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Bob Menery Net Worth 2024

Bob Menery Net Worth – $6 million

What is Bob Menery’s net worth? Also, who is Bob Menery’s girlfriend?


Bob Menery is an American comedian, sportscaster, and “Man With The Golden Voice.”

No, not the homeless guy from the viral video that used to do radio.

This “man with the golden voice” became an internet sensation almost overnight by utilizing his perfect articulation to capture his audience.

The Origin Story

Chances are, if you are on any social media that hosts videos, Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook, you have seen one or more videos with Bob’s voice.

These sports videos have taken the world by storm and continue to impress.

But, who is Bob Menery?

Bob was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 10, 1987.

Little is known about any of his family as he keeps that information very private.

He has not been in the public eye very long, so there isn’t enough information to go around about them.

What we do know about Bob’s childhood is that he dreamed of being a star.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Bob moved to Los Angeles in hopes of making his acting dreams come true.

Bob Menery bio


With nothing to his name, he set off to Hollywood. He was determined to make a name for himself or die trying.

And die trying was almost a reality.

Bob worked as a caddy at the LA Wilshire country club.

Here he got to knock boots with some of the most prominent names in sports, like Aaron Rodgers.

He reportedly carried his bag on numerous occasions.

This didn’t provide him with an adequate living while pursuing his dream, and it is said that he spent some of his time living in his car.

Determined, though, Bob stayed in Los Angeles for four years, trying to make his dream a reality.

He was stubborn and unrelenting, but eventually, he realized he just had to call it quits.

Quitting his dream and returning home to Boston would turn out to be the best decision he ever made.

After returning home to Boston, Bob fiddled around with some comedy skits involving sportscasting and posted a crude video where he played as a sportscaster.

With a foul language-filled announcer voice, he made calls on the game.

Bob gained inspiration for his sportscaster voice from previous sportscasters, Joe Buck and Jim Nantz.

Combine that with his love for sports, and he was able to make perfectly timed sports parody play-by-plays.

He uploaded the video, closed his laptop, and went to sleep, thinking nothing of it. Overnight, the video went absolutely viral.

It had reached millions of people.

The shares were off the charts, and he was woken up by the sounds of the shares, likes, and comments.

His subscriber count went through the roof.

Bob was an overnight sensation.

what is the net worth of Bob Menery


On top of that, bob had dozens of missed calls from agencies, managers, and newspaper reporters.

Everyone jumped on the opportunity to try and have the rights to Bob’s fantastic sportscasting voice.

He was overwhelmed and had no idea what to do with his newfound fame.

As far as he knew it, the night before, his dreams were dead, and he was just making a joke—what a thing to be wrong about.

Things quickly took a turn for the better.

Bob was thrust into internet stardom.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial

While building his brand of comedy sportscasting, he was also invited to do many other things that would advance his career, including being in a Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial.

If you have cable, there is a high possibility that you have heard Bob’s voice even without being on social media.

Bob’s voice in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial was as much of a hit as his comedy voiceovers and was years for several years after its original recording.

Bob’s voice became a household sound.

Something that was likely another dream of Bob’s was able to come true as well.

Bob was invited to call for a real football game, live while it was playing.

It wasn’t your traditional game, though.

Bob Menery Net Worth


It was for an indoor football game for Salt Lake Screaming Eagles.

If you haven’t heard of the team, there is a good reason why.

The team was named by fans, for fans. An entire league of football was created using a cell phone voting system.

Fans voted on the league name, team names, and they even voted on the plays that the teams made while playing the game.

This incredible concept became a huge hit.

Because of its unique nature and its pseudo-professional atmosphere, this was right up Bob’s alley.

He gladly called for the game and even became involved in the league at this point.

He is one of the co-owners of the fan-created football team, The Zappers.

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While little is known of Bob’s earlier love interests, the internet is fully aware of his current relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, Katie Kearney.

How do we know she is beautiful?

Well, he told of us, of course.

Every chance he gets, he takes the opportunity to brag about her.

He originally introduced to the world that he was dating Katie on February 29, 2019, when he threw a baseball and says, “Meet My girlfriend.”

Not the last time he posts about her.

He has gone on to wish her a happy birthday online and even takes the opportunity to roast her!

When she promised to make him a special dinner and forgot, he made sure to punish her by requesting the public a roast from anyone and everyone on the internet!

Katie is not just anyone, though.

After spending some time abroad as a model, she sparked a love for golf and became a host and a sports news anchor.

Katie and Bob’s passion for sports is likely why the two became the power couple they are now.

With their combined love for sports and her knack for being a good sport in light of Bob being a complete menace, they were made for each other.

However, this may not even be the case, and they may not even be dating.

Various sources give conflicting information. Some sources say that Katie denied the entire relationship, while other sources say that they are currently married and or engaged.

It is difficult to find an up-to-date valid source on the matter. It would not be beyond the comedian’s realm of trickery to make posts about his favorite model, causing the world to confuse it for reality.

Update – the two have since broken up.

Bob Menery – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Bob Menery worth? Menery earned most of his wealth from gaining an impressive amount of sponsorships, appearances, and his Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. Therefore, Bob Menery has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

In early 2023, it was announced that Menery would launch a new live show exclusively on Rumble.

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