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Anna Chlumsky Net Worth | Husband

Anna Chlumsky Net Worth – $2 million

What is Anna Chlumsky’s net worth? Who is Anna Chlumsky’s husband?


Anna Chlumsky is an American actress best known as Macaulay Culkin’s gal pal Vada in the film “My Girl” and Amy Brookheimer on the HBO television series “Veep.”


She was born on December 3, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, as Anna Maria Chlumsky.

Her father is a culinary instructor at Kendall College, Chicago, while her mother is a singer and former flight attendant.

Anna appeared in her first print ad at ten months old and her first commercial at two years old.

Chlumsky made her Hollywood debut at age 11 in My Girl, a comedy-drama film directed by Howard Zieff, in which she starred opposite Macaulay Culkin.

Anna Chlumsky with Macauley Culkin


My Girl grossed over $121 million at the box office. A sequel, My Girl 2, was released in 1994, in which Chlumsky also starred.

After My Girl 2, Chlumsky appeared in several movies and TV series – Trading Mom, Early Edition, and A Child’s Wish.

From 1998 to 2005, Anna took time off acting to attend college. She attended the University of Chicago. Anna also trained at the Atlantic Acting School in Manhattan.

In 2005, Chlumsky played Care in the short film Wait.


From 2012 to 2019, Anna portrayed Amy Brookheimer in the TV series Veep. She plays the vice president’s chief of staff. The series was created by Armando Iannucci.

Chlumsky was nominated six times for an Emmy for her role in Veep.

“People started recognizing me on the street for Veep instead of for some bullshit I did when I was 10,” Anna told Elle.

Broadway debut


In 2015, she made her Broadway debut in the comedy You Can’t Take It With You.

The production was directed by Scott Ellis.

Anna played Alice Sycamore. She performed alongside Byron Jennings, Richard Thomas, Kristine Nielsen, James Earl Jones, and Annaleigh Ashford.

“It just feels really, really exactly the right thing to do,” Anna said in February 2015 for ET Online

In 2015, Chlumsky won the Gracie Allen Award.

In 2017, she appeared in “Halt and Catch Fire’s” fourth and final season.

“Anna brings a remarkable depth of personal experience and intention to this role,” said Christopher C. Rogers, creator and executive producer of the AMC series Halt and Catch Fire. “From day one on set, Anna has brought a wonderful new energy to the show.”

Inventing Anna

In 2022, Anna was cast in “Inventing Anna,” in which she plays Vivian Kent, an ambitious reporter working to salvage her career. Kent is a fictionalized version of real-life journalist Jessica Pressler “because she is the writer of the article on which this entire program is based.”

“Inventing Anna” mini-series is a fictionalized account of the rise and fall of Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin), a Russian-born con artist who defrauded New York’s social elite.

Anna Sorokin adopted an alias and pretended to be a German heiress. The series chronicles Anna’s scams as well as the investigation into Anna’s crimes, led by journalist Jessica Pressler.

“The whole show is based on an article that came out in New York Magazine that’s by Jessica Pressler, and we really matched the article pretty closely although we fictionalized her our character, I play a character named Vivian Kent, who was inspired by Jessica,” Chlumsky explained to the host of Good Morning America.

“Jessica’s a co-producer on the show, so we had the benefit of her blessing every step along the way,” she added.



On March 8, 2008, Anna Chlumsky married Shaun So, the founder and CEO of The So Company. Shaun also served in Afghanistan. “Shaun’s family is Chinese, and my family is Catholic,” Chlumsky said prior to the wedding.

The two got engaged in October 2007.

“We’d met in 2000 at the University of Chicago at a rare dance party on the quad,” she wrote in Glamour in October 2014.


The couple has two children – Clara Elizabeth and Penelope Joan So.

“Motherhood changes everything,” she said.

In another interview, Anna revealed she hopes that her daughters won’t be interested in going into acting from a young age.

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“I’ve always envied the Pope, which I think is a very un-Catholic thing to say.”

“The past gets farther and farther away from us.”

“Everything’s a story that we write about ourselves or someone else.”

Anna Chlumsky – Net Worth

So, how much is Anna Chlumsky worth? Chlumsky earned most of her wealth from performing in 46 TV series, podcast series, short films, and movies, including – Hannibal, Rugrats, 64th Man, Miracle in the Woods, A Child’s Wish, Lights Out, Veep, Inventing Anna, The Good Guy, Robot Chicken, My Sweet Misery, and My Girl. Therefore, Anna Chlumsky has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Anna also performed on Broadway and worked for HarperCollins and the Zagat Survey.

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