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Matt Kaplan Net Worth $5 Million

What Is Matt Kaplan’s Net Worth?

Matt Kaplan is a director and film producer who has a net worth of $5 million. He’s also the CEO of ACE Entertainment, an entertainment company he himself founded.

He is known for producing a wide range of films and teenage dramas, including recent films like “After,” “The Perfect Date,” “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” “Dance Camp,” and “Before I Fall.”

These are just a few of the films he’s produced, and we’ll get more into that later.

For an individual as successful and accomplished as Matt Kaplan, you may be wondering what his net worth is, what his career has been like, and what his personal life is like.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because we’ll be covering all this information and more in today’s article.

Read on to learn all there is to know about movie producer Matt Kaplan today.

The Origin Story

what is the net worth of Matt Kaplan


Kaplan was born in the United States on April 14, 1984.

Showing interest in film production from an early age, he started dabbling with short video production and film mediums as a kid.

He went to college for a bachelor’s degree in film studies and history, later graduating from Columbia University with his Bachelor of Arts.

He is most well-known for his efforts with youth work and his YA-centered films, many of his projects becoming beloved by fans all across the world.

His past relationships were a bit rocky, with one of his most recent girlfriends deciding to end things and pursue a relationship with a wealthy businessman.

how much is Matt Kaplan worth

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper attend the “Love In Taipei” Special Screening at NeueHouse Hollywood – @Getty

Kaplan is 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs roughly around 145 lbs.

He has typically not been very open in sharing details about his family life, so there’s not much information to be found on that subject.

He is known to follow the Jewish religion, is Caucasian, and has brown hair and brown eyes.


Matt Kaplan is in a relationship with Alexandra Cooper. The two got engaged in 2023.

Alexandra Cooper, wife of Matt Kaplan

Alexandra Cooper – @Getty

Cooper used to co-host the popular podcast ”Call Her Daddy” with Sofia Franklyn.

Matt Kaplan’s previous wife was Claire Holt, whom he divorced back in 2017.

Matt Kaplan and wife Claire Holt

Matt Kaplan & Claire Holt – @Getty


Kaplan started his career as a movie producer and entertainer fresh out of college when short-form streaming media was just becoming big, in the form of YouTube.

His first official gig as a producer was with Lionsgate, where he collaborated with other producers in working on the Hunger Games films.

He later went with CBS, working alongside creative minds from the company to produce a show called Clark and Michael.

He would later go on to become the president of Awesomeness Films, producing a wide range of films with them.

Eventually, as he got his own following and fanbase, he started to produce his own movies.

Most of his films fall under the category of YA or teenage drama/romance, and the majority of them are highly acclaimed and well-received by this same demographic.

Matt Kaplan Net Worth


A list of the titles he’s worked on and produced over the years includes The Lazarus Effect (2015), To All the Boys I’ve Loved (2018), The Perfect Date (2019), Before I Fall (2017), Body Cam (2020), Don’t Let Go (2019), and many others.

While Matt is primarily a movie producer, he has also worked on several TV shows.

Some of these include his very first show with CBS Clark and Michael, a currently airing show called Are You Afraid of the Dark, and two single-season shows entitled Versus and My Dead Ex. It looks like, for the foreseeable future, Kaplan will be focusing entirely on film production.

Kaplan also has many upcoming films in production at this very moment, including exciting titles like White Smoke, Heroine, Wolf in the Wild, Soulless, and Beware That Girl.

In 2021, Matt served as the producer of the drama ”To All the Boys: Always and Forever.”

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Alexandra Cooper and Matt Kaplan

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan at the premiere of “XO, Kitty” held at the Netflix Tudum Theater – @Getty

Net Worth

So, how much is Matt Kaplan worth? Matt Kaplan, the man behind so many highly acclaimed YA films, has obviously made quite a bit of money from his works. His company’s focus is trying to produce entertainment for youth that is specially tailored for them. Therefore, movie producer Matt Kaplan has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

He is a firm believer in the power of the rising generation and, as such, wishes to reach them and their hearts through the messages in his films.

His streams of revenue include film and TV show deals and royalties from movie theaters, film sales, and streaming service deals.

Kaplan also takes on consulting projects where he can, such as working with other movie producers on their films.

One example of his consulting was on the Hunger Games films, where he played a major role in directing the acting and interaction of the younger cast members.

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In Closing

Matt Kaplan is a widely known and acclaimed film and TV producer with over three dozen films and TV shows under his belt.

Kaplan is a storyteller; he loves to open a book, read it through, and then come up with a way to represent that story on the big screen. ”The most important thing is telling stories that you think in your heart people will connect,” Kaplan told Hollywood Reporter in February 2021.

This is what he lives for, and he shows no signs of stopping film production any time soon.

His focus on the rising generation has given him immense popularity and acclaim with YA groups, and he has reached this demographic mainly through the production of popular teenage dramas.

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