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Bishop Larry Gaiters Net Worth

Bishop Larry Gaiters Net Worth – $1 million

What is Bishop Larry Gaiters’ net worth? Who is Bishop Larry Gaiters?


Bishop Larry Gaiters is an American pastor, podcaster, radio broadcaster, and spiritual leader.

He is best known for his radio show on WMCA’s AM 570/FM 102.3 based out of New York.

The Origin Story

Little is known of Gaiters’ early life, as he has never publicly spoken on the topic, and there are no publicly available records on this period of his life.

Gaiters enjoyed a close relationship with his mother, whose perspective and opinions he valued greatly.

Gaiters often quotes his mother on his show, in his podcasts, and in interviews that he gives.

Professional Career

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Larry Gaiters attends’s Support The Strike Red Carpet Soiree – @Getty

Gaiters is a prolific political pundit and spiritual leader who hosts daily shows on WMCA’s AM 570/FM 102.3.

He is known for his strongly-held conservative opinions as well as for his religious opinions and adheres to an old-school fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity.

Gaiters frequently cites pieces of scripture that he believes reinforce his worldview, and often refers to such scripture throughout his sermons and written works.

Gaiters is, in addition to his podcast and radio show, a prolific author.


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Larry Gaiters attends Rockefellas Studios Grand Opening Event – @Getty

He has written four books in total, all of which have been published under the aegis of his company, Global Spiritual Change.

His first book, Comprehending the State of the Human Condition, was released in January 2021. The book is designed for study groups of Gaiters’ company, and as such, is intended as a companion piece to those studies.

Gaiters has since released three more books.

The second book, Comprehending the State of the Human Condition Book 2, continues the ideas Gaiter explored in the previous volume.

In Book 2, Gaiters employed the use of subsections in order to better organize his thoughts and allow students to quickly access the different sections of the book.

Gaiters’ conclusion to his trilogy of books, Comprehending the State of the Human Condition Book 3, comprised transcripts taken from his YouTube lectures and collated into a single title.

As well as being intended for students, Gaiters has stated that the book is useful as a “discussion point” for “family groups.”

Social Media Presence

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Larry Gaiters is seen on July 24, 2023 in Los Angeles – @Getty

Gaiters is an enthusiastic proponent of social media and makes extensive use of X and YouTube.

Gaiters’ X account, @BishopLGaiters, has around 1,800 followers and is a frequent participant in discussions on the popular microblogging platform.

He often uses the account to share his thoughts on matters both temporal and spiritual.

Gaiters uses his YouTube channel, Global Spiritual Media Group, to share his radio show and his lectures with subscribers.

Global Spiritual Media Group enjoys modest success, with 118,000 subscribers.

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What is Bishop Larry Gaiters' net worth


Bishop Larry Gaiters – Net Worth

So, how much is Bishop Larry Gaiters worth? Gaiters earned most of his wealth from serving as the Presiding Bishop at End Time Age Deliverance Ministries Worldwide, Inc. since August 1982. He is also the host and moderator of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio in NY. Therefore, Bishop Larry Gaiters has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Gaiters is the author of Comprehending the State of The Human Condition.

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