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How much does Bob Baffert charge to train a horse?

What does Bob Baffert charge for training a horse?


For fans of horseracing, Bob Baffert is a man that will need to introduction.

For those less familiar with the sport, or who happen to be just getting into it, let’s just say that, as trainers go, Bob is most definitely one of the best in the business.

Horse racing is one of the most exciting, thrilling, and exhilarating sports in existence today.

Not only do you get to enjoy the thrill of the race, but you also get to potentially win yourself some money, and maybe even have fun at the races as well.

Horse racing as a sport is extremely tough, which is why it pays, literally, to invest in a good trainer.

When talking about good trainers, Bob Baffert is a name that is always mentioned.

Not only is Bob considered good, but by many, he is considered the best of all time.

But who exactly is Bob Baffert, and more importantly, how much does Bob Baffert charge to train a horse?

All will be revealed shortly.

Who is Bob Baffert?

How much does Bob Baffert charge to train a horse


To begin with, we’re going to get the ball rolling today by looking at who Bob Baffert is.

Baffert is a somewhat controversial figure in the world of horse racing, but you simply cannot deny the fact that he knows how to train winners.

Robert A. Baffert was born January 13, 1953, and is a US racehorse trainer who has trained numerous winning racehorses, including ‘Justify’ the 2018 Triple Crown winner and ‘American Pharoah’ the 2015 Triple Crown winner.

Bob is a winner, and he knows how to train winners.

Collectively, the horses that he has trained have won a staggering 3 Kentucky Oaks, 7 Preakness Stakes, 3 Belmont Stakes, and 6 Kentucky Derbies.

Bob is considered a legend of horse racing, and he lives somewhat of a rock-and-roll lifestyle, that often rubs people up the wrong way.

He is also not without controversy, as some of the horses that he has trained in the past, did fail drug tests, and Bob was therefore fined and faced legal troubles as a result.

Despite this, the Arizona native doesn’t seem too phased, and with a net worth of a reported $30 million, we can understand why that is.

Interesting Facts

what does bob baffert charge to train a horse


Bob is a well-known, somewhat polarizing figure in the world of horse racing, but he gets results, and he is certainly a character.

Here are some interesting facts about the Arizonian that you may find interesting.

Bob grew up racing quarter horses

Bob is a man who clearly has an affinity with horses.

It should come as no surprise to learn, then, that he grew up racing horses from a young age.

Bob first started working with horses when he was a child at just 10 years of age.

His father went ahead and purchased a couple of quarter horses and would help young Bob to race them on dirt tracks.

Bob started to work as a jockey as a teen and entered several low-profile races.

He reportedly would earn more than $100 per day, which was a very impressive feat given his age.

Baffert would graduate from the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program with a Bachelor of Science Degree, and afterward, he would continue working with quarter horses.

His first thoroughbred win came in 1979, thanks to Flipper Star at Rillito Park.

Baffert switched to thoroughbreds

how much does bob baffert make training horses



In 1991, Baffert moved to California and decided to work solely on training thoroughbreds.

He instantly began making a name for himself, and in 1997 he really elevated his stock when Silver Charm, a horse that he trained, won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.

These were his first big-name wins, though they certainly wouldn’t be his last.

He holds the most G1 wins for any North American trainer

It’s clear as day that Bob Baffert knows how to train winners, and this is evidenced by the fact that he holds the record for the most G1 wins of any horse racing trainer in North America.

G1, or Grade 1, is a term used in the horse racing industry in reference to the highest possible level of thoroughbred, and standardbred, stakes races.

Basically, the cream of the crop, or the best of the best.

With seven Kentucky Derby wins, seven Preakness Stakes wins, and three Belmont Stakes wins, he is a force to be reckoned with.

He has also won 15 Breeder’s Cup Classic Races, and many more prestigious titles besides.

He is not without controversy

Considered a “bad boy” of horse racing, Bob Baffert has seen his fair share of controversy over the course of his illustrious career.

Bob has trained literally thousands upon thousands of horses over the last four decades, with many of those proving to be winners.

Of those, however, 31 did, unfortunately, fail drug tests.

In 2021, following the Kentucky Derby, ‘Medina Spirit’ was tested and was found to be positive for Betamethasone.

This is a steroid used to reduce inflammation in the joints of horses, though it has not been found to be a performance enhancer.

In either event, it is banned in Kentucky races and is a violation for any horses to be found with any traces of the compound in their systems.

Baffert was suspended for two years and was temporarily banned by the New York Racing Association.

He has been fined as a result of these controversies.

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How Much Does Bob Baffert Charge to Train a Horse?

how much does bob baffert charge to train


While the exact figures for how much Bob Baffert charges to train a horse are unknown, considering the fact that he has won Triple Crowns, and seemingly every other accolade in horse racing, you can assume that his services do not come cheap.

An average horse racing trainer will charge roughly $37,000 per year.

For a Triple Crown winning horse racing trainer, however, will charge considerably more.

While not confirmed, it is believed that Baffert charges roughly $200,000 per year to train a horse.

Considering he is said to make roughly $3 million per year from training and other ventures, that figure is likely pretty accurate.

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