted that the people who ended up buying these homes were getting the deal of a lifetime.

Thanks to the boys’ relationships with companies like Wayfair, they were able to get stunning deals on furniture, appliances, and homeware—all of which were included in the sale price of the home.

“[It’s] hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of furniture and extra stuff. Top quality materials, you name it—from the decking to the tiles.”

While that was the case for Property Brothers, it turned out that was not the way things were going to be run over on Celebrity IOU.

#4. There are a few people footing the bill for Celebrity IOU.

While some viewers are jaded and have observed that the only reason these celebrities go on the show is for positive press, many other fans don’t think that’s quite the case.

Sure, these Hollywood stars can afford to renovate their beloved aunt and uncle’s home—as is the case with Melissa McCarthy—or their assistant’s condo—a la Gwyneth Paltrow.

And sure, they could do it without going on a reality television show.

But part of the thrill is the surprise on their loved ones’ faces, and knowing somebody else is taking care of the details from start to finish.

Plus, almost all the stars get stuck in and help make the dream a reality.

On a much less touchy-feely note, the network can also take care of any legal matters that might impact the renovation.

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So, who pays for the renovations on Celebrity IOU?

Firstly, the network. HGTV covers the cost of filming, crew salaries, location, venues, equipment, insurances, and legal fees.

Secondly, sponsors are eager to see their brand alongside any feel-good home renovation show.

Factor in the celebrity appeal, and advertising dollars go through the roof.

Finally, the celebrity pays any outstanding costs.

While it’s likely there wouldn’t be much left to cover after sponsorship dollars, and comped materials are factored in, there will still be some expense to the famous face of the day.

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Angel Oliphant

Wednesday 5th of April 2023

I think some of the celebrities should help pay for their friends renovations. I don’t think it should all be on the property brothers because he’s their friends and if they want to give them makeovers? Why shouldn’t the celebrities pay for some of it? I’m not saying pay all but pay something even if they put the time in they still need to pay they have the money it’s not like they’re broke. That’s just my opinion I love the show I just wish the celebrities pay a little bit more money.


Tuesday 2nd of January 2024

@Angel Oliphant, They do pay for some.