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Arrogant Tae Net Worth 2024

Arrogant Tae Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Arrogant Tae’s net worth? How much does Arrogant Tae charge for an install?


Arrogant Tae (real name – Dionte Gray) is an American celebrity hairstylist and wig extraordinaire.

He is renowned for being the hairstylist of Nicki Minaj.

The Origin Story

Arrogant Tae was born on the 11th of March, 1995.

He was raised in Southside Inglewood, Chicago, and is the eldest of seven siblings.

Tae credits his women-surrounded childhood for birthing his love of hair.

His mother, cousin, and auntie all were hairdressers, and Tae spent a lot of his childhood in the salon watching them work.

When he was around eleven years old, he started doing his hair himself.

He began working on his little sisters’ hair and the hair of children of his mom’s friends.

He really enjoyed this and continued to work on his hair throughout high school.

Eventually, Tae was doing the hair of his cousins and all of his mom’s friends.

A fond memory of Dionte is doing the hair of all of his classmates for prom and graduation.


what is the net worth of Arrogant Tae


Right after he graduated high school Dionte attended the Paul Mitchell School in Chicago.

Here, he learned how to do razor cuts and correctly layer hair.

He was commended for being a talented student during this time.

On completion of his schooling, Tae began working in a small downtown hair salon.

As the only male hairstylist, as well as being so young, Tae found this environment challenging.

He had only ever worked in kitchens or living rooms prior to this, so he credits this time as being a huge learning experience for him.

He would often tell people, “I want to be a celebrity hairstylist, and move to Atlanta to follow my dreams.”

He worked long days in the salon and began to have a cult-like following among locals in the Chicago area.

where is arrogant tae from


In 2015, with only $1000 to his name, Dionte and his cousin packed their belongings into a car and drove to Atlanta.

Terrified and completely out of his depth, Tae knew he needed to build a clientele.

He spent hours calling people and offering his services.

Within a few weeks, he had his first celebrity client.

His first celebrity client was Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

He has since worked with a wide variety of celebrity clients.

Some of the looks he loves the most include a blue ponytail for DreamDoll that went viral online.

Arrogant Tae Net Worth

Ariana Fletcher & Arrogant Tae – @Getty

He has worked for Nicki Minaj, being the artist behind her bold hair colors, including the half head of rainbow hair she was rocking for a time.

Dionte has provided hair services for coveted award services, including the VMAs.

His most known look from the VMAs is a short-cut hairstyle on Tejana Taylor.

Other artists Tae has worked with include SZA, Jayda Cheaves, and Ariana Fletcher.

He is known for creating gorgeous wigs for celebrities and can charge a premium for these services.

The Flawless Experience

dionte gray net worth

Arrogant Tae and DreamDoll – @Getty

He has his own brand, The Flawless Experience, where customers can purchase wigs, styling equipment, and master classes.

In 2021, Dionte focused on providing online masterclasses to hairstylists.

He also has a women’s clothing line and a tool line.

He posts a lot of his creative looks on his Instagram, and he has amassed a large following on this account.

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How much does Arrogant Tae charge for an install

Arrogant Tae backstage during MoneyBagg Yo Larger Than Life Tour at State Farm Arena – @Getty

Romantic Relationships

Arrogant Tae is most likely single.

He has always remained notoriously private about his friendships and personal relationships. However, he has not posted any hint of any relationship on his social media.

No sources have come forward claiming that he is in a relationship.

Thus, it can be assumed that at this time, Tae is happily single.

Update – recently, he was linked with Toosii Deny. It is unconfirmed.


Dionte has no children at this time.

He is the eldest of seven siblings and has a close relationship with his family.

He grew up surrounded by women and spent many hours in the salon where his mother works.

Dionte is close with his mother.

Little information is available online about his father and their relationship.

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how much does arrogant tae charge to do hair


Arrogant Tae – Net Worth – 2024- How much does Arrogant Tae charge for an install?

So, how much is Arrogant Tae worth? Dionte earned most of his wealth through his entrepreneurial pursuits, including wigs, masterclasses, clothing lines, and hairstyling tools. Therefore, Arrogant Tae has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

He has a large following on social media and posts sponsored content.

He is paid a lot of money to do creative shoots for brands or by using a brand’s products in his creative shoots. He then directly markets the products to his followers.

Arrogant Tae charges around $2,000 for a wig install.

His online masterclasses regularly sell out, and he is a coveted artist for celebrities. This means he can charge a premium for his services and has an exceptional reputation among A-lister clientele. 

Tae’s an ambassador for GROW by African Pride.

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