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Zac Perna Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Zac Perna’s Net Worth?

Zac Perna is an Australian fitness enthusiast and internet personality who has a net worth of $1 million. He is best known for his Instagram account, where he regularly offers fitness advice. Perna is an Australian national and was born on May 7th, 1995.

Very little is known about his early life, beyond the fact that he grew up in Melbourne. In addition, virtually nothing is known about his family, beyond the fact that he has a brother.

Perna struggled with self-esteem issues as an early teen.

He joined his first gym with a close friend, Mitch, at the age of 15. The two were often spotted in the gym together, and earned the moniker of ‘gym bros.’

In his words:

”At age 15, I joined a gym and started my weight training journey.”

Zac continued:

”From that first day in the weight room; I fell in love with it.”

Perna and Mitch remained fast friends following high school.

After their graduation, the two worked at the same health supplement store, and they continued to work out together at the gym.

Mitch would eventually become Perna’s head trainer, advising him on the frequency and intensity of his workouts. He also frequently offers advice on Perna’s diet and lifestyle.

Mitch and Perna remain close friends to this day.


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Fitness Career

After joining his first gym at the age of 15, Perna discovered his calling.

He threw himself into bodybuilding and was a regular on the Melbourne fitness scene.

Perna became a certified personal trainer, and claims to have coached more than 11,000 people.

He is also a committed bodybuilder, and has won at least one competition (though details are scant as to which bodybuilding competition it was).

Social Media

Perna is hugely popular on both Instagram and YouTube.

On Instagram, he has 572,000 followers and posts regularly.

His posts consist of a mix of advice, promotional clips for health supplements and gym clothing, and slice-of-life videos and photos.

On YouTube, Perna has almost 860,000 subscribers.

The majority of his videos revolve around fitness and lifestyle advice – for instance, Perna often posts about mistakes to avoid if you’re trying to build muscle, videos in which he trials new health and fitness supplements, and tutorials on how to build certain muscle groups up.

Perna occasionally posts ‘challenge’ videos in which he will take on certain challenges, such as staying in sensory deprivation tanks for a certain amount of time or eating a certain kind of food for a prolonged period of time.

He also sometimes posts videos about his personal life, a number of which feature his girlfriend. These videos include Perna’s vacation destinations and have little to do with his channel’s primary purpose of providing fitness advice.

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Perna is in a long-term relationship with fellow fitness enthusiast Izzy Flannery.

Flannery is also a big name on the Australian social media scene; her Tiktok account commands over 600,000 followers. She also has 13,000 subscribers on YouTube and 224,000 followers on Instagram.

At present, Perna and Flannery do not have any children.

It is unknown whether or not they plan to get married.

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Zac Perna is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

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“Keep an eye on the deficit, keep an eye on your mental health and your own relationship between your body, your image, all of those things just be mindful because it kind of gets a bit twisted sometimes, and make sure you’re giving yourself the time that you deserve to actually build muscle.”

“I will eat my first meal around 12 or 1 pm and my last one whenever it doesn’t I don’t really care.”

“Some people just want to stay lean, and as a result, they neglect their training for a long period of time.”


Zac has been an ambassador for Gymshark, a fitness apparel and accessories brand.

Perna was a member of the Australian Sports Nutrition team.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Zac Perna worth?

Perna earns most of his wealth from his Instagram account (more than 572,000 followers) as well as advertisements on his YouTube channel.

On YouTube, Zac has over 127 million views (about $360k in revenue before taxes).

He also sells supplements and merch on his website – In addition, Perna has several sponsors, like Gymshark.

Therefore, social media influencer Zac Perna has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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