Andrew Flair Net Worth

What is Andrew Flair’s net worth?


Andrew Flair is an American bass fisherman, hunter, and YouTube personality who has racked up hundreds of millions of views on the platform.

He uploads videos of himself in the great outdoors on various adventures and gives tutorials on how to catch fish – and other animals – in different ways.

His primary source of income is via YouTube, but he also earns by selling his BEEFCAKE merchandise, which he promotes on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Origin Story

Andrew Flair was born on January 29, 1997, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Flair admits in a YouTube video that he started his YouTube channel when he was just fourteen years old, where he would record various videos of him roaming around in the great outdoors just for fun.

When he realized he could monetize his YouTube platform, Flair turned his skills and passion for creating videos into his full-time job when he was just seventeen and started earning money from YouTube in a situation that he describes as his ‘dream job.’

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In July 2019, Andrew Flair proposed to his girlfriend, Macy.

The two got married in September 2020.

”Married my best friend and hit 2 million subs this weekend,” Andrew wrote on Instagram.

The pair welcomed their first child in 2021, and Flair announced at the start of 2022 that he would be stepping away from YouTube for a while to focus on his family life.

Most of his videos see him hunt animals, but as well as his two dogs, he also has a camel that he considers to be part of his family.


”I started making fishing videos when I was 15 years old with the goal of helping others catch more fish. I can’t thank you all enough for the support over the last seven years!”

”You can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys being fly.”

”Is it weird that I dream about planting corn now?”


He has gone fishing with Jon Barzacchini.

Andrew Flair – Net Worth

As an American bass fisherman who publishes new content each week online, Andrew has accumulated most of his net worth as a result of his popularity on YouTube.

His channel on YouTube – FLAIR – has more than 2.47 million subscribers, and he has received in excess of 600 million views on the platform.

In ad revenue alone, Andrew Flair has earned approximately $1.5 million from YouTube, and this has been the primary source of his income as a social media personality.

The vast majority of Flair’s videos document his adventures as a bass fisherman, but he also mixes things up once in a while with different videos into other aspects of his life.

His most popular videos include Idiots take guns ice fishing, Bullfrog hunting with Walmart’s cheapest BB gun, and Shooting 200 pigeons, all of which have been viewed between six and eight million times on YouTube, contributing significantly to Flair’s net worth.

Most of his videos rack up several million hits, particularly those that see him out and about in the wild, catching fish or other animals, including bobcats and coyotes.  

Andrew Flair also maintains a presence on several other social media sites in addition to YouTube, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Instagram, he has more than 730,000 followers, who he regularly updates with snippets into his personal life as well as with his content from YouTube.

Another way that Flair earns money as an influencer is by selling his BEEFCAKE merchandise range.

He retails tees, hoodies, caps, and various other accessories, which he promotes via his YouTube channel as well as on various other social media platforms.

While it’s not clear precisely how much Flair makes from his merchandise sales, it has contributed significantly to his net worth.

As of the start of 2022, Flair was a member of the collective network entitled Uncut Outdoors, which sees him join other social media personalities to upload uncensored and unfiltered content that isn’t permitted on YouTube.

Flair hosts live streams and uploads various content to the site, which members have to subscribe to for access.

The monthly subscription is currently $10, and it’s another way that Andrew Flair and his fellow outdoors influencers are able to supplement their net worth as content creators.

In spite of his huge popularity on YouTube and other social media sites, Flair announced at the start of 2022 that he was taking a break from content creation to focus on his personal life in a video entitled My Last Video.

Andrew said: 

“This is going to be my last video on YouTube for a while, and when I say a while, I mean quite a long time – it’s not clickbait. This decision was made a long time ago, but I didn’t know how to handle it. I’ve been doing YouTube for almost ten years, and it’s been my sole source of income and job for seven years. In ten years, I haven’t taken a break of more than a week. Over the ten years, lots have changed. I’ve moved to a new house, I’ve got married, and I have a child.”

So, while he is likely to continue producing content in some capacity and checking in with his fans, he is taking a break from YouTube for the foreseeable future to focus on his young family. 

Therefore, YouTuber Andrew Flair has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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