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Campbell Hunt Puckett Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Campbell Hunt Puckett’s Net Worth?

Campbell Hunt Puckett is a social media influencer who has a net worth of $1 million. She often shared videos of her in trendy outfits, either attending events, eating dinner or at a different location on holiday.

Puckett has built a large social media fan base and has struck promotional and sponsorship deals with many brands, including Michael Kors.

Traditionally speaking, fashion and lifestyle influencers with Campbell’s same following have the potential to earn anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 per post, which would make her net worth at least $1 million.

Campbell’s husband is listed on his LinkedIn page as being the managing director of mergers and acquisitions, at McLerran and Associates Practice Transitions. The role means he is likely to make within the range of $300,000 per annum.

This means that, together, the pair likely has a net worth of 7 figures or more.

The Origin Story

Campbell Hunt Puckett net worth

Jett Puckett and Campbell “Pookie” Hunt Puckett attend the game between the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena on April 09, 2024 in Atlanta – @Getty

Going under the nickname ‘Pookie’, Campbell Hunt Puckett began achieving viral fame for her internet posts, which often feature her husband, Jett, complimenting her appearance and her style and “firing her up” for her social media audience.

In particular, the couple received millions of views on TikTok for an outfit of the day video, where Jett stops to praise his wife on how she looks..

The video drew attention because of its mix of cringe honesty and awkward humor.

It has since been parodied by many other users across social media, and the ‘Pookie & Jett’ story has gained in popularity due to the people having a love/hate relationship with their behavior, as well as the discussion over whether their content is 100% genuine.


Campbell Hunt Puckett was born on March 11, 1992.


According to her LinkedIn page, Campbell Hunt Puckett was an account executive at one stage in her life, when she worked for different management companies.

At one time, she was also a flight attendant.

Prior to that, she was a senior at the University of Mississippi studying Marketing.

However, it seems that Campbell is now completely focused on being a content creator on social media, with many of her platforms being geared towards increasing her following, partnering with brands, and providing content for her fans.


Campbell Hunt Puckett is married to Jett Puckett, who frequently features in her social media videos. Jett works as a Director in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions.

In a video shared on TikTok, Campbell and Jett revealed that they met in Philadelphia in early 2015.

Jett revealed, “I walked up to the prettiest girl at the bar in Philadelphia and just started talking to her. Two days later, we were inseparable, and 10 months later, we were engaged.

The couple were married in 2018.

Where Does Campbell Live?

Campbell and Jett Puckett first became homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia, soon after they married in 2018, having lived in various cities while growing up.

The couple has been hanging their hats in Atlanta since. But, because they do so well on social networks, both often jet off to exotic locations around the globe.

Campbell has shared photos taken of herself in various places, including Paris, Lake Como, and others on social networks over the years.


As Puckett began to receive more viral fame and attention, many of her online fans began digging into her history and backstory.

From this, several photos emerged in early 2024, which led to controversy.

Mainly, many fans were confused about photos where Campbell posed in front of a Confederate flag, also where she pretended to be Melania Trump, and a series of photographs where she was wearing a white and pink lace Antebellum setting.

Campbell personally addressed the scandal and wrote the following on her Instagram page:

At the time these photos were taken, I was 20. I didn’t fully understand the impact of my actions the way I do now, 12 years later.” She added: “I fully apologize for the harm this may have caused for some,” and she said that she takes “full responsibility.”

She further clarified: “Jett and I love sharing our lives with you all and getting to know our community on such an intimate level,” before finishing, “Because we live our lives so publicly, everything is on the internet, even my mistakes.”

Most of Pookie’s fans accepted her statement.

The ensuing backlash escalated into a wider social media conversation about the practice of mining for old transgressions on the internet and not allowing people to move on from their past.

Campbell has subsequently posted online several times since the furor erupted, and it seems as though she remains in good stead with her followers.

Social Media Platforms

Campbell’s main social media platforms are Instagram and TikTok.

Around 650,000 followers on Instagram and just under 850,000 on TikTok.

You can also catch her on YouTube, as she routinely uploads vlogs showing parts of her life.

She also has a Pinterest that she curates.

Main Business Ventures

Campbell has a website, named You Should Wear That, where she posts details about many of the items of clothing that she wears and shows off on her social media pages.

Fans who like certain items are able to purchase them from the online shop section of the website.

It is likely that this online shop has helped increase Campbell Hunt Puckett’s revenue and net worth.


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