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Zac Perna is an Australian social media influencer and Instagram model who is best known for posting lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness photos to his Instagram account.

Perna’s main goal is to personally change as many persons’ lives for the better through an honest connection and using fitness and exercises as the foundation for that connection.

During an interview, Zac said:

”I have a strong passion for helping and influencing others. So to be seen as a role model to those younger than me is a great driver.”


He was born on July 5, 1995, in Australia.

Perna first started weight training at the age of 15 and quickly became hooked. In his words:

”At age 15, I joined a gym and started my weight training journey.”

Zac continued:

”From that first day in the weight room; I fell in love with it.”


Perna created his YouTube channel on March 8, 2011. The channel has more than 567,000 subscribers and 52 million views.

His most popular channel is called – ”10 Happy Meal Challenge | EPIC CHEAT MEAL | 5000 Calories.” The video has over 5.8 million views, and it was published on April 9, 2017.

His second most popular video is titled – ”$50 FOR A WEEK OF BULKING: Meal Prep on a Budget with Zac Perna.” The video was published on July 25, 2018, and it has more than 3.7 million views.


Zac has garnered over 436,000 followers on the platform.


His typical training schedule looks like:

  • day #1 – chest
  • day #2 – legs;
  • day #3 – back;
  • day #4 – arms;
  • day #5 – shoulders;
  • day #6 – legs;
  • day #7 – back.

In 2019, he wrote on his Instagram account about his training:

”I’d like to think that in the 8 years of training I’ve made nearly every mistake possible.”

Perna also wrote:

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What did/do you struggle with the most in fitness as a beginner? Comment 🤔 – I’d like to think that in the 8 years of training I’ve made nearly every mistake possible; from following restrictive zero calorie diets to asking the local weirdo for a spot that turns into a 12 minute, awkward, life ending conversation. The latter being the worst of the two . 👉I’ll be giving a seminar at the @Gymshark Manchester pop up this weekend on all things getting started in the gym with @elliotbfit and @lubomba . So like I said, comment some topics/issues you’d like me to cover! . 😕One thing I won’t be covering however is why @c.t.ali.fletcher is trying to eat my fist. Either it smells delicious or he is just resting his beard on it. Likely both.

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”From following restrictive zero-calorie diets to asking the local weirdo for a spot that turns into a 12 minute, awkward, life-ending conversation.”

In a different interview, Zac said about BCAA:

”I have used BCAAs consistently in the past (during workouts and after workouts) to help preserve muscle during a cut and add a little extra boost during workouts.”

Zac also said about creatine (an amino acid that is located mostly in your body’s muscles, as well as in the brain):

”For strength and size gains, this can’t be found in high amounts naturally so supplementing with creatine 5g daily has always been part of my supplement protocol.”


Creatine was first identified in 1832 when Michel Eugène Chevreul (a French chemist) isolated it from the basified water-extract of skeletal muscle.

Supplementing with this amino acid can help your body to produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This can increase your workout intensity, that is particularly good for athletic activities involving fast, short, explosive movements.

Creatine can also increase muscle strength. This may help you to work harder for longer. In addition, it can give you a bigger muscle pump.

Douglas Kalman, Ph.D., RD, said about creatine:

“With creatine, not only has it built a solid reputation among lifters and many other types of athletes, but the science backing it as a legit performance enhancer is robust and pretty consistent.”

Kalman went on to say:

”With over 2,000 studies to date, it’s the most effective performance-boosting supplement out there.”

According to recent research, creatine provides the following benefits:

  • improves muscle and performance in vegans and vegetarians;
  • promotes greater gains in increasing FFM;
  • enhances bone regeneration;
  • increases muscle fiber size;
  • has a neuroprotective function;
  • increases muscle mass;
  • improves recovery following endurance activity;
  • improves performance during exercise of high to maximal intensity;
  • improves worked performed during repetitive sprint performance;
  • improves single-effort sprint performance;
  • improves maximal power;
  • improves maximal strength;
  • increases myosin.


Example of his meals include the following:

  • casein shake, 30g almonds;
  • 150g chicken breast, 150g greens;
  • 150g turkey mince, 150g greens;
  • 200g chicken breast, 150g basmati rice, 150g greens;
  • 200g Barramundi fillet, 150g Basmati rice, 150g greens;
  • 4 egg whites, 2 eggs, banana.


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Current situation trying to hang on to some muscle and NOT feel like a skinny-fat piece of sh💩t . Should I “Bulk”and grow again? What do you guys think 🤔 _________________________________________________ 😪 Still in recovery mode after a lengthy dieting phase so the goal has been to return calories to a healthy level and focus on FEELING GOOD, instead of just looking good…(Or a bit of both if I’m honest) . 👉It’s hard to come out of a dieting phase when you’re used to looking as shredded as a chopped lettuce, and then not feel like a bag of Dix when you start to lose definition. BUT There’s a time to look freaky, a time to loosen the reins and relax and then a time to ramp it up and grow. Currently in stage two, stage three pending 😎 #BeanieGains

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”I time my carbohydrates around training when cutting and ensure my fats are significantly higher to suppress appetite and keep hormones at a healthy level.”

”Being in a diet phase for months on end had me used to constantly feeling slightly flat and training became monotonous and more like a chore at times.”

”When traveling frequently, it’s hard to be in a strict routine so I tend to loosen the reigns a little and give myself a mental and physical break.”

”Manchester has left me on a high after meeting so many awesome people and essentially just spending the day with mates on the other side of the world.”

”A lot of people obsess over the type of exercise done instead of focusing on how to actually do it properly.”

”I may not have a nice car or a Rolex but what I do have is a monster branded dune buggy, a jockey’s helmet and a pair of sweet goggles.”

”My training always took priority even with a longer-term goal in mind. I would train in the cold, dark early mornings every day before school, cook and prepare my meals every Sunday and complete my studies at night time.”


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“Do you ever have bad days?” I get this question quite a lot and short Answer; yes (feel free to continue scrolling if you’re not interested in the long answer) . 👉Long Answer: Yes, because putting life on social media is tricky. Ofcourse I post the highlight reel: the good times in Miami, the best photo of the many taken, and the exciting things I might do but just because I choose to highlight the positive, it doesn’t mean that’s all it is. EVERYONE has bad days, where they might feel anxious, unmotivated, overwhelmed or battle with feelings of low self esteem. I forget that you guys don’t see this, and may feel strange or depressed if you feel this way when your favourite “influencer” is so lucky to live an amazing- easy life. (Anyone who says they have it perfect are straight up fking lying 😌) . ✌️Just know that these feelings are normal for everyone, and for every sick photo you see on Instagram, there’s a bunch of shit you don’t see… Like the anxieties and pressures you place on yourself, the constant battle of tying one’s self worth to body image and trying not to let daily ‘hate’ comments dictate your value. – There’s a bunch of shit that everyone goes through, some just deal with it in different ways. For me, I look to training as therapy and a means of control. I also highly value time with close friends and family and try to separate my self worth from something purely physical. So if you can learn from me; funnel your energy into training to better yourself and boost confidence in your own abilities, choose your friends wisely and be that person that supports the other. Everyone goes through tough times, so you’re normal for doing so. Just don’t feel like you’re unlucky or helpless, you’ve just gotta get through the bad days and get REAL FKN EXCITED for the good ones around the corner . 📸 Shot by the legendary: @luisrafaelphotography

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Zac has been an ambassador for Gymshark, a fitness apparel and accessories brand.

His astrological sign is Cancer. Cancer is a northern sign and its opposite southern sign is Capricorn.

Perna was a member of the Australian Sports Nutrition team.

Zac Perna – Net Worth

Perna earns most of his wealth from his Instagram account (more than 436,000 followers) as well as advertisements on his YouTube channel. On YouTube, he has over 52 million views (about $104,000 in revenue).

He also sells supplements and merch on his website – In addition, he has several sponsors, like Gymshark. Therefore, Zac Perna has an estimated net worth of $0.7 million.


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