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Maxx Chewning Net Worth $2 Million

What Is Maxx Chewning’s Net Worth?

Maxx Chewning, nicknamed “Deadlift Brah,” is an American entrepreneur, fitness, and social media celebrity who has a net worth of $2 million. He is popular for his ”More Life” series on his YouTube channel. In addition, Maxx owns the athletic apparel line – ”Ever Forward Apparel.”

Little is known of Chewning’s early life.

His place of birth or hometown is not a matter of public record, and Chewning has never gone into detail regarding his childhood.

Chewning wrestled in high school, but he never considered himself as being ‘into’ fitness, and in his later teen years, he eschewed any form of physical exercise in favor of ‘eating candy and playing video games.’

Because he didn’t gain any weight as a result of his sedentary lifestyle, he didn’t consider it to be a particular problem.

When Chewning attended Virginia Commonwealth University, however, his interests began to change.


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While studying for his bachelor’s degree, he discovered a newfound interest in health and fitness.

He began uploading videos of his workouts and lifestyle changes to social media around this time.

During an interview, he said:

”I got into lifting when I was about 21-years-old. I am 25 right now, so I have been lifting for about 4 years.”

Maxx went on to say:

”My roommate actually got me into working out and into fitness.”

After about 12 months of training in the gym, Maxx was able to set a personal record in the deadlift of 420 lbs, at 160 pounds of body weight. His current maximum deadlift is 600 lbs.

In his words:

”I hover between 165-175 lbs bodyweight and my current maxes are: Deadlift- 600lbs (sumo), Bench- 295 (pause), Squat- 455.”

Social Media


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Chewning started off with simple content on social media.

His first YouTube video, published in 2012, was a static clip of him deadlifting.

Maxx continued with this kind of content before upping his production values and offering more diverse content, which in time led to an uptick in the number of subscribers following his content.

Chewning soon branched out into lifestyle advice videos, in which he’d break down the best way to take advantage of gym facilities, the best foods to eat, and general health and lifestyle tips for viewers to lead a more physically rewarding lifestyle.

Over the years, Chewning began to introduce ‘slice-of-life’ style video in which he gave viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of his own personal life.

These videos included stories about his dates, travelogs about his various vacation, ‘confessionals’ in which he admitted to doing things that are not traditionally supported by other lifestyle gurus, challenges (e.g. indulging in 10,000-calorie ‘epic cheat days’), and other such content.

Chewning has tended more and more towards personal posts in recent years, mixed in with his continuing lifestyle advice and workout videos.

Many of his recent videos, for instance, focus heavily on his various romantic relationships.


Chewning is 177.5 cm tall.


There is no information about Maxx Chewning’s romantic relationship. He’s probably single.

”I hope my future GF wants to live in Texas cuz after I build this damn house I AINT MOVING,” Maxx tweeted in July 2020.

Update – Maxx Chewning is currently dating Taylor Leigh Kessler since the end of 2021. Taylor is Miss Texas USA 2020.

Taylor Leigh Kessler -- girlfriend of Maxx Chewning


Kessler frequently appears in her boyfriend’s videos, and the two often have long conversations in front of the camera.

Kessler is a passionate advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Chewning and Kessler remain, at the time of writing, unmarried. However, Chewning has expressed his desire to marry and have children with Kessler on several occasions.

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”Never start a clothing company because you will be annoyed 24/7 at stupid annoying problems.”

”Make the gym fun, don’t make it a chore every single time you go in there, that you’re forcing yourself to workout.”

“I’m known to be fairly strong for my smaller-than-average legs and arm.”

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Maxx is good friends with Rob Lipsett, a fellow fitness enthusiast who has decided to forego college and pursue a career as a fitness trainer. In 2018, Lipsett began appearing on the TV dating show Love Island.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Maxx Chewning worth?

Chewning earns most of his wealth from running advertisements on his YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, Maxx has over 114 million views on his YouTube channel, which translates to about $350k in revenue before taxes.

In 2014, Chewning started his own clothing line apparel – ”Ever Forward Apparel.” He took the motto “Ever Forward” from his late father.

He’s also the owner of the candy store Sour Strips, MVMT, GHOST® | BE SEEN, and host of the podcast – Don’t Be Sour.

Therefore, American entrepreneur Maxx Chewning has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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