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Andrew Davila Net Worth 2024

Andrew Davila Net Worth – $3 million

What is Andrew Davila’s net worth? Who is Andrew Davila’s girlfriend?


Andrew Davila is part of the new breed of social media stars on the rise.

He’s getting big on TikTok with 8.7 million followers, he’s much loved on Instagram with a following of over 2.5 million, and he’s even got 3.8 million followers on YouTube—even though that’s not his platform of choice.

Teen girls all over the world find Andrew Davila fun to look at, but he’s been in the social media space for a few years now—and he’s got more than just good looks to offer.

His humility and quirky sense of humor—and his love of a good prank—have landed him on most Gen Z radars.

Here’s what you need to know about Andrew Davila.

The Origin Story

David Andrew Davila was born on June 26, 2000, in Dallas, Texas.

He was raised there by his mom, Karla, and he’s got two siblings—a younger brother and a younger sister.

He includes his family a lot on his social media channels—and even got his mom set up with an Instagram page.

Andrew has always enjoyed being active—he’s loved extreme sports and adventure activities since he was a little kid, and used to be on a swim team.

He’s also a huge fan of basketball and soccer, and originally his career goal had been to play professional soccer.

That’s about as close as Andrew Davila got to a traditional career path, though.

what is the net worth of Andrew Davila


He dropped out of high school in his junior year, when he was just 16 years old.

He returned temporarily to complete the 11th grade but never made it through the 12th grade.

Karla and her younger two kids still live in Dallas, but Davila made the prerequisite move for Gen Z influencers, heading to Los Angeles to further his career and collaborate with fellow TikTokers.

He has a golden retriever named Tokyo.

It’s a quirky name, right?

Well, Andrew’s bucket list of travel destinations are pretty out there, too: he’d most like to visit Area 51.


Social media was abuzz with speculation that Davila was dating social media celeb, Lexi Rivera.

what is the net worth of Lexi Rivera

@Getty Images

Rivera is a Huntington Beach native and former gymnast who rose to fame alongside her brother Brent Rivera, and she’s been on YouTube since 2010.

The pair feature heavily in Davila’s videos, and—according to fans—he is always hugging her and touching her, so they must be dating, right?

Who knows—for now, there hasn’t been confirmation from either camp.

It’s The Climb

Andrew Davila first started out on Twitter, of all places.

He garnered an average following, but it skyrocketed once he started posting selfies on Instagram.

He and five of his closest friends created their own collaboration crew—Sunset Park—and set up a YouTube channel together.

Sunset Park vlogged and documented their adventures in Los Angeles, garnering them more exposure for their individual channels.

As Davila’s fame grew, he started featuring more pranks on YouTube—like this one which hit 1.8 million likes in a week.

Most of Davila’s videos and pranks showcase his collaborations with other famous Gen Z influencers like Lexi Rivera and Pierson.

His collabs extend to Instagram and TikTok, too, where he posts pretty consistently with former Sunset Park members the Stokes Twins, Jeremy Hutchins, Amp World, and Dom Brack.

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Sunset Park

who is Andrew Davila dating

Andrew Davila attends the 2022 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater – @Getty

Aside from the Stokes Twins, who left Sunset Park in 2018 and eventually linked up with social media superstar Brent Rivera to join the YouTube content creation squad Amp World, the group included Ethan Bradberry, Moe Bradberry, Moe Adams, and Coby Persin.

Ethan and Moe Bradberry (real names Ettayim and Mohammed) are brothers who have become YouTube-famous as MoeAndEthan.

The pair post pranks and social experiments, which have earned them millions of followers so far.

In 2014 the pair gained notoriety for exploitative behavior and the use of racial slurs and body shaming.

Moe has been captured on camera using racist terms before he is punched by his victim.

Not much is known about former member Moe Adams, but Coby Persin—who once modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch—is still big on YouTube. He has more than 6 million subscribers and is most well-known for his Uber driver series and social media experiments.

Davila maintained a solid relationship with several of the Sunset Park members, although the collab crew was inactive by mid-2018—only a year after they announced its creation.


Andrew Davila is about 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

how much isAndrew Davila worth

Andrew Davila attends the 2022 YouTube Streamy Awards – @Getty

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Andrew Davila – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Andrew Davila worth? Davila earned most of his wealth from sponsorships, ads on YouTube and TikTok, and merch. Therefore, American YouTuber Andrew Davila has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

On YouTube, Davila has over 382 million views—about $1.2 million in revenue.

Andrew bought a house in 2021.

Want to learn more about Andrew Davila? Here’s his TikTok channel.

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