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Willy Falcon Net Worth $10 Million

What is Willy Falcon’s net worth?

Willy Falcon (real name: Augusto Guillermo Falcon) is a Cuban former drug trafficker who has a net with of $10 million. He is most renowned for his time as a drug kingpin in Miami in the 1970s and 1980s, and has been called, along with his partner, a “real-life Tony Montana.”

He and his partner are the subjects of the Netflix documentary “Cocaine Cowboys.” The series was produced and directed by Billy Corben.

Falcon was born on September 1st, 1955, in Cuba, but was relocated to Miami when he was still a child, as his parents wanted to start a new life in the US.

Falcon, along with his partner, Magluta, was an unexceptional student and frequently cut class at Miami Senior High School in order to deal marijuana.

Both boys also dreamed of making it big on the speedboat racing circuit.

The two boys remained small-time until they came into the orbit of a young accountant, Jorge Valdés, who had been helping powerful businessmen set up dummy corporations in the Caribbean.

Valdés met a MedellÍn Cartel drug lord who asked him for assistance moving drugs.

Soon making more money than he knew what to do with, Valdés enlisted the help of two other young Cuban-Americans – Falcon and Magluta – to help him move cocaine.

Rise to Prominence

Valdés put more and more trust in the two young smugglers, and they have started to make millions a month.

Falcon and Magluta also established a network of friends and accomplices, many of whom were involved in the speedboat racing circuit.

The two of them became accomplished powerboat racers themselves; Falcon won an offshore challenge just off the Florida Keys, and Magluta was the winner of three national championships.

Falcon and Magluta were something of local celebrities and made no attempt to hide their status as drug kingpins.

They enjoyed a positive image in local immigrant communities, as they often shared their misbegotten wealth and had a reputation for being non-violent.

The two also used their extensive banking and police connections to avoid legal ramifications for their actions.

When they were sent to prison, they were able to live in relative luxury, thanks to their judicious use of bribes and legal loopholes that saw their friends openly bring in lobster and champagne for parties.

Unfortunately for Falcon and Magluta, Federal authorities were not so easily bought off – and this was to be their downfall.

The Downfall


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In 1991, the two were indicted on charges of drug trafficking.

Several former associates of the Cocaine Cowboys had been ‘flipped’ after being convicted, and turned state’s witnesses against the two.

In a move that shattered their reputation for pacifism, three witnesses in the case were murdered before they could testify.

They were later acquitted, in a development that shocked everyone almost as much as the murders.

It later transpired that they had bribed some of the jurors in their case, and so a fresh case was built against Willy Falcon and his partner.

Falcon was ultimately convicted of money laundering; he copped a plea deal for 20 years and was released after 14.

Where is Willy today?

Falcon was released in 2017, and since he was not technically a US citizen but a permanent resident, he was deported.

Falcon initially relocated to the Dominican Republic rather than Cuba, as he feared for his life due to previously expressed anti-Castro sentiment.

Unfortunately, however, the Dominicans were not happy about the presence of a notorious drug lord in their country, and he quickly left.

Following his brief stint in the Dominican Republic, Falcon absconded for parts unknown.

His exact location in 2023 remains unknown. 


In 1977, Willy Falcon married Alina J. Rossique.

Alina passed away on August 6, 1992, at the age of 33. Rossique was fatally shot as she left a Coral Gables salon.


Falcon and Alina have three children:

  • William Falcon;
  • Jessica Falcon;
  • Aileen Martinez.

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Net Worth 2024

Falcon earned most of his wealth from operating a cocaine-trafficking organization. Willy and his brother smuggled about 75 tons of cocaine into the United States. Therefore, Willy Falcon has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Prosecutors said that Falcon and Magluta and Falcon had amassed more than $2.1 billion in assets and cash by the time of their arrest in April 1991.

Former homicide detective Chief Nelson Andreu told NBC in November 2018 that Falcon probably still has assets “squandered away somewhere.”

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