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Hannah Lee Duggan Net Worth | Boyfriend

Hannah Lee Duggan Net Worth – $250,000

What is Hannah Lee Duggan’s net worth? Who is Hannah Lee Duggan’s boyfriend?


Hannah Lee Duggan is an American survivalist and YouTuber.

Duggan is most known for her YouTube channel, wherein she chronicles her adventures living off-grid.

The Origin Story

Duggan was born on April 4th, 1994, in Minnesota (the exact city of her birth is unknown).

Little is known about her parents, but it is known that she has a sister named Molly Marie Duggan.

It is believed that Duggan briefly studied fashion at the University of Minnesota, but this cannot be independently verified.

Professional Career


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Duggan started work at the age of 18 as a stewardess on a cruise ship.

She has stated that the work was particularly grueling, often involving workweeks of up to 95 hours.

Duggan quickly found that such work wasn’t for her, and she left her position and went to Los Angeles, California, to seek work as a model.

Hannah found little success in Los Angeles, and quickly returned to her parent’s home in Minnesota. Duggan later recounted that, at that time, she had a mere $6 to her name, and so was virtually destitute.

In 2017, Duggan found work as a model in Hong Kong, China.

Hannah recalled that she found life hard in Hong Kong; as is typical for the island, she had little space to herself, and her apartment was tiny and extremely stuffy. Duggan initially found it hard to make friends there.

However, after a while, Hannah made some local friends and began to spend her time hiking and exploring.

This ignited Duggan’s interest in travel, and gave her the idea to live an itinerant life upon her return to the USA.

YouTube Career


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In April 2018, Duggan purchased an Econoline van and started her YouTube channel in August of that year.

Her first video was published on August 14th, 2018, and documented the start of her adventures in her van.

Hannah’s early videos often involved details of her life on the road, including such things as how she kept her devices charged and the day-to-day realities of living out of a van.

She also chronicled her various vacations to other countries, such as Ireland, and offered advice on how to keep things cheap (by eating cheaply, staying in hostels, etc.).

Duggan also documented any problems she encountered while living out of her van, and how she overcame such problems.

Examples include getting stuck in heavy snow during the winter and dealing with breakdowns or other mechanical issues with her van.

Hannah later took up residence in two cottages in the woods, and the focus of her videos shifted to her renovations of the cottages.


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Duggan claims to have renovated much of the cottages singlehandedly, though it’s not possible to corroborate this.

At present, Duggan’s videos oscillate between her ongoing renovations/building projects, and her travelogues documenting her travels to such places as Costa Rica and Hong Kong.


Hannah Lee Duggan has had a long-term on-again, off-again relationship with fellow YouTuber Mavrik Joos. She often describes their relationship as an ‘open’ one.

Hannah Lee Duggan – Net Worth

So, how much is Hannah Lee Duggan worth? Duggan earned most of her wealth from ads on YouTube and from owning, brand deals, and managing Lupine Lane Co. Therefore, Hannah Lee Duggan has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

On YouTube, Hannah has over 97 million views — an estimated $300k in revenue.

On, Duggan sells a uniquely crafted ring made of 100 percent gold-plated sterling silver, a bang, and a journal.

She worked with Omaze, Bellesa, NATIVE, BetterHelp, and Jackery.


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