Jon Barzacchini – Net Worth, Biography, Wife, YouTube

Jon Barzacchini is a YouTube video producer and Instagram celebrity who documents his fishing adventures on an Instagram account with more than 591,000 followers. In addition, Jon runs the Jon B. fishing channel which has earned over 1.45 million subscribers. 


He was born on December 7, 1995. Barzacchini is from Illinois.


Barzacchini started his YouTube channel on May 24, 2009. In June of 2009, Jon posted his first video, titled – “Fishing The Midwest: Catching Crappies on Cranks.” 

His most popular video is called – ”Giant RARE Fish Landed From The Beach.” The video has more than 4 million views, and it was published on August 17, 2016.

His second most popular video is entitled – ”Fisherman’s Heaven — Biggest Bass of My Life.” The video was published on February 6, 2017, and it has over 3 million views.


In 2019, he stated on his Instagram account that he caught a wild Barramundi, an icon of Western Australia’s Kimberley region, that is hugely prized by recreational fishers for its size and taste as well as its fighting spirit when hooked.

The average length of Barramundi is about 2.0–3.9 ft (0.6–1.2 m). The maximum weight is about 130 lb (60 kg).

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”Barramundi” is actually a loanword from an Australian Aboriginal language of the Rockhampton area, literally translating as “large-scaled river fish.” Virtually all barramundi are born male, and when they are three to four years old, they turn into females.

In his words:

”Moments ago I fulfilled a life goal to catch a wild Barramundi, I can now tick this one off the long list of fish to catch before I die.”


There are no reports regarding Jon Barzacchini’s romantic life.


”Current goal is to chill and or fish with post one day.”

”Why are people so aggressive over email. This is why I never log onto Gmail.”

”You’re better off owning an untrained bonobo monkey than a 1-year-old wiener dog. Big headaches.”

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He has gone fishing with Andrew Flair, a fellow fisherman and YouTuber who has more than 423,000 followers on Instagram in addition to 1.12 million YouTube subscribers. Andrew created his YouTube channel in 2012 and started posting videos of his fishing adventures.

Flair played soccer, basketball, football, and baseball in middle school. On his YouTube channel, entitled – Andrew Flair Outdoors, Andrew teaches his subscribers bass fishing techniques and tips.

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Jon Barzacchini – Net Worth

Barzacchini earns most of his money from ads on his YouTube channel. Earnings on this platform are determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • ad type – some advertisers choose to pay only when a viewer takes a specific action on their ad, while others may choose to pay per thousand views;
  • viewer country;
  • seasonality – you are likely to see lower earnings in January and July, and higher earnings in November and December.

His YouTube channel has around 291 million views, which translates to about $600,000 in revenue. In addition, Jon earns some money from inserting affiliate links in his video’s description.

Additionally, he has an Instagram account with 591,000 followers on which he can post paid posts. Therefore, Jon Barzacchini has an estimated net worth of $0.75 million.

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