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Blake Gray Net Worth 2024

Blake Gray Net Worth – $1 million

What is Blake Gray’s net worth? Who is Blake Gray’s girlfriend?


Blake Gray is an ultra-successful TikTok star and Instagram sensation, who has more than 16 million followers across his social media accounts.

The young and charismatic Texas native is known for his creative and unique content, his sense of humor, and his commitment to family and friends.

So, how did Blake end up living in a mansion at age 20, surrounded by the biggest names in TikTok?

We’ve got the low-down.

The Origin Story

Blake Gray was born in Cypress, Texas—a small suburb on the outskirts of Houston.

The second son of Ronnie and Courtney Gray, he arrived on January 9th, 2001.

The couple already had a son, Austin, who Blake often credits as a role model. He also features Austin in a few of his videos.

Contrary to popular belief, social media starlet Loren Gray is not Blake’s sister. Loren’s surname is actually Beech, but she uses her middle name—Gray—for her socials because she thinks it sounds better.

Blake has always been into sports, playing basketball, football, and some baseball throughout his childhood.


He also enjoys hitting the gym, and is often spotted heading to, and from, Dogpound Gym, in West Hollywood, California.

Gray suffered from pneumomediastinum, a condition that causes air to leak into the chest cavity.

It causes pain in the chest and difficulty breathing, and Blake had surgery to correct the problem in May of 2019.

He thanked his fans for their support and best wishes.

He has also spoken about suffering from depression, which he says he has overcome through positivity and a lot of work on himself.

A Rise To Fame

Blake Gray started out his streaming and vlogging career on YouNow back in 2015.

He gradually built an engaged following, who connected with him on Instagram, and eventually on YouTube when he launched his channel in the summer of 2016.

Gray gained a reputation for getting ahead of the viral social media trends, as well as for his entertaining vlogs—many of which involved pranks with his friends and family.

His most viewed video on the video streaming platform is “sorry mom…we kissed”, which had hit 5.5 million views by 2021.

The influencer moved to TikTok, where he built a bigger following. He had amassed a stunning 9 million followers by 2020, having moved mostly away from YouTube to focus on the newer platform.

Eventually, Gray’s influence with a teen audience caught the attention of some of the biggest names in youth social media, and he was invited to join one of the most successful collaborative groups of 2020—the Sway House.

This coincided with his move back to YouTube.

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The Sway House

Blake Gray Net Worth

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The Sway House is a collaborative social media house where influencers are invited to live together and produce amazing content and build the hype surrounding their members.

It also gives up-and-coming members more exposure to a huge fanbase.

Fans have long brought into the rivalry between the Sway House and Hype House, which are two of the biggest collab groups in social media.

Members of both houses are quick to squash any talk of a beef between the two, though.

Blake Gray joined the Sway House, which also included founder, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Noah Beck, Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler, Anthony Reeves, Quinton Griggs, and Kio Cyr.

In February 2021, co-founder Michael Gruen announced that “if you view Sway as a content collective that lives together and is with each other every day,” that the Sway House is officially over.

The individual members will still be friends, according to the statement, but they are taking different directions in their careers.

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Love Is In The Air

Blake Gray has been linked to several young social media stars over the last few years—most recently Amelie Zilber.

The pair were snapped together in a TikTok in July of 2020, where they were snuggled together on a couch.

While Amelie denied that the pair were dating and claimed they were “just friends…just hanging out,” she contradicted herself in December of 2010 by posting a video saying they were celebrating their 3-month anniversary.

Before Zilber, Gray had dated stunning model, Olivia Occhigrossi, a Florida native who has been crowned Miss Teen America and Miss Florida Teen America.

Blake Gray and girlfriend Olivia Occhigrossi

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The pair were a couple from late 2018 until early 2019.

Before Liv, Gray was in a relationship with Elle Danjean for most of 2018.

In 2023, Gray started to date fellow influencer Tessa Brooks.

Blake Gray – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Blake Gray worth? Gray earned most of his wealth from uploading videos on TikTok and YouTube. Black also makes money from sponsors as well as from selling merch. Therefore, American TikToker Blake Gray has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Can’t keep up with Blake Gray’s life? Get updates from the social media celeb himself on his TikTok channel.

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