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Dee Shanell Net Worth $700,000

What is Dee Shanell’s net worth?

Dee Shanell has a net worth of $700,000. Dee Shanell rose to fame back in 2016 alongside her former boyfriend with the Dee & Brandon ENT channel on YouTube.

The channel played host to countless prank videos and challenge related content—and the loved-up couple hit 761k subscribers on the video streaming platform by 2018.

Following the pair’s shock split in 2018, it was all over for the Dee & Brandon ENT brand—but onwards and upwards for Dee Shanell.

She launched her own channel on YouTube, where she niched down on hilarious reaction videos.

The move had paid off—Dee Shanell racked up 323 million video views.

Now that we know reaction videos—people watching other people do things and reacting to the things other people are doing (got it?)—are a thing, what else do we need to know about Dee Shanell?

The Origin Story

Dee Shanell Palmer was born on July 31, 1989, in Los Angeles, California.

She has an older sister who had her first baby when Dee Shanell was in high school.


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The young California native has always stayed tight lipped on her personal life and upbringing, even addressing how secretive she is in a video.

On her channel, Dee posted a video called Try Not To Cringe – Dee Shanell SECRET Facts You Didn’t Know | Reaction, in which she reacts to a video posted by someone else—and claims to expose her secrets.

Early on in the video, Dee Shanell’s initial reaction is her instantly recognizable laugh.

She then asks: “What secret facts you think you know about me? Y’all don’t know me. I don’t reveal any personal information about me at all, so…”

Shanell might not share much, but she has opened up to fans through her videos.

For example, we know that the influencer is a Leo, and she once clapped back at another YouTuber to say that she believes in astrology.

In high school, Shanell dated a classmate for about a year—it was her first relationship.


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She has also admitted that she lost her virginity at 16 years old.

A Car Accident

In February of 2021, Dee Shanell was involved in a car accident when another driver ran a red light and crashed into the driver’s side of Shanell’s vehicle.

She went to the emergency room with neck pain, and received several X-rays.

Doctors told her everything was fine, and she was able to go home.

Dee Shanell, who described the crash as a “really bad accident” was able to go about her daily life, but woke up one day with back pain. Scared, she went to the doctor—again, everything was fine.

To add insult to (minor) injury, Shanell then had to deal with the other driver making false claims.

Shanell claimed that the driver ran his red light and hit her, but he claimed that his light had been green and that it was actually her that was in the wrong.

The issue was finally resolved several weeks later, but Shanell delayed posting new videos on her channel for a while, saying she didn’t want to laugh and do reaction videos when she was in so much pain.

Dee was also involved in a minor car crash in Texas some time earlier.

In that accident, the other driver rear ended her, and then claimed that someone had rear ended him and pushed his vehicle into Dee Shanell’s.

The insurance company tried to track down the mysterious third party for a long time before approving Shanell’s insurance claim.

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Out To See The World


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Dee might have risen to fame from the comfort of her own home, but she’s taken her status as an influencer for the opportunity it is.

She often travels abroad and had begun curating a travel vlog before 2020.

Prior to that, the young YouTube influencer had been on a Carnival cruise line Super Bowl Cruise Party in February of 2019.

The 5 day cruise departed from New Orleans and spent Super Bowl Sunday at sea before visiting the Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. In a video Dee posted to her channel, she described it as the “Most Ratchet Cruise Ever!!”

Dee and Brandon

Dee Shanell dated Brandon Rashad for several years, with the pair launching their channel on YouTube—Dee & Brandon ENT—in 2016.

It was a growing success by 2018, when the pair suddenly broke up.

Dee took over the channel, rebranding and calling it Dee Shanell, while Brandon dropped out of the limelight for a while.


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Eventually, he came back, launching the xNeptune channel and talking about where he has been.

Dee, meanwhile, dropped a Getting Over a Breakup video in 2018, and then proceeded to start a new with the channel altogether.

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Dee Shanell worth? Shanell earned most of her wealth from donations via Patreon and ads on YouTube. Therefore, Dee Shanell has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

On YouTube, Dee has 363 million views — about $1 million in revenue before taxes.

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