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How Did Flip From Street Outlaws Die?

How did Flip from Street Outlaws die?


Tyler “Flip” Priddy was a motorhead and drag racer who was on the brink of mainstream media success when he died suddenly in 2013.

His tragic death was shrouded in mystery, and his family never came forward to directly acknowledge the cause—which has led to speculation and fan theories.

But what do we know for sure?

And what are the theories?

Here are 5 things you need to know about the life and death of Flip, the Street Outlaws icon.

#1. Flip had loved cars his whole life.

Tyler “Flip” Priddy was born on 30th November 1981, in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

His parents were Gene and Glenda, and his dad enjoyed working on cars in the garage of the family home when Priddy was just a toddler.

In elementary school, Priddy attended Hinton Elementary and moved on to Putnam City High School in Warr Acres, Oklahoma.

More notable than the names of his schools, Flip became friends with another young car fanatic—Justin “Big Chief” Shearer.

The pair would ride their bikes down to the local track to watch drag races.

#2. His first job was in a store.

Flip may have been a motorhead at heart, but he needed money to get the parts he needed for his projects.

When he left high school, he started working as a storekeeper and checkout boy.

From there, he went to work for The Warren Caterpillar Construction company for over a decade—again using the paycheck to fund his addiction to cars, racing, and modifications.

It was throughout this time that he built his beloved El Camino.

The El Camino was a 1980 Chevy, rebuilt from the chassis up and modified with performance parts.

In the show, Street Outlaws, Big Chief often joked that the car was a ticking time bomb, thanks to all the modifications it had been subjected to.

#3. Flip wasn’t so sure about Street Outlaws.

While working on El Camino, Big Chief and another of Flip’s closest buddies—Chris “Kamikaze” Day—were approached with a reality television idea.

The year was 2013, and racing culture was strong in Oklahoma, so the guys were enthusiastic about the idea.

Flip wasn’t so sure. For one, street racing was illegal.

For two, Flip had a job to do, an automotive obsession to fund, and a family to raise—he didn’t have time to be entertaining strangers for no money.

The show’s premiere would also put the spotlight on Flip and his buddies and increase competition for the avid street racing crew.

Known as a smack talker who always had a beer in his hand and a smoke in the other, those closest to Flip said he was happiest just doing what he loved without the cameras in his face.

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#4. Street racing didn’t kill Flip.

Contrary to some of the rumors that circulated at the time, Flip wasn’t involved in a car accident.

In fact, Tyler Priddy passed away at the Yukon, Oklahoma home he shared with his wife and children. He was 31 years old when he died on 28th May 2013.

The official cause of death was a bullet wound, according to most sources, although many conflicting reports make it unclear whether the gunshot was accidental or the outcome of a struggle with depression.

Whatever the reason, Priddy’s wife—Morgan Amber—took to social media to post something that implies the latter:

“Suicide is so often swept under the rug, and I’m ready to share with the world how it shouldn’t be.”

The post, uploaded less than two weeks after his passing, seemed to imply that Flip had taken his own life.

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#5. Flip never watched Street Outlaws.

Tyler left behind his wife, Morgan Amber, and the pair’s four children—Remey J, Bennet William Edward, Dresdyn Rinot, and Tovey Gene (named after Flip’s dad).

He also left a void in the lives of his close friends, colleagues, and reality television castmates.

Despite being such an integral part of the show’s first season and of its success in winning a second season—with 14 seasons by 2023—Flip never saw it become a success.

His funeral was held just 9 days before the series premiere of Street Outlaws.

Watch Flip’s friends farewell him street racer style in this burnout video.

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