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Jon Barzacchini Net Worth | Fiancée

Jon Barzacchini Net Worth – $1 million

What is Jon Barzacchini’s net worth? Who is Jon Barzacchini’s fiancée?


Jon Barzacchini is a content creator on YouTube who has risen to fame with his love of fishing and his passion for sharing fishing tips and tricks with his followers.

He has been an avid fisherman almost his whole life—and he lives and breathes what he does to create his content.

Barzacchini might still be a young guy, but his drive and ambition has seen him experience fishing trips that folks twice and three times his age would dream of—like catching Barramundi in Australia and coming face to face with a rare fish that he caught right from the beach.

However you feel about influencers—or even fishing—it’s hard to deny Jon Barzacchini’s appeal.

The enthusiastic, engaged, ultra-down-to-earth Illinois boy has a lot of passion for what he does, and it shines through in all his content.

So here’s what we know about Jon Barzacchini—YouTube’s fishing guide.

The Origin Story


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Jonathan Barzacchini was born on December 7, 1995, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Arlington Heights has produced some other famous faces, too—like comedy king Sebastian Maniscalco, House’s Jennifer Morrison, McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, and American Idol season 9 winner Lee DeWyze.

Barzacchini was raised in Illinois by his parents Mike and Susan.

Jon, like his dad and most of his family, loved to fish from a young age. In fact, he said himself that he’d been angling since he was four years old and involved in competitive bass fishing since 8th grade.

A Man of Many Talents


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He also loved making videos about fishing and had started making them on fishing trips from the time he was in the 6th grade.

Jon has landed well over 40 species of fish, which is what inspired him to start uploading fishing content to YouTube as a teen.

By the time he enrolled at Hocking College in Ohio—where he studied aquaculture science and fish management—he was already sort of a big deal on YouTube. But he had other hobbies, too.

Barzacchini enjoyed writing—he had written articles for Prairie State Outdoors, for his blog, and even on Fiverr for paying clients who wanted a fishing specialist’s perspective on their topics.

In Love With Fishing


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Barzacchini describes himself as “just a guy who is addicted to the sport of fishing,” but he’s a lot more than that.

He’s got a deep knowledge of fishing techniques and understands the habits and behaviors of most North American freshwater fish species.

He’s a Hocking College graduate who understands aquaculture and the ecosystem requirements of fish.

He knows so much, in fact, that he made his living early on writing about fishing for other people’s forums, magazines, newspapers, and websites.

That’s how he got himself through college before his YouTube career took off.

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And In Love With A Girl


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It’s not all fishing all the time for the young Arlington Heights native.

Jon Barzacchini and long-term girlfriend Kayleigh Graham—who hails from Alabama—announced their engagement on February 24, 2021.

Kayleigh, who describes Jon as being a “bright light in my life,” took to Instagram to celebrate her engagement to her boyfriend of 3 years.

Once she had the ring on her finger, the couple moved lightning-fast.

By April, they were headed to Alabama so Graham could go dress shopping with her girlfriends and family—and she found her dream dress at Bella’s Bridal and Formal in Birmingham.

By August that same year, the pair had another announcement to make: they were having a baby.

Kayleigh posted a pic of the loved-up couple holding up a baby’s onesie.

The tot is due on February 27, 2022, and they’ve already got a name picked out—Mila Kay Barzacchini. Update – the baby was born on February 23rd, 2022.


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No word yet on whether the pair will still tie the knot by the end of 2021.

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”Current goal is to chill and or fish with post one day.”

”Why are people so aggressive over email. This is why I never log onto Gmail.”

”You’re better off owning an untrained bonobo monkey than a 1-year-old wiener dog. Big headaches.”

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He has gone fishing with Andrew Flair, a fellow fisherman and YouTuber.

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Jon Barzacchini – Net Worth

So, how much is Jon Barzacchini worth?

Barzacchini earned most of his money from ads on his YouTube channel. Earnings on this platform are determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • ad type – some advertisers choose to pay only when a viewer takes a specific action on their ad, while others may choose to pay per thousand views;
  • viewer country;
  • seasonality – you are likely to see lower earnings in January and July, and higher earnings in November and December.

His YouTube channel (Jon B.) has around 388 million views, which translates to about $1.1 million in revenue. In addition, Jon earns some money from inserting affiliate links in his video’s description.

Additionally, Barzacchini has an Instagram account with 633,000 followers on which he can post paid posts.

Therefore, Jon Barzacchini has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Want to learn more about Jon Barzacchini? You can watch his most popular YouTube vid here—and check out his comment in the comments section (it’s hilarious)!

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