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Gerry Cardinale Net Worth 2024

Gerry Cardinale Net Worth – $250 million

What is Gerry Cardinale’s net worth? Who is Gerry Cardinale’s wife?


Gerry Cardinale is one of the most influential dealmakers in the sports & entertainment industry.

He is currently best known for his private equity investment firm, RedBird Capital Partners.

Some of his career’s more prominent ventures include the multi-million-dollar stake in LeBron Jame’s SpringHill Company and the multi-billion-dollar Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network.

Surprisingly, there isn’t much information on the business leader and billionaire outside of his streamlined work history.

So, we’ve collected general and professional information to give you a biographical introduction to RedBird founder, Gerry Cardinale.

The Origin Story

Cardinale was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Of what he’s shared about his early life, perhaps the most influential discipline that guides Cardinale today is his love of rowing.

He competed while he pursued his Bachelor of the Arts at Harvard University and during his time as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where he studied Philosophy of Politics and Political Theory.

How old is Gerry Cardinale


While racing up and down the Charles and Thames rivers, Cardinale gathered valuable life lessons that he’s carried over into his business practices.

Two core values we see in his approach to RedBird and deal-making are:  

  1. Communication, collaboration, and humility bring a team together. That goes for rowers and coxswains and family offices and entrepreneurs! RedBird measures its success by its investors’ and founders’ success.
  2. If your oar hits the water wrong, gets knocked, or you fall out of sync with your team that doesn’t mean the race is over. Keeping a level head and focus will get you back on course and back in the game, whether you’re rowing or offsetting a boom-or-bust pattern.

From Rowing to RedBird and the Step In Between

Gerry Cardinale went on to work for two decades at Goldman Sachs as a partner and leader of their private equity investing business.

During that tenure, he built the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network along with other multi-billion-dollar businesses.

In 2014, with experience and connections, Cardinale was ready to forge his own path with a firm that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and private equity in a new way.

Enter RedBird Capital Partners.

The RedBird Difference

Every profile of RedBird highlights the merger between family offices and entrepreneurs.

What that means is one of RedBird’s defining elements is that they help wealthy families invest their private capital to build businesses.

In doing so, RedBird fosters investments that outlive the 3-5-year lifespan of traditional private equity funds and remain loyal to the new businesses long term.

Adding investments as the businesses grow increases success rates and offsets boom-or-bust returns.

The Result: RedBird Capital Today

What is Gerry Cardinale's net worth

Gerry Cardinale, Dany Garcia, and Dwayne Johnson – @Getty

$6 Billion assets under management

400+ entrepreneur and family office relationships

1,700 proprietary opportunities sourced

80+ add-on acquisitions

The company’s four areas of investment are: energy, communications, opportunistic investments, and sports, leisure, and hospitality.

Gerry Cardinale – Wife

Gerry Cardinale is happily married to his wife, Holly Cardinale, with no children. His wife is part of the Philanthropic Board of Advisors of Boston Children’s Hospital.

Gerry Cardinale and wife Holly Cardinale


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Cardinale is a Trustee of the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City,

Serves on the board of the American Association of Rhodes Scholars,

And on the board of YoYo Ma’s Silk Road Project (which promotes artistic entrepreneurship).

Gerry Cardinale – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Gerry Cardinale worth? Cardinale earned most of his wealth from founding RedBird Capital Partners in 2013 and working as a partner for Goldman Sachs from 1992 to 2012. Therefore, Gerry Cardinale has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

The one thing I’ve always had is deal flow,” Cardinale told the Financial Times in February 2024.

In May 2022, it was reported that RedBird Capital is in talks with Elliott Management over the purchase of the Italian football club “AC Milan.” The price is $1.4 billion. The takeover came when AC Milan won the 19th Scudetto in their history. The deal was completed in June 2022.

In June 2023, Cardinale sacked Paolo Maldini from his position as AC Milan’s technical director. Ricky Massara was also sacked.

Key Facts

Gerry Cardinale, like any great entrepreneur, is driven by passion.

He’s a banker who has fun with his work, and that charming charisma remains at the center of his relationships and is why RedBird Capital Partners will continue to grow.

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