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Steven Lim – Net Worth, Girlfriend (Ying Lin), Height, Biography

Steven Lim is a Chinese-Malaysian-American YouTube personality who is best known for his comedic sketches and vlogs, which reach more than 224,000 subscribers. In addition, Lim was the creator and host of BuzzFeed’s ”Worth It.”


He was born on November 12, 1990, in Ohio, USA. His parents are originally from Malaysia.

During an interview, Lim said:

  • ”I’m really glad I grew up in the States, and to be honest, I don’t think I would’ve gone into digital media if I hadn’t. Growing up as a Chinese Malaysian American gave me a unique perspective that was the catalyst for me to start making videos.”

Steven later added:

”But of course there’s always a part of me that thinks “what if?” And hey… what if I were to move “back home” to southeast Asia and create content? Now that’s something I’d love to do one day… :)”

Lim has a brother named Alvin.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State University, the highest-ranked public university in Ohio.

Steven’s first job out of school was at Procter & Gamble as an engineer working on the Tide Laundry Pods.


Steven Lim Net Worth

Adam Bianchi, Lim, Andrew Ilnycky – © Guliver / Getty Images

On February 18, 2008, Lim created his YouTube channel. On January 24, 2013, Steven posted his first YouTube video, titled -“Secret to being a Baller.”

In October 2013, Lim documented his trip to the premiere of the film Linsanity at the Asian American Film Festival.

Linsanity is a documentary film about the rise of Asian-American basketball player Jeremy Lin.


Steven has amassed more than 332,000 followers on his Instagram account (stevenkwlim).


Steven Lim is dating a girl named Ying Lin.


Steven Lim is 6 ft (1.83 m) tall.


what is the net worth of Steven Lim

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Steven has been a contributor to Buzzfeed, more particularly for his show “Worth It” from 2015.

“Worth It” features Lim and his co-presenter Andrew Ilnyckyj as they visit different food outlets around to world to try different foods at varying price points.

The show is one of a new breed of shows which BuzzFeed is touting as an answer to TV hits in hopes of landing budgets from traditional marketers.

During an interview, he said:

”I was extremely hesitant to join BuzzFeed at first. I was passionate about making Asian American content and I wasn’t sure if BuzzFeed would give me the freedom to do so. But the overwhelming reason of why I decided to take the job was because of the people there.”

Steven continued:

”It was a breath fresh air being around other creative talent, people who inspired me and challenged me to be better. And that’s what I’d encourage anybody in a creative field to do… find people who understand your struggles and can be there in the highs and lows with you.”

BuzzFeed is an American Internet entertainment, news, and media company with a focus on digital media. In late 2011, the company hired Ben Smith of Politico as editor-in-chief, to expand the site into serious journalism.

In 2016, the company formally separated its entertainment and news content into BuzzFeed News and the newly formed BuzzFeed Entertainment Group, which also includes BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. In 2019, despite earning nearly 300 million dollars during the past year, BuzzFeed has laid off around 200 members of its staff. 

As of October 2017, ”Worth It” had been viewed over 300 million times for a total of over 2 billion minutes. The series won the 2017 and 2018 Streamy Award for the best online food show.

Season 1 (2016–2017)

Episode nr.1 – $3 Sushi vs. $250 Sushi

Episode nr.2 – $4 Burger vs. $777 Burger

Episode nr.3 – $5 Pizza vs. $135 Pizza

Episode nr.4 – $11 Steak vs. $306 Steak

Episode nr.5 – $8 Pasta vs. $100 Pasta

Episode nr.6 – $2 Hot Dog vs. $169 Hot Dog 

Episode nr.7 – $8 Salmon vs $56 Salmon

Episode nr.8 – $24 Korean BBQ vs $346 Korean BBQ

Episode nr.9 – $27 Cake vs. $1,120 Cake

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Season 2 (2017)

Episode nr.1 – $1 Donut vs. $100 Donut  

Episode nr.2 – $7 Buffet vs. $95 Buffet

Episode nr.3 – $1 Taco vs $47 Taco

Episode nr.4 – $1 Ice Cream vs $1,000 Ice Cream

Episode nr.5 – $2 Pizza vs. $2,000 Pizza

Episode nr.6 – $4 Cheesecake vs. $70 Cheesecake

Episode nr.7 – $7 Secret Menu vs. $2,500 Secret Menu

Episode nr.8 – $6 Cocktail vs. $208 Cocktail

Episode nr.9 – $2 Egg vs. $95 Egg

Episode nr.10 – $13 BBQ Ribs vs. $256 BBQ Ribs

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Season 3 (2017–2018)

Episode nr.1 – $3 Mac ‘N’ Cheese vs. $195 Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Episode nr.2 – $7 BBQ Ribs vs. $68 BBQ Ribs

Episode nr.3 – $3 Seafood vs. $213 Seafood

Episode nr.4 – $18 Wine vs. $1,000 Wine

Episode nr.5 – $16 Steak vs. $150 Steak

Episode nr.6 – $17 Fried Chicken vs. $500 Fried Chicken

Episode nr.7 – $19 Brunch vs. $113 Brunch

Episode nr.8 – $3 Ramen vs. $79 Ramen

Episode nr.9 – $1 Coffee vs. $914 Coffee

Episode nr.10 – $7 Cake vs. $208 Cake

Episode nr.11 – $10 Game Day Food vs. $456 Game Day Food

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Season 4 (2018)

Episode nr.1 – $2 Bacon vs. $100 Bacon;

Episode nr.2 – $1 Bagel vs. $1,000 Bagel;

Episode nr.3 – $10 Vegan vs.$135 Vegan;

Episode nr.4 – $9 Fish vs. $140 Fish;

Episode nr.5 – $5 Pie vs. $250 Pie;

Episode nr.6 – $7 Pho vs. $68 Pho;

Episode nr.7 – $12 Pork vs. $715 Pork;

Episode nr.8 – $8 Toast vs. $20 Toast;

Episode nr.9 – $15 Spaghetti vs. $143 Spaghetti;

Episode nr.10 – $3 Fries vs. $100 Fries;

Episode nr.11 – $10 Cheesesteak vs.$120 Cheesesteak;

Episode nr.12 – $2 Peking Duck vs $240 Peking Duck.

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Season 5 (2018)

Episode nr.1 – $29 Family-Style Meats vs. $180 Family-Style Meats

Episode nr.2 – $2 Curry vs. $75 Curry

Episode nr.3 – $1 Cookie vs. $90 Cookie

Episode nr.4 – $1 Sushi vs. $133 Sushi

Episode nr.5 – $1 Eggs Vs $89 Eggs

Episode nr.6 – $6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

Episode nr.7 – $1,593 Bento Box: Japan

A spin-off series, ”Worth It: Lifestyle,” was first aired in January 2017 on BuzzFeedBlue, featuring Steven as host and a variety of BuzzFeed employees as co-hosts.

Two international spin-offs of the series have been produced: a pilot episode for BuzzFeed India, that was hosted by Akash Iyer and Arshad Wahid with Aishwarya Katkade as the “sound guy;” and ”Worth It UK,” which was hosted by Richard Alan Reid with various alternating hosts and Joseph Bor as the “sound guy.”

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Steven Lim – Net Worth & Salary

Lim earned most of his wealth from the series ”Worth It.” The series has more than 300 million views, however, how much money Lim received was not released to the public. Steven Lim’s salary at BuzzFeed was also not released to the public.

Also, Steven has his own YouTube channel that has more than 224,000 subscribers. In addition, Steven has an Instagram account with over 320,000 followers on which he can publish paid posts. Therefore, YouTuber Steven Lim has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Featured image source – © Guliver / Getty Images.

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