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Jesse Lee Peterson Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Jesse Lee Peterson’s Net Worth?

Jesse Lee Peterson is an American conservative radio host who has a net worth of $1 million. An ex-Democrat who went Republican in his late 30s, Jesse has been a figure in Republican circles for quite a while now.

He’s also dabbled in book authoring and content creation.

Known as The Reverend in the circles he frequents — this is due to his previous work as a preacher and pastor.

He’s also known for founding The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, also known as BOND, in the year 1990.

The organization is a nonprofit religious institution created with the objective of helping people find a place to help with their personal problems.

They offer everything from counseling to after-school programs and weekly church services.

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The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson at his studio – @Getty

Several forums, town halls, rallies, and conferences are also offered at their headquarters.

His multiple book deals and several TV and radio appearances have also made him somewhat of a household name in certain communities.

Career Trajectory

Jesse Lee Peterson bio


As mentioned above, Jesse Lee Peterson owned a janitorial cleaning business for several years during his 20s and early 30s.

But, the biggest career impact he experienced didn’t happen until his 40s, when his political affiliations changed, and he became more vocal about his beliefs.

He started his youtube channel in 2009, where to this day, he uploads videos that include political commentary, among other topics.

On his channel as well are episodes of his TV show named Fall State TV, as well as the radio show he’s a host of called the Jesse Lee Peterson Show.

His TV show launched in 2016 with the objective of offering resources and advice to people looking for help within their personal relationships.

However, the show is based on his own belief system.

His radio show also falls under similar parameters.

The Jesse Lee Peterson Show runs 5 days a week and touches on subjects such as spiritual and emotional turmoil. 

Jesse Lee has also offered various media viewpoints as a media commentator across a variety of platforms.

From TV to magazines, to online platforms, to radio. As a magazine columnist, he has written about family, culture, and religion.


Jesse Lee Peterson Net Worth


He has also written and published four books.

The Antidote, which touches on stories about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and working to better your life, is his latest release.

Also available are From Rage to Responsibility, The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success, and lastly, his book launched in 2005 titled Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.

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Personal Life

Jesse Lee was born in Midway, Alabama, in May 1949.

He was brought up in the town of Comer Hill, also in Alabama.

His family worked on the plantation owned by the Comer family, where his ancestors had been held against their will hundreds of years before.

His parents separated when he was still in elementary school, and each moved to a different town, leaving Peterson to live with his mother and stepfather.

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After graduating high school in Alabama, he decided to make the move to Los Angeles, California.

He went to Los Angeles City College for a year before dropping out to start his own business.

His janitorial service company was under his watch for 20 years, which allowed him to make a somewhat comfortable living.   

At the age of 40, Jesse Lee had a change of heart when it came to his political views and went from Democrat to Republican.

He has been quoted saying that the reason behind this change was his newly rediscovered Christian beliefs.

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Jesse Lee Peterson was never married but has been engaged twice. ”It just didn’t happen,” Peterson explained on his show in October 2020. ”I’ve been engaged twice, but uh, I refuse — you know how women pretend to be all in your corner until they get you.”

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Jesse Lee Peterson attends day 2 of Politicon 2019 at Music City Center on October 27, 2019 in Nashville – @Getty

Net Worth

So, how much is Jesse Lee Peterson worth? Peterson earned most of his wealth from hosting his shows, speaking opportunities, book deals, and affiliate partnerships via his social media channels. Peterson’s books sell well, especially on Amazon. Therefore, American radio host Jesse Lee Peterson has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

His YouTube channel was demonetized in June 2019. While he wasn’t the only YouTuber who had their channel demonetized, no longer being able to use his channel as a stream of income, Peterson lost part of his net worth.

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