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Lil Man J Net Worth $500,000

What Is Lil Man J’s Net Worth?

Lil Man J is an American rapper who has a net worth of $500,000. He was born on the 17th of June, 2005, as Jack Benfield. Lil Man J is from Northern South Carolina and resides in the York area of the state.

He attended the Clover High School in Clover, SC, and moved to York.

He is primarily found on TikTok, though he also has a following on other social media platforms.

His TikTok account quickly gained a lot of popularity online. Starting on an account called reallilmanj, he started to build a following rapidly on TikTok.

Unlike other social media personalities, though, Lil Man J has consciously chosen not to talk too much about his family.


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He tries to keep family and friends away from his social media following, as he does not want other people embroiled in anything that might happen.

As we all know, with social media personalities, it does not take long for them to wind up in some drama.

At around 4’ 10” and about 55kg in weight, he is not exactly the biggest person in the world. However, Lil Man J carries himself with real confidence.

Lil Man J Net Worth now rich

Lil Man J attends the game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena on January 26, 2024 in Atlanta – @Getty

Why Is Jack Benfield Famous?

The main reason Lil Man J has become so famous is his freestyle rapping.

Lil Man J  started at a young age, recording freestyle content at 13. It has paid off for him!

Aside from his rap music and freestyling, though, one of the reasons why Lil Man J is so well-known is his confidence.

For example, one of his early performances saw him tag in the rapper Lil Baby.


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He hoped Lil Baby would see and boost the video, which duly happened. The video received millions of views, which quickly helped to establish Lil Man J and his name online.

Lil Baby had quoted his Cap Freestyle song, asking, “Is this a joke, or is he serious?”

Very quickly, he started to build up a large following across social media as people wanted to know what the deal was and why this kid was so popular.

When Did Benfield Join TikTok?

He started posting on TikTok at the start of 2022.

His first video that gained any major popularity was a cover of Fur Elise – the first song he claims to have learned on the piano.

With a natural gift for music, Lil Man J quickly started to get a lot of interest in his videos and began posting more content on TikTok.


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His popularity seemed to explode as he started to post a wider variety of musical videos. Fans were interested in what he would cover next or his next choice in terms of freestyle rap.

This has led to his TikTok account having far north of 1.6 million followers.

Does Benfield Produce His Own Music?

Yes, he does. In 2022, he released a freestyle tune called “Cap Freestyle.”

It got a huge number of followers even though Lil Man J had not even left high school by this point.

Later, in 2022, he graduated from high school. At the same time, he managed to start producing a video for his song, which very quickly became viral. 

Net Worth 2024

At the time of writing, Lil Man J’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 – it could be more, though, by the time you read this. The star is only continuing to get more interest in his music and life, and it will not be long before he is given more chances and opportunities at the high end of the music world.

Like most people in the social media world, his net worth is mostly estimated.

Some platforms estimate he could be worth as much as $1m, but most estimates have Lil Man J at around $500,000 in earnings.

Given he has well over half a million followers across all of his social media channels – probably closer to one million when everything is aggregated together – it is clear that Lil Man J is a hot property in the social media world.

That kind of visibility can make it easy for someone to make quite a lot of money in a short space of time.


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Since Lil Man J only came onto the scene in late 2020, he has amassed his net worth in around one calendar year as he continues to grow his fame further.

He has spoken in the past via Instagram about the fact that his family and the people who are behind him are the ones who have helped him amass so much success so quickly.

Given he states that he does not believe that paying for advertisements and promotions would bring him the success he has enjoyed so far, his net worth is almost entirely through his social media growth.

How Does He Make Money?


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His net worth growth has been established primarily due to his success through social media.

His TikTok and YouTube videos amass hundreds of thousands of views.

With how advertising works online, this could mean that a popular YouTube video could earn Lil Man J anything from $20,000 to $50,000 –a good wage for most adults, never mind a kid not long out of school!

On top of that, he is increasingly becoming more popular with brands and those looking to find someone who can help advertise for them.

As Lil Man J gets older, do not be surprised if he pivots into doing things like product promotions and brand advertisements. He could easily do this through freestyle rap and other musical methods that suit his unique style.

Key Facts

With his social media stardom only at the beginning of his journey, Lil Man J has much potential earning power left in him.

While the typically agreed Lil Man J net worth right now sits at around $500,000, this could easily grow exponentially in the years to come. His flow and personality combine to make a very creative and exciting young rapper with a huge future ahead of himself.

Most of his net worth stems from being involved in the high-risk-high-reward world of social media.

Thanks to his creative rap skills and endearing personality, Lil Man J could become a staple of the TikTok freestyling world for years.

With so many tracks now out and available, too, Lil Man J is on the path to creating a long-term music career for himself that could pay huge dividends.


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