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Devin Nash Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is Devin Nash’s net worth? Is Devin Nash dating anyone now?


Devin Nash might be most famous as a Twitch streamer that goes by Mylixia, but there’s a lot more on this guy’s plate than just gaming for the masses.

He’s also the Chief Marketing Officer for Novo, the former CEO of Counter Logic Gaming, and an inspiring public speaker with a solid grounding in brand marketing and management in the gaming sphere.

If you want to know how to develop your brand in this niche market, and how to market yourself and your content to the world—Devin Nash is your man.

And if you want to know more about the man himself, we’ve got it all right here.

The Origin Story


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Devin Nash was born in Redmond, Washington on March 26th, 1989.

He is notoriously private about his family and upbringing but has often spoken about how much he enjoys spending time with his family at Lake Tahoe, when he gets the opportunity.

In a Reddit AMA in 2020, Nash explained:

When you make the choice to go all-in (on your goals), you risk everything. I had an amazing life in Lake Tahoe. I have a relationship I’ve put on hold with an unbelievably amazing woman to go all-in (…) I go months without seeing my family and spend hours overnight in airports.”

Nash enrolled at Sierra Nevada College, a private university at Incline Village, Nevada.

He studied business administration and leadership—the latter of which would set him up years later for his move into personal and organizational development.

Nash has stayed tight-lipped about his girlfriend’s name, but the pair have been seeing each other for several years and live together in Incline Village, Nevada.

A Foot In The Door


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It may seem like an odd way to get your start as a future CEO and personal development guru, but gaming was the foot in the door Devin Nash needed to pursue his dreams.

His love of gaming parlayed into a career as a Twitch streamer.

Devin is open about League of Legends bringing so many opportunities his way, even tweeting to his 46k followers:

I wouldn’t be anywhere without @LeagueOfLegends. In 2014 as a small League streamer I volunteered for an esports team called @dignitas. League, esports, and Twitch opened every door for me.”

The Dignitas esports team became one of Nash’s early career boosts.

In his role as Regional Manager, he was able to get involved at the ground level with head of operations and marketing guru Michael O’Dell.

The True Goal


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Even as a fanatical gamer building his brand and his following around League of Legends and the esports space, Nash had a passion for personal development.

He showed it early on in his engagement with fans, and his love of motivational books and leaders in that sphere.

So when the opportunity arose for Nash to take ownership of his own business and become a consultant for the industry he loved, he seized it.

Since January 2012, Nash has worked as a self-employed senior gaming industry consultant, providing insight into the gaming and esports space.

He works with multiple companies to help leverage the power of the gaming community.

Almost a decade later, Nash had built an entirely personal and organizational development brand around his carefully honed strengths.

The Nightmare That Is Public Speaking


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For most of us, just the idea of public speaking is enough to break us out in a cold sweat. But for Devin Nash, who has long been comfortable in front of tens of thousands of people online, public speaking was just a natural progression.

He has held featured speaking engagements at the University of Southern California, PAX West/East, TESPA, Emerson College, University of Utah, and multiple esports events.

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Free Advice

When it comes to building a brand online—specifically a gaming brand—Devin Nash has a lot to say.

Amongst some of his brand-building hacks, two practical pieces of advice he offers are to:

#1 Start a newsletter

You could share bi-weekly updates on your gaming channel, “things you think are cool”, or a personal letter to your fanbase.

Nash explains that this is great for sales and offers, if it provides something special your followers can’t get anywhere else.

#2 Be grateful


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Say thank you to the people who support you, and be genuine about it. Randomly engage with people who do something positive in your chat.

Pay attention to your followers. Answer Tweets, DMs, or emails if you can. Nash also recommends reading “Thank You Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuk for more advice on practical gratitude.


Devin Nash’s relationship status has been the subject of some online discussion, but information is scarce due to his preference for maintaining privacy. There have been instances where Nash’s ex-girlfriend has appeared on his live streams, which have been documented by fans and viewers.

At the time of writing, Devin Nash is not married.

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Devin Nash – Net Worth

So, how much is Devin Nash worth?

Nash is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Novo. Devin also served as the CEO of Counter Logic Gaming as well as the North American Regional Manager of Team Dignitas Ltd.

Therefore, Devin Nash has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Want to learn more about Devin Nash? Check out this Reddit AMA he did back in 2018.

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