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Andy Schrock Net Worth | Wife

Andy Schrock Net Worth – $10 million

What is Andy Schrock’s net worth? Who is Andy Schrock’s wife?


Andy Schrock is a Cincinnati-born skateboarder, a YouTube influencer, an author, and the founder and co-founder of ReVive Skateboard and Force Wheels, respectively.

He may be a family guy and entrepreneur now, but he started off doing crazy stunts with his skateboard for an audience of millions.

With over 5 million fans, he now leaves (some of) the crazy stunts to his kid.

He still rises to the occasion for every challenge that comes his way—no matter how insane they seem.

Here’s what we know about the unlikely superstar that has racked up a video view count of 4.6 billion so far.

The Origin Story

Andrew Schrock was born on the 19th of January, 1984, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

While Andy has kept his childhood pretty tightly under wraps, he’s been proud to share the family he has built for himself.



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That family started with Ryden, Andy, and his long-term girlfriend, Brittany Lynn’s first son.

Ryden arrived on the 28th of January, 2012, which was 8 weeks before he was due.

Being close to 2 months premature, the little fella was kept in intensive care for ‘round the clock monitoring until his due date.

He finally got the all-clear to go home with his mom and dad on the 26th of March.

After seeing through these rough times together, Andy and Brittany were ready to take the plunge—they tied the knot on the 29th of July, 2013.

A couple of years later, and with no fanfare or big, dramatic gender reveals by the young family, Syris Allen Schrock arrived in the world.

The little man was born in December of 2018, and Andy explained that “despite all the wires and tubes that are monitoring him, he is rocking at life! He was a little early, so he has to hang (at) the hospital.”

By now, the loved-up couple was well versed in taking care of a new ‘prem’ baby.

In September of 2020, however, Kaymen Aaron Schrock arrived—at full-term!

Proud dad, Andy, described Kaymen Aaron as “100% healthy. He stayed cooking for the full term and is (a) bigger boy than our first two.”

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be their dad/husband,” Andy said in February 2020.

The family of 5 stays close to their Cincinnati roots, where Andy operates ReVive Skateboard and creates content full-time.

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A Crazy Career


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Pre-2007, Andy was working in a fast-food restaurant and competing as an amateur in novice skateboarding tournaments.

He’d always had a quirky take on life, and he started sharing that in short YouTube videos in 2007.

His videos—surprisingly, for him—were pretty successful, and he started to draw in viewers.

Eventually, the viewership grew to subscribers, and he started to put more effort into his content.

Some of his antics, like the ‘How NOT to skate a 13-stair handrail,’ were a smash hit.

Andy always had hobbies—skateboarding, writing, reading, music, and video games, mainly—but as it turned out, skateboarding wasn’t the only money-spinner for the young entertainer.

By 2011 he had amassed 20,000 subscribers, and by 2016 he had hit the one million mark.

His channel saw a marked jump in engagement from 2014 to 2016, largely down to the family-friendly content he’d started to upload.

Videos like How To Play With Your Toddler 101: PlayGround and Father Son House Baseball were a huge hit, with the former gathering 120 million views by 2021 and the latter racking up another 87 million.

A Whole New World


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In 2018, a new opportunity came knocking: a chance to play the lead role of Gibby in “Paved New World.”

The film, a coming-of-age story, is set in 1995, with a hometown skater-boy hero—played by Schrock—embarking on adventures that take him outside his comfort zone.

That first adventure: heading to confront the unskateable Widow Maker Mountain.

Paved New World debuted in 2018.

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Andy Schrock – Net Worth

So, how much is Andy Schrock worth?

Schrock earned most of his wealth from selling copies of his book, ads on YouTube, sponsors, and managing ReVive Skateboards & Force Wheels.

On YouTube, Andy has more than 4.6 billion views, meaning about $14 million in revenue before taxes.

In 2020, Schrock made a guest appearance in the TV series “Garrison7.” He will also perform in Paved New World, which is in pre-production.

He was sponsored by Coinbase.

Therefore, Andy Schrock has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Want to learn more about Andy Schrock? You can follow him on Insta.

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Kathy Mormino

Friday 15th of September 2023

I started watching Ryan & Andy with my young grandson. The family oriented videos are so refreshing to watch and contains the kind of content I want my grandson to be exposed. Theres to much garbage and not enough of the good stuff out there. Thank you and your precious family.