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Ariel Helwani Net Worth $7 Million

What is Ariel Helwani’s net worth?

Ariel Helwani has a net worth of $7 million. He is perhaps the most influential MMA (mixed martial arts) reporter of all time, with a pre-eminent status as a commentator of the UFC until his lifetime ban after leaking Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 debut.

He is originally a sports journalist from Montreal, Canada.

Helwani focused his attention on combat sports, especially MMA, to get to where he is today.

He was wildly successful, and he continues to dominate the scene with his countless shows and coverage on almost every broadcasting platform.

Deciding he wanted to become a sports journalist from an early age, he earned a degree in journalism in 2004 from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication.

Helwani began reporting on MMA fighting and other combat sports back in 2006, making a name for himself and climbing the ranks.

Once he started, he quickly rose to prominence and has stayed in the top slot ever since.

During his infamous career, he has earned numerous awards for his journalism.

Helwani was named “MMA Journalist of the Year” every year from 2010 to 2019 at the World MMA Awards.

FIGHT! Magazine named him as one of the “Power 20” in 2011 for the most significant players in the MMA community.

He has also been awarded or hosted countless other sports broadcasting events as well, achieving a near-legendary status for himself.

what is the net worth of Ariel Helwani


His career has not been without difficulties, though, as he had been picked up and dropped by many different broadcasters.

As if to show off his resilience, he has recovered from each drop even stronger and more popular than before.

Helwani was born in Montreal, Quebec. His mother is from Lebanon, and his father is Egyptian. His uncle, David Saad, competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics for Lebanon as a lightweight judo fighter.

Both his parents are Mizrahi Jewish, Jewish people from the Middle East and North America who trace their lineage back to biblical times. He is a descendant of a Mizrahi Jewish community in the Middle East.

As he grew up in and around a large amount of diversity, he can speak several languages, including English, French, and Hebrew.

He can also understand Spanish and Arabic. Montreal taught him the French, while his heritage dictated he learn Hebrew as well.

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Ariel Helwani is also a loving husband and father.

Helwani currently resides in Manhattan’s Upper East Side with his wife Jaclyn Stein, after they married in 2008.

Jaclyn Stein, wife of Ariel Helwani


They were childhood sweethearts, having met in sixth grade and dating throughout high school.

She is the creative director for several jewelry brands, including ANZIE, as well as a loving wife and mother.


They have three children together, two boys and a girl. Unfortunately, their children’s names are not publicly available.

He says they are living a lifelong dream together.


Ariel Helwani Net Worth


When he was young, he was a fan of Bob Costa and Marv Albert, watching pro wrestling on pay per view from the age of 11.

He then got a taste of what would be his future career when he watched his first MMA fight in 1993, the same year it was founded.

As a sports broadcaster, he has covered both sports but has mainly focused his career on MMA, his true passion.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Ariel Helwani worth? Helwani earned his money through contracts and deals with ESPN and other sports reporting companies. ”I’ve been interviewing fighters for 21 years now,” Ariel tweeted in 2021. Therefore, sports journalist Ariel Helwani has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

In addition, he’s worked for Sirius XM with his show “Fight Club” and has had segments on Fox. He’s also the host of “The MMA Hour” and the YouTube show “MMA Beat.”

Initially launched in 2009, “The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani” was one of his most successful endeavors, running for nine years.

It delivered interviews with all the greatest MMA fighters and was a staple in the fandom for its entire runtime.

Vox is now reviving the show with Ariel’s help since his contract with ESPN expired.

When his three-year contract with ESPN expired, he decided to take up opportunities with Vox Media, Spotify, Substack, and BT Sport instead of pursuing a renewal. Even with his UFC ban, he continues to find lucrative avenues for his commentaries and remains a mainstay in the industry.

ESPN had a $1.5 billion deal in the works with the UFC at the time for a five-year contract for all rights to UFC broadcasting

His career has not been without controversy, but Helwani shows no signs of slowing down. 


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