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2kBaby Net Worth | Girlfriend

2kBaby Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is 2kBaby’s net worth? Who is 2kBaby’s girlfriend?


The Hip Hop Culture has given us many talented artists.

One of the most prominent rising stars around is 2kBaby.

This American rapper has faced poverty alongside his family and became famous after a rap amateur video went viral.

In this article, you will catch up on this young rapper’s life and career, net worth, and romantic relationships.

The Origin Story

To understand more about this artist’s life, let’s get back to his childhood.

2kBaby’s real name is Christian Michael Todd.

Born in July of 2000, he has seven siblings: five sisters and two brothers.

He didn’t have an easy childhood, as when he was a child, his parents got divorced, and he had to alternate between staying with his mother and father during this process.

When the litigation ended, he started to live exclusively with his mother and did not see his father until he was 18 years old.

2kbaby real name

Djjaylew and Christian Michael Todd, aka 2KBaby attend the 2022 Parlor Games Celebrity Basketball Classic – @Getty

Because of the separation of his parents, 2kbaby lived most of his childhood in a single-parent house.

His mother raised him and his two sisters. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, was no piece of cake for him. 

Christian was only 12 years old when the police stopped him for the first time.

He recalled the incident in an interview.

The cops received a call saying that a grown man was walking around in the neighborhood pointing a gun at people.

The artist was 15 years old when he got arrested for drug possession right after his graduation.

Drug-related issues had appeared before. He used to make money selling weed and other products as a teenager.

what is the net worth of 2kBaby


His mother eventually found out by his own account upon discovery of this fact, his mother cried.

Being arrested didn’t stop the rapper from getting a scholarship to the University of Kentucky because of his good grades in high school. But he chose not to pursue an academic career.

Since he managed to be a good student without much effort, he had time to pursue other interests, including music.

During his teenage years, he also took part in what he called “checking cars.”

Although he prefers not to go into details about it, in an interview, he commented: “You might find some sh*t in a car… you may find a whole car.” ¹

“I got out of the Louisville shit. I’m growing my mind and shit, getting smart. I can really focus on music, a hundred percent. Since I came here, I ain’t done none of the bullshit I was on back home. “

One of the main aspects of 2kbaby’s life is his relationship with his little brother.

Since he has gone through poverty, the rapper’s main goal is not to let his younger sibling suffer as he did.

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2kBaby Net Worth


His musical beginning happened around the age of 15.

The arrest of a friend started the need for artistic expression.

His friend was sent to juvenile detention and later to a camp, staying away for 1 or 2 years.

Todd expressed his feelings towards his friend’s departure in his early works.

The idea of starting to sing professionally came to him while he was in his car.

As it turns out, the vehicle had no speakers.

The lack of sound might have made his mind wander. While he was driving, he couldn’t get the song “Envy Me” out of his mind.

At this moment, he started to sing and combine ideas he had at the moment. His first and most famous song, called “Old Streets,” came out of this process.

He later recorded a video that went viral.

The video clip’s success caught the attention of some producers. He later recorded the song’s official video clip that has millions of views.

To this point, his career launched.

Following the initial success, Christian released an album in 2020 called Pregame Rituals and several singles.

He also collaborated with the famous DJ Marshmello.

2kbaby girlfriend

Zay Wilson and 2KBABY at SoFi Stadium on July 01, 2023 in Inglewood – @Getty

In regards to his current goals, he said:

“I want my fans to love me to death. You know how you be seeing them, artists, with big ass cult fan bases? I want something like that.”

2kbaby has found in himself a passion for music not only for monetary reasons but also for being his main form of expression. As he puts it, his art is a way to keep sanity:

“Sh*t, I make music to stay sane, man. On top of that, I’m about my bag. I got to take care of my people and everything. But this music, it came unexpectedly. I never knew I was going to do music. But when I did find it, I just really fell in love with that sh*t. I always used to feel like I didn’t exist or like I was invisible. But now, I know motherf*ckers hear me.”

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Instagram posts suggest that 2kBaby is dating TaJiah Gary, an Instagram influencer famous for her photoshoots in swimsuits and sports clothes. They have recorded videos singing together and posted pictures in which she said that they started as good friends.

His past dating life is not known.

No records confirm or disprove any previous relationship, and Todd himself has provided no more information on the subject.

2kBaby – Net Worth

So, how much is 2kBaby worth? As he lived in poverty during his childhood, providing for those he cares for is one of his main concerns. He built up himself and became a successful artist. Nowadays, his known sources of income are the revenues from his album and singles, his career as a rapper in general, his YouTube channel, and his social media presence. Therefore, 2kBaby has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

On YouTube, 2kBaby has over 71 million views–about $210K in revenue.

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