Jadyn Rylee – Net Worth, Biography, Songs, Parents, Age

Jadyn Rylee is a Canadian singer who has earned over 75 million views for her original vocal covers of popular songs on her eponymous Jadyn Rylee YouTube channel.

Jadyn also travels to Nashville every several months where she writes and records with Curt Ryle of Big Matador Recording.


She was born on February 14, 2006, in Canada.

Rylee first learned a song by American singer, songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus and started singing on from then. Jadyn started singing when she was 3-years-old.

In her words:

”At the age of three, I learned the hit song by Mylie Cyrus called The Climb.” 

Jadyn later added:

”That was when my family first realized that this might be something that one day I would be good at.”


She joined YouTube on Apr 28, 2015.

Her most popular video is called – ” The Sound Of Silence – Disturbed cover by Jadyn Rylee feat. Sina.” The video was published on May 1, 2017, and it has more than 12 million views.

Her second most viewed video is titled – ”Nothing Else Matters Cover by Jadyn Rylee.” The video has over 6 million views, and it was published on Dec 24, 2016.


Her cover of the single “Nothing Else Matters” has been posted across the internet, including MetallicaOnline, a Metallica fan website that provides the latest breaking news and everything from the World of Metallica.

In 2011, she joined forces with another YouTube star named Brayden Ryle. They sing the song “Only You,” and their amazing duet has gone viral online giving everyone who hears it goosebumps.

A recording artist said:

“We hope you feel the connection that we did when these kids met this past summer.”

He went on to say:

”They seemed so in tune with each other and knew exactly what to do.”

In 2019, she traveled to New York City to collaborate with Violet Young on a cover of the song called, ”Symphony by Clean Bandit and Zara Larrson.” Jadyn also recorded the title track to ”The Promise: A Docuseries on Childhood Cancer.”

Another popular vocal cover that was posted on her YouTube channel is the song “The Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, an American folk-rock duo that is consisting of singer Art Garfunkel and singer-songwriter Paul Simon.

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Debut Film

In 2019, Simcoe reported that Rylee was cast in Sean Penn’s upcoming film Flag Day that is based on the memoir Flim-Flam Man: The True Story of My Father’s Counterfeit Life. She plays the tween role of Jennifer.

Flag Day is set to debut in fall 2020. It is produced by Fernando Sulichin, Jon Kilik, and William Horberg.

Her mother, Tara Giles, said:

“Sean [Penn] was incredibly pleased with her ability to naturally act, seeing as she had no previous experience in the acting world.”


Her YouTube channel and all her social accounts are managed by her parents.

Her father’s name is Colin. The name of her mother is Tara Giles.

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”It’s a new year but an old fight. Make a difference in 2019 and keep fighting against bullying.”

”What an amazing year it has been. Thank you so much to all 10mil people that have viewed this video and supported me, @sina_drums and the rest of the gang at #yoursoundtube.”

”Here is the #jadynsarmy mission for the rest of the year. We can change the world with one act of kindness at a time.”

”I was so happy to have my first callback for acting. So many new things are going to be happening next year. I hope you all come with me on this journey.”

”I had such an amazing day on Thursday spending time with students from Honeywood Public School. I think we all learned a lot about how to deal with bullying and support each other.…”

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Jadyn Rylee – Net Worth

Rylee earns most of her wealth from selling tickets to her concerts. She also runs advertisements on her YouTube channel.

YouTube creators can earn money from ads served on their YouTube videos as well as from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content. According to YouTube, the number of YouTube channels which earned 5 figures or more grew by over 50% in the last years.

Moreover, she sells t-shirts (around $25 per piece) on her website. Therefore, Canadian singer Jadyn Rylee has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

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  1. Jadyn, you need to learn breathing exercises. Get where you can really belt the songs out. Learn to take those quick deep breaths so you have more volume. I know your a small girl, and your voice should grow with you. You have some female friends that are stronger voiced, but you have the charm, use it. I listen to you guys all the time. Would love to play guitar like Andrei, but I’m old.

  2. Hi Jadyn you have decended straight from heaven you have stolen mutch hearts all over the world including mine your a blessing to mankind never change girl your beautifull voice and nature will never end God bless and keep you lots of love from jerome and the hole of south africa please pray for our country its in shambles im a pensioner and love your songs they so meaning full thanks so much you are not just background noise 12 september2020

  3. jaydn, I just came across your version of Silence. I can’t believe a young girl can sing so beautiful. I see you have more covers that I plan to listen to. Keep it up!!!

  4. Jadyn is the best (kid) singer out there but you could drop the term (kid) she is as good as any singer.Her range in her voice is great, but that subtle vibration in her voice puts her in a league of her own. Great things to come in her career.

  5. Wow!God has surely blessed you in every way,voice,beauty and sweetness with a mix of kindness,Jadyn the first words that needs to come out of your sweet breath every morning as your feet hits the floor is”Thank You Dear God,Nothing else Matters!:
    I am a 77 year old 100% disabled veteran from Branson,MO and like you also i am one of God’s older children,YOU are making this world a much better place to live!
    Big Hugs and a i love you!! Ray


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