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James Charles is an American openly gay makeup artist who rose to prominence as the first-ever male model for Covergirl in 2016. Stars like Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara have worked with the brand. CoverGirl said in a statement:

“All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful.” 

Charles said:

“CoverGirl has always embraced diversity and pushed the boundaries. I think having a male ambassador really takes it one step further and just expresses inclusivity for all.”

James later added:

”Makeup is kind of becoming a more genderless concept, which is so cool and something that I’m all for.”

In 2018, Charles won the Streamy awards for the best YouTube channel in the beauty category.


He was born on May 23, 1999, in Bethlehem, New York, USA.

His younger brother, Ian Jeffrey, is a fellow social star.

James first came out as gay to his parents at the age of 12. His parents were very supportive of him. In addition, they motivated him to wear make-up so as to feel more confident.

Moreover, his father helped him convert their basement into a makeup studio. In one of his Instagram posts, James thanks his father for being encouraging and inspiring at all times.

In 2017, he graduated from Bethlehem Central High School.

On October 11, 2016, James became the 1st male spokesmodel for cosmetics brand CoverGirl, an American cosmetics brand that was founded in Maryland, by the Noxzema Chemical Company. In 2017, CoverGirl reinvented its brand by adopting a new strapline:

“I Am What I Make Up” instead of the previous one “easy, breezy, beautiful.”

In 2017, he walked the runway for MarcoMarco’s Six 1/2 collection during LA Fashion Week.


He rose to fame because of his Instagram account ”jamescharles,” which has earned over 15.3 million followers.


James Charles biography
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He created his YouTube account on December 1, 2015. His channel has more than 14.7 million subscribers.

On his YouTube channel, Charles regularly posts beauty and makeup tutorials.

On May 10, 2019, long-time collaborator Tati Westbrook uploaded a YouTube video, entitled – “BYE SISTER …” to her channel heavily criticizing James.

In her video, Tati accused James of:

“manipulating people’s sexuality” and “using… fame, power, and money to play with people’s emotions.”

On May 11, 2019, James became the first-ever YouTube personality to lose more than 1 million subscribers in 24 hours. On May 15, 2019, Charles lost about 3.1 million subscribers.

James later uploaded a response video, entitled “tati,” addressing the issues raised by Tati and apologizing to both her and her husband as well as to his subscribers. He said that it’s true that Tati and her husband did a lot for his early career. This YouTube video received mostly negative feedback, with the video becoming one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history.

In 2018, Charles became a member of the Sister Squad alongside Emma Chamberlain and the Dolan twins.

In March 2019, he did the makeup for Iggy Azalea’s music video shoot for “Sally Walker.” Furthermore, James made a cameo appearance in the video.


According to some sources, James Charles dated Aaron Fuller (internet personality and rising model/actor who has more than 265,000 followers on his ”aaronxfuller” Instagram account) back in January 2017, but Charles bailed because Aaron was using him for fame.

Also, he was in a relationship with Jackson Krecioch, an American Youtuber and social media star from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is best known for posting different fashion looks on Instagram.


James Charles Net Worth
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With CoverGirl, James has had the opportunity to work with brand ambassador Katy Perry.

Regarding his haters, he said:

”Now [Instagram] has added filters, so I’ve removed the classic hate comments, but people still manage to get through every once in a while.”

Charles later added:

“They really don’t bother me. I have a thick skin, and I’m definitely not willing to let someone without anything better to do than hate on someone else behind a keyboard get into my head. I’ve got way more important things to worry about!”

James did Kylie Jenner’s Halloween makeup in an October 2018 video which became one of his most viewed posts.

In 2018, James collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics to release an eyeshadow palette.

Moreover, in January 2019, Charles was invited to Birmingham to open Morphe Cosmetics’s second store in the United Kingdom, where more than 7,000 fans showed up to see James.

In April 2019, he said that he was not fully gay, and a 5.5 on the Kinsey scale, saying that:

“there have been girls in the past who I’ve thought were very, very beautiful.”

Charles continued:

”There’s also been trans guys in the past, too, that I was really, really into for a moment in time.”

In March 2017, Thomas Halbert (a makeup artist who is most well known for his selfie-filled Instagram account with 374,000 followers) posted screenshots of previous conversations with James where he admitted his story regarding his rise in notability was falsified.

During Coachella 2019, Charles came under fire for promoting a Sugar Bear vitamin (a direct competitor for his friend’s Tati Westbrook, Halo vitamins) on his Instagram account.

In February 2017, he was criticized after tweeting an offensive joke about Africa and Ebola. James later issued an apology saying:

“I am extremely sorry for what I said. There are no excuses.”

Charles also said:

”No one owes me forgiveness, but I’ve learned a lot from the experience. I hope that the people who might look up to me will be able to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them.”

James appeared on TheEllenShow on November 14, 2016.

In January 2020, Charles has leaked his own phone number and received “more than 10,000 messages” in a single day. He explained:

“One of my biggest goals for 2020 was finding more ways that I can communicate and talk to you guys directly, when I’m not able to give you hugs at meet and greets and stuff.”

James Charles – Net Worth

Charles earned most of his wealth from advertisements on his YouTube channel, which has more than 1,590,000,000 views (about $3.18 million in revenue). In addition, he earns money from posting paid posts on his Instagram account as well as being the first-ever male model for Covergirl. Therefore, James Charles has an estimated net worth of $14.5 million.

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