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Yuno Miles Net Worth $500,000

What Is Yuno Miles’ Net Worth?

Yuno Miles is an American rapper who has a net worth of $500,000. Miles earned most of his wealth from his music and ads on YouTube (over 100 million video views — this translates in about $300K in revenue).

There is absolutely no way to tell for sure since Miles has never given any details about his finances.

And if you do ask him, don’t expect to get a genuine answer.

Miles is known for clowning people on social media and not being honest when it comes to answers to queries like this.

For the most part, though, it would be pretty fair to assume that Yuno Miles does very well for himself – you would need to be successful to pull some of the stunts that he has in recent years!


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Miles has grown so big in terms of his following (Instagram & YouTube) due to his musical style. Listen to his raps, and you see an individual who is almost angelic in their way of speaking.

He uses off-key singing and also lyrics that are, for the most part, gibberish, usually backed by beats that are typically heard in places like Detroit.

That unique style and that iron-clad confidence have helped make his name.

The Origin Story

Miles is extremely private. 

While some YouTube personalities thrive off telling the world all about their lives, Miles is different.


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What is known is that Miles arrived on YouTube sometime around late May 2019, with his account created on the 31st.

At the beginning of his YouTube career, Miles used to publish videos about animated content, specifically programs like Pokémon, The Simpsons, Futurama, and Looney Tunes episodes. He moved into creating his comical brand of rap with the release of a diss track.

The diss song was aimed at the protagonist of the manga series My Hero Academia. Later, Miles made mild controversy by writing diss tracks aimed at insulting ImDontai.

In 2020, Miles released the mixtape Yuno I Can’t Rap, which ignited his stardom as a nonsensical rapper.

Most tracks do not rhyme and contain ridiculous lyrics.

This got him a lot of traction and interest, though, especially as his content began to bleed onto other platforms like TikTok.

This led to a massive swell of interest in his career on TikTok, and he saw many new TikTok videos posted – mostly parodies of real songs and his own uniquely strange rap tracks.


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Away from the mic, though, we know precious little about Miles.

He has never really declared anything about his life away from his persona online; things like birthdays, places of birth, where he resides, and personal life details like having a partner are all things that we have absolutely no idea about.

His brand is mostly focused on his music and his mannerisms as opposed to anything about him personally.

In a way, that makes Miles quite unique in the world of social media personalities. 

Social Media

On YouTube, Miles boasts a large number of followers.


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At the time of writing, his YouTube channel, Yuno Miles Enterprises, has close to 900,000 subscribers and has created well over 370 videos.

Some of his videos have hundreds of thousands of views. However, this success on YouTube has come at a cost, as Miles has developed a habit of lashing out at his followers.

For example, in September 2023, he unlisted all of his videos just to see who stays as a ‘truly rock’ with him even if his content is not available anymore.

Miles has become quite a regular when it comes to social media controversies like this.

In April 2024, Miles was at the center of another controversy after he created community posts where he insulted his audience.

He wrote that he didn’t like his audience and that they were wasting his time. His messages led to a minor tirade where he called out his fanbase and said that he enjoyed real rapping as opposed to the nonsensical rapping that has made him so popular.

Things like this have occasionally driven a wedge between Miles and his fans, but most recognize that, for the most part, this is part of his gimmick.


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So, while he can be a controversial character, Yuno Miles is very successful in his way.

A good part of his subscribers find him to be quite antagonistic, while others find his personality to be refreshing.

With videos that have brought out so many big views, though, including his song “Put The Money In The Bag,” garnering millions of views, Miles has been very successful.

Some find him to be a bit of a ‘Marmite’ character – you love him or hate him – but his success is undeniable.


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