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What is CookieSwirlC’s net worth?


You might not know the name CookieSwirlC, but chances are your kids do.

CookieSwirlC is the sweet voice behind toy unboxing videos, Roblox storytime videos, and a massive series of stop motion animated videos featuring every kid’s favorite Disney, LOL Surprise, My Little Pony, Shopkins, Monster High, and Barbie characters.

Every once in a while, CookieSwirlC hits us with a candy unboxing, a cooking vlog, or a face reveal—although that last one didn’t appear on the massively successful CookieSwirlC channel until late in 2017.

CookieSwirlC has been a major player in the kids’ entertainment sphere on YouTube, and she’s one of the top 5% of Google Preferred Family and Children’s channels on the platform.

Hailed by parents for encouraging creative play and pushing kids to use their own imaginations, she’s crafted some pretty fun projects so far.

As if these accolades aren’t enough, the proof is in the numbers: CookieSwirlC has more than 18 million subscribers on YouTube.

But do we actually know anything about the woman behind the CookieSwirlC brand?

We do—and we’re unpacking it all for you here.

The Origin Story

CookieSwirlC may try to keep her personal life private—hence why she didn’t reveal her face on YouTube until after she’d started doing meet & greets with her fans.

There are some things we do know, though.

We know her name is Candace, and she hails from California.

We know she was born on March 14, 1997.

We know she has a little sister named Melody.

We also know that as a kid, Candace was obsessed with horses.

She took riding lessons after begging her parents for years.

She read up on how to care for horses and visited horse ranches to get some practice.

She even collected a whole lot of horse toys to fuel her obsession (more on that in a minute!).

One of her earliest play memories was dragging her other toys along with the horses to do pretend trail rides and play farms around her house.

Cookie has always had a vivid imagination and played by herself for hours before she convinced her parents to let her make some videos for YouTube.

Mini Movie Mogul

Candace was just 10 years old when she posted her first video on YouTube in 2007.

The video was pretty amateurish, and—because her parents insisted on it—she didn’t show herself in the video.

It didn’t matter—she received lots of positive feedback from viewers.

Feeling inspired, she unleashed her imagination to create more engaging content for other kids.

By 2013, she had launched her official CookieSwirlC channel and was posting every week.

Her online show became so popular with children that in 2018 Shopkins invited her to collaborate on an ad with the brand.

The following year, in September 2019, Mattel released the Official CookieSwirlC Barbie, which comes with two pet dogs and sold out at Wal-Mart within weeks.

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CookieSwirlC may be her most successful channel with tens of billions of views, but it wasn’t her first.

She launched HoneyHeartsC first—a channel devoted to everything about her horse toys.

Over the years she’s expanded to include gameplay of Star Stable Online, where she creates and collects horses for her virtual stable.

In Star Stable, Cookie has created her own avatar—a small pixie with long black hair—and her avatar collects horses.

She can name them, or assign random computer-generated names, and unlock new areas to take her horses.

Some of her videos feature her horses at beach weddings, wearing rainbow tack, and exploring Rune Runner horses and Cloud World.

Candace also does horse-related crafts—like painting clay horse sculptures.

The animal lover has a lot of pets in real life, too. By 2021, she had featured her fish, four horses, a cat, and two dogs on her channel.

A Role Model of Good Behavior

CookieSwirlC has spoken in her videos about how important it is to be a good role model for the kids who watch her.

Candace follows these own rules in her own life, too.

She’s been known to donate to charitable organizations and has so far given financial support to:

  • A Place to Bark
  • Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary
  • Shriner’s Hospital for Children
  • Wildlife Victoria
  • NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Service (WIRES)
  • Wildlife Warriors

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CookieSwirlC – Net Worth

Candace earned most of her wealth from ads on her YouTube channels, merch, and sponsors.

Google ranked her in the top 5% of kids shows on YouTube for being family-friendly and role modeling qualities like kindness, generosity, sharing, and listening.

On YouTube, Candace has over 20.8 billion views, meaning about $62 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, American YouTuber CookieSwirlC has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

Want to get to know a little bit more about CookieSwirlC? Check out her face reveal and hear her read out her fan mail here.

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