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Allie Harding Net Worth | Boyfriend

Allie Harding Net Worth – $500,000

What is Allie Harding’s net worth? Is Allie Harding dating?


Allie Harding is an American Instagram model, mental health awareness advocate, motivational speaker, singer, and TikTok star.

Her claim to fame is her content centered around mental health and the importance of society, placing much more emphasis on it. 

The Origin Story

Allie Harding was born on February 22, 2000, in Pleasant Grove, Utah. 

At the age of 17, she lost her brother to suicide, which played a pivotal role in her own mental health issues.

Her struggles with his loss also played a role in the career she would eventually pursue. 


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While she doesn’t disclose too much information about her childhood, she is very vocal about her long-term struggles with anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, and clinically diagnosed ADHD.

She hasn’t gone into detail about whether she believes it derived from a traumatic childhood, the loss of her brother, or linked to genetic predispositions, but she is open about her struggles, nonetheless.


She has always had a creative side to her personality, and when she became of legal age, she started getting tattoos.

Over time, her left arm had so many tattoos that it decided to create a sleeve which is her signature look, in addition to her long hair, which is always accentuated in her modeling photos.



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Like other aspiring models and entertainers, Harding took to social media to create a portfolio and self-promote her image and talent.

Her first taste of online stardom came when she created an Instagram account and started posting amateur modeling photos and selfies.

She knew it would take a lot more than selfies for her account to grow in the high ranks of influencers, so she paid for professional photo shoots.

The professional take to her account garnered her immediate growth, and her account has grown to over 70K followers.



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Once she started to gain traction and grew a fanbase, she took to other prominent social media platforms to promote her brand.

And since she grew up with a passion for singing, she thought YouTube would be the most practical of choices so she could showcase her musical talent.

Her channel was created on March 14, 2021, however, she didn’t use it as much as anticipated. She’s only posted three videos thus far and rarely uses her account.



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In 2020 when TikTok hit the American market by storm, she knew this would be yet another platform that she could use for self-promotion.

And without wasting time, she created an account.

The aspiring model’s TikTok account has proven to be the most successful in building her brand and helping her expand on her modeling career.

She took a slightly different approach with this account, however. Rather than focusing on expanding her modeling career, she posted videos about her struggles with suicide and mental health.

Harding detailed in one of her short videos that she lost her brother to suicide when she was 17 years old, and that trauma further perpetuated her personal struggles.

A majority of her content, as she explains, documents her journey to becoming a happier and healthier person.

Due to her large following, she was recognized by mental health awareness organizations, and she regularly gives motivational speeches.

Harding spent the greater part of her adult life building her brand and becoming known to the public, but she felt like she wanted to take it a step further and start earning a lucrative career.

As such, she created an OnlyFans account where she currently sells exclusive content on a piece-by-piece or monthly membership contract. She posts explicit photos and videos of herself, which ring in a very attractive income.


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She also has a business through Shopify, but it has not gone live thus far. is listed as her e-commerce business, and when the site becomes available for her fans, it’s safe to assume she will earn a substantial amount of income from it.


Harding has gone public about her struggles with domestic violence and posts videos to help bring awareness to it.

This TikTok video shows a live image of facial bruising she was a result of an attack from her now ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t go into too much detail. 

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Allie Harding – Net Worth

So, how much is Allie Harding worth?

Harding earned most of her wealth from her OnlyFans account and posting on TikTok, and managing

She endorses many cosmetic and apparel products for high-end brands, which is another significant position of her growing net worth.

In addition to her many professional endeavors, the aspiring singer took the route of acting in music videos in an attempt to make it in the music industry. She posted this sneak peek video to her TikTok account, where she was the leading character in the music video for a song about cheating.

“I haven’t had a job since I was 17,” Allie wrote on her Instagram in 2021. “The best job there is, is living for a living🖤.”

All things considered about Harding, she has overcome extreme mental health challenges and utilizes her social media celebrity status to document her ongoing journey to healing.

She invited her fans into her life and has let them in on some of her darkest secrets, but this is what continues to propel her to stardom. Her ultimate goal, as she has stated on many occasions, is to spread awareness about normalizing mental health and creating spaces that promote healing and growth. 

Therefore, Allie Harding has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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