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What company does Jschlatt own?

What company does YouTuber Jschlatt own?


He is one of the growing number of clout chasers spreading across social media, internet-famous for nothing more than some shocking commentary, clickbait, and cheesy, passably funny comedy.

He can’t spell, by the looks of it.

He doesn’t offer insightful social media commentary or provide some kind of tangible value, according to his YouTube uploads.

And according to the anti-Jschlatt brigade, he has been accused of everything from Islamophobia in 2018 to using blackface to create controversy and gain attention in 2021, to joking about mental health issues.

He was also friends with CallMeCarson—also known as Carson King—who was accused of sexual misconduct with minors in 2021.

Overall, he doesn’t seem like the kind of 20-something many people would want heading their company.

Stranger things have definitely happened, though, so, in this article, we’re digging into the question:

What company does Jschlatt own?

The answer may surprise you, so read on to find out more.

What company does Jschlatt own?


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There are a lot of rumors swirling about what companies Jschlatt owns—if any.

We did some digging, and there were a few companies that kept showing up on the radar.

We’re setting the record straight on each of them.

Does Jschlatt own Schlatt & Co.?

Yes. (Well, he owns half of it)

Schlatt & Co. is the company that produces Jschlatt’s line of clothing and merchandise.

He owns 50% of the company, and his business partner Connor—more famously known as the influencer ConnorEatsPants—owns the other 50%.

The company has three employees in addition to Jschlatt—real name Jebediah—and Connor: ArlusFinch, Altrive, and IAmTy.

The company experienced some early success in 2021 with the creation of Schlattcoin.

Schlattcoin is a cryptocurrency created and managed by Jschlatt and ConnorEatsPants.

In essence, here’s how it works:

Players pay 20 diamonds to receive a gold nugget and a certificate of ownership.

At the time of writing, the majority of the Schlattcoin in circulation belongs to ItsAsaii, Michaelmcchill, VoiceoverPete, YoitsGold, and DinksterDaily.

Jschlatt has claimed that “as an investment, Schlattcoin’s value only increases over time.”

Does Jschlatt own Jschlatt Fans Merch?


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No—but he does allow the company to sell his merchandise, clothing, and collectibles.

The company buys Jschlatt products at wholesale and sells them on to the fans—sometimes for a much better price than you’ll find anywhere else.

In fact, Jschlatt Fans Merch claims to be the only official store for Jschlatt collectibles.

Does Jschlatt own GamerSupps?

In a nutshell: no—but it’s a long story, so read on!

Why do fans think Jschlatt owns GamerSupps?

We all know Jschlatt isn’t above telling a few lies to get the outcome he wants—whether that’s to get more views, gain some attention, or make more money.

In this case, it was all three.

In late May of 2022, Jschlatt took to his Twitter account to say:

“Schlatt is sponsored by and now owns GamerSupps! You can support by using this code”

Since Jschlatt actually put his claim in writing, it made sense that many of his followers figured he must be telling the truth.

So, Jschlatt doesn’t really own GamerSupps?


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Not at all.

As Jschlatt’s trusting fans flocked to the GamerSupps website to buy products and support the “new owner,” Schlatt himself was getting a cut of every sale that used his code.

The buyers scored a sweet 10% discount, too—but they didn’t know Schlatt was lying.

One of Schlatt’s many critics decided to get the news straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and messaged GG—the company behind GamerSupps—directly.

In the live chat exchange, a member of GG’s customer service team is asked if Jschlatt owns GamerSupps.

After seeking confirmation, the person—who goes by JasonGG—says:

“Nope, not sure why he said that lol”

While some of Jschlatt’s followers still believe their clout-chasing icon is owner—or even part-owner—of a lucrative company, most of his fans understand it was just another part of his “character” being funny.

Update – In 2022, Jschlatt tweeted that he now owns GamerSupps.

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Does Jschlatt work with GamerSupps?


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Jschlatt was sponsored by GamerSupps in 2021 and featured GamerSupps products in several of his videos around that time.

He wasn’t the only content creator to be hired to market GamerSupps’ range of gaming sleeves, Waifu cups, tees, and energy drinks.

Steven He, who has more than 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube, has collaborated with the brand on his own energy drink powder.

One content creator has even come forward to urge influencers not to work with what she calls a “predatory company.”

Ice Rocker claimed in January of 2021 that she had never been paid for products she had collaborated with the company to produce.

She also stated that they continued to sell her designed shakers, using the “same words and extremely same [sic] font in part” after she had severed ties with the company.


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