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Jason Whitlock Net Worth | Wife

Jason Whitlock Net Worth – $10 million

What is Jason Whitlock’s net worth? Is Jason Whitlock married?


Jason Whitlock is a journalist who worked for ESPN, AOL Sports,, Kansas City Star, and a few media houses.

He originally went to college on a football scholarship and graduated with a degree in Journalism.

He has worked for several companies discussing football with cohosts and acting in movies throughout the years.

He is six foot three, towering over most people, but only weighs 174 pounds.

Jason has worked in the journalism industry for several decades, establishing a presence in the field and showing competitors that he is strong competition for the few jobs available on the market.

In addition to his commentary on sports, Jason has also written a few papers on political and social issues that he finds important to him.

In addition to this, Jason once interviewed former President Donald Trump, discussing the changing media coverage inside the United States in September 2020.

The Origin Story


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Jason Whitlock was originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 27, 1967.

His father is James Whitlock, and his mother is Joyce Whitlock.

He additionally has one brother named James Whitlock II.

He attended Warren Central High and played football as a lineman.

He then attended Ball State University with a football scholarship and played for the football team as an offensive lineman.

In 1990 he graduated with a degree in journalism.

Since he left Fox, he has been quiet about his personal life, not revealing information to the media.

Jason Whitlock has had a very quiet and closed-off life, as he has never given any details about his personal life or hid details from the press. He has steered clear of most controversies, making sure that his name has stayed clear of most major problems.


Jason Whitlock is not married. Jason has made it clear that he is far more interested in growing his career than in settling down and beginning a family. He believes that a marriage will get in the way of growing his career and that he will instead benefit from staying single and focusing on maximizing his potential in the newsroom.

While he has casually dated women in the past, he steers clear of marriage and seems to have no plans of settling down.

While he seems to be against the idea of a long-term relationship, Jason is often seen with a large variety of women, as he believes it is okay for him to take part in short-term relationships.

He has been relatively closed off about his personal relationships, making sure to not give the press many details on the women he has been dating in the past.

Jason believes that it is best to keep his personal life out of the media.

Professional Life


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When Jason Whitlock first began his professional life, he began working as a part-time employee at the Herald-Times in Bloomington.

His first full-time position was at the Charlotte Observer afterwards.

In 1994, he began working with the Kansas City Star and stayed with them until 2010.

He also worked with ESPN as a columnist in 2002 but left in 2006 to work with AOL sports.

Jason also worked with Fox sports in 2007 and left in 2012 to return to ESPN.

He then began working with Outkick, where he worked for a time before deciding to leave after bad business deals began to take place.

He ended up deciding to leave after a problem arose between the other founders of Outkick and their commitment to the business.

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The Outkick Problem

Jason got involved with Outkick, investing in the company, with two other business partners.

After some time had passed, Whitlock became annoyed with one business partner’s failure to commit the funds that he had committed during the earlier stages of the business.

When dividing the stakes of the company between the three partners, Jason believed it was unfair for one partner to be rewarded equally after failing to provide a five hundred-thousand-dollar commitment.

After discussing this problem with his partners, he threatened to leave the company if the partner in question did not pay up their end of the deal.

Shortly after this event, Jason officially left the group.

After leaving the group, he told reporters that he was not going to leave the sports world but that he simply does not know which company he will work for.

Post Outkick

After ditching Outkick and beginning to look for new employment, Jason has taken to Blaze Media.

He officially joined the company in June of 2021.

”Jason is authentic, entertaining, and fearless, all of which make him a perfect fit for the Blaze Media brand,” said Tyler Cardon, CEO of Blaze Media.

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Jason Whitlock – Net Worth

So, how much is Jason Whitlock worth? Whitlock earned most of his wealth from his journalism career at ESPN,, AOL Sports, and the Kansas City Star. Jason currently works as a TV host for Blaze Media. Therefore, American sports journalist Jason Whitlock has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

He has appeared on Speak for Yourself, The Ingraham Angle, Varney & Company, Jim Rome on Showtime, ESPN SportsCentury, A Football Life, Pitch, and more.

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