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Ryan Martin Net Worth 2024

Ryan Martin Net Worth – $1.5 million


Ryan Martin is famous for his need for speed.

As one of the famous faces of Street Outlaws OKC, and co-owner of B&R Performance, Martin has also rubbed shoulders with well-known drivers like Jackie Knox and Freakin’ Rican.

He’s won titles with his beloved Fireball Camaro, and worked his way up the ranks in the street racing world to become a force to be reckoned with—and a face that gets recognized all across the US in racing circles.

So what else do we know about the entertaining—and kind of intimidating—Street Outlaws OKC star?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story


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Ryan Martin was born in Ohio on September 5, 1973.

He was a creative kid—he loved painting, drawing, photography, and art at school, and claimed he wanted to be an artist when he grew up.

He’s also a big fan of music, citing Lil Wayne and Yo Gotti as a couple of his favorite artists.

Ryan has always had a tight relationship with his mom, who he credits with teaching him strong values and ethics early on.

In interviews, he has often claimed that he owes it all to his mother.

Having a strong work ethic and a drive to work hard and stay focused has definitely paid off for Ryan, allowing him to achieve big goals on the street racing front.

He’s also achieved some pretty impressive goals when he’s not behind the wheel.


At 18, a young and tongue-tied Ryan Martin met Alicia at a local gas station.

She worked there, and Ryan had a crush on her.

Way too nervous to talk to her, he finally got up the courage to ask her out.

Alicia said yes—eventually—and by 2006, the pair were married.

15 years later, the proud couple is also parents to Covil and Corbin.

Alicia goes by @mommafireball on Instagram, referencing not only her family—and her husband’s car—but also the guys she considers her family on the track.

Welcome to the Streets


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Street Outlaws has been gracing our screens on the Discovery Channel, Discovery Plus, and Hulu, since way back in 2013—and it still draws a crowd.

Ryan Martin joined the cast in 2018 for season 8.

He’s been a staple on the show ever since, and even features in the bestselling Street Outlaws: The List game on Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The game was widely panned by critics as being boring, but there are clearly some die-hard fans out there, because a sequel—Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All—was released in 2021.

A Star is Born

Street racing has a brutal, high-octane reputation—and it comes with major risks.

It takes a lot of discipline and a strong will to make it in the sport, and Ryan embodies both of those qualities.

Relatively new to the game, Martin has long caught drivers’ eyes for his skill with engines.

His own car—aptly named Fireball Camaro—is a 2010 5th Gen Camaro SS with twin turbos.

It’s taken him to multiple victories and remains a fan favorite both on-screen and in the real world.

Martin won a coveted spot on Street Outlaws: The List, but there are a few other big wins on his highlights reel.

He took out the top spot in his season premiere race against Donn Gingrich, placed 5th on The List, and he’s proudly taken out first place at the main event of the No Prep Kings tournament—multiple times.

B&R Performance


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Long before Ryan landed on our screens, he was tearing up performance mods as the co-owner of an Oklahoma performance shop.

He has been credited with helping Freakin’ Rican and Jackie Knox—among others—to get their vehicles race ready, and his business is trusted with vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Always willing to give credit where it’s due, Martin says his work servicing vehicles has helped him get an understanding of the finer points of racing. And while B&R Performance may be his baby, he still feels that love of racing in his blood.

“A bad day behind the wheel still beats a good day at the office,” he once said.

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Other famous Street Outlaws cast members are – JJ Da Boss, Tricia Day, Flip (he passed away), and Precious Cooper.

Ryan Martin – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Ryan Martin worth? Martin earned most of his wealth from street racing, appearing in Street Outlaws, sponsorships deals on his Instagram account, and being co-owner of B&R Performance. Therefore, Ryan Martin has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

“I grew up my whole life street racing,” Martin told Drag Illustrated.

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