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Nicholas Crown Net Worth 2024

Nicholas Crown Net Worth – $5 million

What is Nicholas Crown’s net worth?


Nicholas Crown is an American entrepreneur who rocketed to fame for his Rich vs. Really Rich social media series.

The Origin Story

He was born on September 30, 1985, in Livingston, New Jersey, US, as Nicholas DiNorscio.

When Crown was only seven, his parents separated, and as an outlet, he eventually took up music and took an interest in playing the guitar.

As a result of learning music, he quickly realized that he had a deep interest in the musical genre, delta blues music.

As a child, he performed in multiple student-run concerts, which is where he honed his skill.

In 2008, Crown graduated cum laude from Cornell University.


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In 2005, he landed a job a the New York Mercantile Exchange, working as a pit clerk in the crude oil trading ring. In this capacity, he studied under famed oil trader Mark Fisher who took him under his wing.

Following this, Crown worked as an analyst when he joined Barclays Capital’s repo trading desk in London, United Kingdom. This was a short-lived stint, and he eventually relocated back to New York to join the fast-growing basis trading desk.

Only six short years after starting his career, in 2011, Crown’s career took a significant turn for the better. He was hired to create a greenfield basis trading desk at UBS in Stamford, Connecticut.

He took the job, and following his success in the role, he was asked to complete the same project in New York.

His work for impressive, and he would end up designing technology like no other. Crown developed a co-located, fiber optic spread trading business.

This is by no means an easy accomplishment, and it required Crown to secure a lot of funding from investors.

As a result of his dedication, he attracted big-name hedge funds like Millennium and Citadel to the platform, and he immediately began managing trades worth billions of dollars.

This is a long-shot goal for any new yuppie in this space, but Crown managed to pull it off rather quickly.

Two years after starting this role, in 2013, Crown left Wall Street to work on more personal goals.

He always wanted to travel, so at this stage in his career, he had built up a significant net worth, and as such, he took some time off to travel the world.

Upon his return, he decided his next step in life would be to become an entrepreneur and work on a startup.

Crown successfully started his first company, a crude version of what is now Resume Atelier.

By all accounts, he was uber-successful, but he still felt as though his life was missing something.

The Cold Water Electric


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In 2015, Crown put together a group of musician friends and formed a blues-rock group, “The Cold Water Electric.”

The band was not your average dive-bar group; they ended up doing quite well for themselves.

They toured many of the southern U.S. states and did so well that they won the best new band in 2016.

It would appear that whatever Crown puts his mind to, he achieves at higher than average levels. His band would go on to make music, perform, and tour for the upcoming future, as this is a hobby he wanted to work on for the unforeseeable future.


In 2021, Crown switched gears once again.

He still had a passion for entrepreneurship, so he decided to create yet another company.

In mid-2021, he founded Amoeba, a digital growth agency that is known to help people gain market traction.

It is a comprehensive growth solution for evolving e-commerce businesses.

By this stage in his life, he was well submerged in the world of digital commerce, and this is where he made a large majority of his money. Crown still owns and operates his company while working as a musician on the side.

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Rich vs. Really Rich


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In addition, he found his place in the social media space as he started creating compelling content for his viewers.

He is known for posting content to platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Most of his content is a part of his digital “Rich vs. Really Rich” series.

This premise of the series was for Crown to illustrate the differences and disparities between social classes and stresses using compassion for effective communication.

A lot of this content is parodies of people from different social classes and how they behave in certain situations.

He has gained a substantial following for his comedic approach, as he often pokes fun at the wealthy class.

Nicholas Crown – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Nicholas Crown worth? Crown earned most of his wealth from working for Barclays Investment Bank and UBS. He also founded Resume Atelier and Amoeba Digital. Therefore, Nicholas Crown has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

In September 2022, Crown founded, a tool that helps marketing outreach teams hit goals faster.

On TikTok, Crown has over 2.2 million followers, while on Instagram, 320k.

On YouTube, Nicholas has more than 368 million views–about $1 million in revenue before taxes.

They all have different virality curves [social media platforms],” Crown said in an interview.

TikTok is super fast, and it’s sort of where you stand whether you’re going to trend, whether you’re going to blow up, you know that really within a few hours, where [Instagram] reels have a longer-term curve you sort of see whether your content is getting reach in in the days as opposed to the hours and then YouTube it’s the weeks.

So, you sort of have the full timeline there depending on the platform you’re using, which, as a creator, is really powerful because you can start to stack your workflow accordingly.

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