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DJ Ballistic Net Worth | Fiancée

DJ Ballistic Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is DJ Ballistic’s net worth? Is DJ Ballistic married?


DJ Ballistic, also known as Ricardo LaMarre, is an African American music producer and professional DJ.

He is a celebrity in his own right but grew in popularity following his high-profile relationship with Puerto Rican TV personality Joseline Hernandez. 

The Origin Story

DJ Ballistic was born Ricardo LaMarre in Philadelphia.

From a young age, he was studious and received above-average grades in all subjects.

Following his high school graduation, he attended university and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. 

The soon-to-be producer and DJ made his way to Miami to take a shot at building a professional music career.

Not too long after mingling in the music scene, he hit the ground running.

Over the years of working on his career, he’s built quite the success record.

He’s made ties in the music industry with some of the most prominent names.

DJ Ballistic uses his Instagram account to post about collaborations and projects he’s worked on, including the 2017 track “Driving Me” with Empire star, Serayah, and the well-known record-producer, Jazza Pha.

In addition to this, he’s been lucky enough to collaborate and work on tracks with Tamar Braxton, Toni Braxton’s young sister. But he doesn’t only work with A-list celebrities and established singers; he also produces with audio engineer Prince Charles Alexander.

Grammi Society

Speaking of Prince Charles, he and DJ Ballistic founded the Grammi Society in 2009.

According to their LinkedIn profile, the Grammi Society is a multi-genre, Miami-based record label. 

The label has become so successful over the recent decade that it has built a roster of successful artists, including CJ Hilton, Joseline, and 8Eight.


In addition to his professional life, he has a high-profile relationship with Joseline Hernandez.

DJ Ballistic and fiancee Joseline Hernandez


She is a Puerto Rican reality TV personality who came to prominence as a leading cast member of the VH1 hit reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Hernandez and her ex-boyfriend, Stevie J, appeared on the series for six consecutive seasons.

The couple garnered such a high likability score with the audience that they appeared in Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood. The series last for one season with eight episodes.

Joseline and Stevie J ended their relationship, and shortly after, she met and fell in love with DJ Ballistic.

The duo hit it off immediately, so she decided to relocate to Miami with her daughter, Bonnie Bella, to join DJ Ballistic.

Since Miami is where his professional career takes place along with his Grammi Society producing team, it made sense for Joseline to make the move.

The duo’s fans speculate they began dating sometime in April 2019.

They confirmed their relationship status on social media earlier that same year. No one can be too sure how long they were dating, but Joseline began to post content about the lovebirds.


DJ Ballistic is not a father of his own children, but he certainly loves being the stepfather to Joseline’s daughter, which he boasts about on his social media accounts.

He regularly shares photos of his newfound family. Joseline also utilized her social media account to share photos of her new family, many of which were of her daughter and DJ Ballistic.

She has since closed that account and reactivated a new one, focusing solely on promoting her career.

There was speculation that Joseline found herself in hot water with her ex, Stevie J, because she encouraged her daughter to look at DJ Ballistic as her father, which didn’t bode well with Stevie.

Fans noticed that she regularly referred to her baby girl as “daddy’s girl” in many Instagram photos. Stevie J went public and shared with his fans that he was restricted from seeing his daughter, and he had hostile feelings about DJ Ballistic taking his place as her father.

The ex-duo went to court, often including DJ since he was the new parental figure in Bonnie Bella’s life.

The custody battle has since been concluded and was in favor of Joseline.

However, Stevie J was granted parental rights to his daughter, so he is now in her life and co-parenting amicably with Joseline. He often posts photos with his daughter and his new relationship.

The trio seems to be getting along well and has since moved passed that very dark and volatile time in the early relationship.

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Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition

what is the net worth of DJ Ballistic


LaMarre and Joseline participated in the American reality TV series “Season 16 – Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 14 – Hip Hop Edition 2.”

They made headlines following a dispute they had on one of the episodes.

Ballistic went off on Joseline for allegedly flirting with another house member, and his anger didn’t go unnoticed.

Understandably, fellow cast members were shocked by his outrage, but things blew over shortly after he recorded his confession.

DJ Ballistic – Net Worth

So, how much is DJ Ballistic worth? LaMarre earned most of his wealth from his work in the music industry. Therefore, DJ Ballistic has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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