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Did Jschlatt go to Harvard?

Did Jschlatt really go to Harvard? Where did Jschlatt go to college?


Jschlatt is an American YouTube and Twitch sensation who rose to fame as a shock jock and prankster with a penchant for playing video games.

Originally, Jschlatt—who sometimes just goes by Schlatt or Jebediah—played Minecraft, but he also branched out to the Wii platform and Cities: Skylines.

He was so focused on Minecraft for a time that he was a member of the streamer-only Minecraft server, SMPLive.

SMPLive might not have gone the distance—CallMeCarson founded the server, and it saw its untimely end when he was caught up in controversy over sending inappropriate messages to a minor.

Thanks to Jschlatt’s reputation for spinning tall tales and playing pranks on pretty much everyone, many fans, and followers have more questions than answers when it comes to his life.

Like, did Jschlatt really go to Harvard?

What’s his birthday?

What is Jschlatt’s real name?

We unpacked everything we know to get as many answers as we can.


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What is Jschlatt’s birthday?

Jschlatt once told a popular fansite that he was born the day before the tragic attacks on 9/11.

He’s also notorious for cracking jokes about the terrorist attacks that claimed so many lives.  

After he claimed that his birthday was September 10, 2001, the fansite reached out on social media to wish him a happy birthday.

He responded: “It’s not my birthday, [expletive].”

As it turns out, it was technically his birthday.

On September 10, 2020, friends took to social media to celebrate the fact that he was finally of legal age to drink.

Given that he’s American, that means he was 21.

Jschlatt’s birthday is September 10, 1999.


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What is Jschlatt’s real name?

This is a difficult one.

Jschlatt has a running list of fake names that he and his fans use.

While some—like Angrier White Man, Bigfoot Schlatt, and the PVP God—are clearly fictional, there are a few that could potentially be Schlatt’s real name.

At the top of the list are Jonathan, Jason, and Jebediah—all names that start with J, and names that Jschlatt’s friends, collaborators, and long-time fans have called him.

Going back through older videos from the SMPLive era, though, Joko and Pokay both refer to Jschlatt as Jason several times.

In a later video in which her parents are in the background, Jschlatt’s friend calls him Jason.

Her parents then point out what she just said, causing her to get a little awkward as she realizes her mistake.

Based on all of this, we’re guessing Jschlatt’s real name is Jason Schlatt.


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Who is Jschlatt dating?

For years now, Jschlatt’s fans have linked him to fellow Twitch streamer Justa Minx.

Justa Minx—who is often known as Minx by fans and Twitch viewers—has close to 2 million followers on the streaming platform, and has been steadily building her fanbase since 2016.

Minx—AKA Rebecca—spent a few months in Jschlatt’s hometown, Austin, before heading back to California before Christmas of 2021.

Thanks to the pair’s unique chemistry online and in streams, and the fact they were consistently uploading content from the same house in 2021, fans were convinced they were a couple.

Minx is a prolific streamer, with her longest live stream to date being a staggering 69 hours.

In that time, she has played on the curiosity of her fans—but this may have backfired.

By early 2022, fans had changed tack, and decided that Jschlatt and Minx are just pretending to be an item for content and fan engagement.

So, if he isn’t dating Minx—does Jschlatt have a girlfriend?

One fan theory was triggered by a Halloween live stream uploaded to Maya’s Twitch account.

Maya—the girlfriend of gamer Mizkif—was showing off her house when she walked into a room.

That room was occupied by Jschlatt and Kalynn—a fellow gamer.

It was clear to fans that Maya had interrupted something, but the pair have stayed tight-lipped over the matter.

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Did Jschlatt go to Harvard?

We might have established already that Jschlatt can get pretty creative with the truth, so it makes sense that fans doubt a lot of the things he says about his life so far.

We know that Schlatt wasn’t just a gamer—he’s always loved science and technology, and has a talent for music.

He even played the cello for his school orchestra right through middle school and high school.

Jschlatt once claimed that he studied at Harvard, claiming that when he dropped out, he had almost $100,000 in student loans.

But is it true?

The Brooklyn, New York, native started claiming he was a Harvard graduate back in the SMPLive days—which means he was having this conversation when he was 19.

Given that he has also claimed to have completed 4 years of study, and to have dropped out before he completed his degree, neither option would have been possible at his age.

So, did Jschlatt go to Harvard?

He might tell a few lies, but the numbers don’t—it looks like Jschlatt’s Harvard story is just another bit.


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